In Dreaming Reality

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School's out for the Summer

Vincent and I continued to play this dangerous game, and when I slept I heard the voice-- taunting me; daring me to walk on fire to choose the man with the back wings-- and when I was awake I was ecstatic and I was in physical agony; but nothing was going to take me away from Vincent-- not now, not ever.

I was pretty sure that Marissa knew where I was or at least would have guessed by now. I had been at Vincent’s place for two weeks completely ignoring school. I mean it was all review now anyway, and loving every minute that I was with Vincent. Most of my bruises were gone but I was still pretty sure my ankle was broken-- that and possibly one of my ribs was cracked. I knew I should go to the doctor; but I didn’t want to leave Vincent. I was addicted to him, so addicted that he was like the air I breathed. Personal drug was probably the right phrasing-- as Sebastian had once stated about how he felt about Marissa… well I totally understood that now.

I think I have lost more weight-- which was probably a bad thing. I stared at myself in the mirror and I found that I did in fact look like a pale thin china doll, with porcelain white skin, pale violet eyes and thick long wild black hair. Today I was taking note of myself for the first time in what felt like forever. For the first week I had been at Vincent’s I had practically lived on his bed, and only moved when I really had to go to the bathroom-- and hadn’t even looked at myself once. Right now I was tried. I walked away from the mirror and back to the bedroom; I let the oversized sweater I had been using as a robe, fall from my shoulders and slipped back into Vincent’s arms; though he was still asleep he was very much aware that I was there-- he wrapped his legs up and around mine and pulled his hands tight around my chest. I closed my eyes, and let out a contented sigh.

I supposed that was when I heard someone in the apartment even though I hadn’t seen anyone. I heard the curtains open in the other room. I blinked suddenly annoyed that I had left Vincent’s door open-- and then there was a figure standing in the light in Vincent’s doorway-- looking like a big blurry outline of shadow to my eyes which were so used to the dim light in Vincent’s dark suite. Vincent moaned and buried his face deeper into my hair.

“Sebastian told me this was where you had come-- and for the longest time I was afraid Christopher had gotten to you but now I find I should have listened to my husband.” Came a growling voice I immediately recognized.

I swallowed and blinked.

“What did I tell you Genevieve?” Spat Marissa.

From behind me Vincent was stirring. “Marissa?” He asked half asleep.

“Get up you big moron.” She hissed at him. “Oh, and please put on some clothes.” She half moaned. “I don’t have any desire or urge to see my twin naked-- once was enough when we were born.” Marissa bent and picked up something that vaguely looked like my purple dress, but it was still too bright for me to see anything clearly. Then there were her cold fingers prying me from her brother, and I mean literally prying-- he didn’t want to let go of me. But Marissa won, and I slid free of Vincent’s grasp. My dress was pulled over me, and I was shocked that it felt so loose.

On the bed swathed in blankets, Vincent sat up growling. “Where do you think you are taking my wife?” He spat at his sister.

Marissa growled, and held me out to Vincent. “Take a real good look.” She hissed. “Her hair has to be washed and brushed, she needs sunlight or any light for that matter, she’s half-starved-- look at how thin she is!!! She’s covered in bruises and I think I can hear her rib creaking as she breathes so it’s probably cracked. Besides all the above she is supposed to be at school.” She took a deep breath. “I love you brother-- but to secure your happiness- to make sure that Genevieve doesn’t die-- you need to change her. I can’t and won’t let her be with you until you decide to actually live a healthy lifestyle. Like seriously; Seb and I are--” She paused her eyes narrowing slightly. “BUT we don’t live in our bedroom and never come out, we have lives, we socialize...” Her eyes flashed. “Your human wedding is one week away. If you don’t want her parents thinking she is on drugs and whatever else the hell they may already think-- then you’ll let me take Genevieve and help her look her best before then.”

Vincent blinked a few times. Then his mouth shut in a tight line and he nodded. He looked me up and down; as if memorizing every detail of me.

“Vince-- it’s only going to be one more week.” Marissa said slowly.

“A week is a long time.” Vincent moaned.

Marissa rolled her eyes. “So glad I was never human or Fae and had to go through this awkward phase.” She mumbled patting my back. Marissa nudged me toward Vincent, “Give him a hug and kiss; then I am taking you to get an X-Ray.” She rolled her eyes.

I hobbled over to Vincent, and he pulled me onto the bed and wrapped his arms around me. I held on for all I was worth-- he kissed me then allowed Marissa to pull me from the room and out of his apartment into her waiting car where Sebastian was in the driver’s seat.

Sebastian was trying not to grin as we got in the car but he was having quite a hard time. His whole posture said “I told you so.”

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Snapped Marissa as she got in the car after putting me in the backseat-- She slammed her door shut. “Hospital.” She hissed. “Drive.”

Sebastian looked over his shoulder at me, his eyes looked amused. “Don’t you look like a royal mess.”

I grunted, and made a face which made him laugh until Marissa socked his arm.

“Oww.” He muttered frowning.

“Seriously Seb darling, can you please just drive?”

Sebastian sighed and put the car into gear, speeding off to the hospital. I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest. When we got to VGH Marissa had Sebastian carry me into the emergency.

“Hey I think you lost weight.” Sebastian muttered as he hefted me-- I caught a slight bit of concern on his face, and chose to ignore it.

Marissa went up to the triage counter and urged Sebastian to bring me up there with her.

Behind the triage desk sat this really bored looking girl who was maybe in her late twenties; she was dressed in a bubble-gum pink nurse scrubs and chewing pink gum, her hair was done in pigtails and her nails which were currently clacking over the keyboard were painted purple.

“Name.” The woman said and blew a bubble with her gum.

“Genevieve Pradora.” Marissa said for me.

The woman typed it in.


Marissa laughed a dark laugh. “Well let’s see, undernourishment, broken ankle, cracked rib and perhaps some pulled muscles and tendons.”

The woman hadn’t even typed anything down she stared at Marissa like she was crazy.

“Sure.” She muttered popping her gum bubble.

Marissa pointed at me. The girl looked me up and down.

“What did she get herself into?” The girl asked blowing another gum bubble.

“Sex.” Sebastian said looking at the young nurse like he would love to rip the gum from her mouth and toss it over his shoulder.

The girl looked at me and then Marissa dubiously. “Right.”

Marissa handed the nurse my care card and the nurse typed the last few things that Marissa had said into the computer and hit print, then she gave me a bracelet with my name on it and told us to wait in the waiting area.

I don’t know how long we sat there, but eventually they called us in and then we had to wait even longer for a doctor to come in. I slept most of the time away, I was so tired. When the doctor came he examined my ankle, it hurt when he touched it-- it hurt really bad.

“So, what were you up to when you got this?” He asked me.

I wondered if the nurse had told him what Sebastian had said. I shrugged. “I kicked a wall-- I think.” Well that was true, I had kicked the wall. Then he examined my ribs, he found the one that was cracked, easily enough. I gasped in pain when he pressed on it.

“And this one?” The doctor asked looking through his round spectacle at me, his white goatee bobbing as he spoke.

“I was squashed against the wall-- accidentally.”

The doctor’s eyebrow raised a few notches. I knew I was also covered in bruises, that didn’t look good; and there were also dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. I sighed. I hadn’t wanted to sleep-- I hadn’t wanted to stop and look at the royal mess I’d gotten into! Marissa muttered under her breath ‘Amateurs’ or something of the kind-- I didn’t even want to know what Sebastian was thinking. He was always so jovial, but I could still see the look of concern he’d had when he’d carried me in here. Seriously though. I was, correction am-- mostly fine.

The doctor cleared his throat, I glanced at him, my thoughts interrupted. “I would advise you young lady that you should not continue in whatever activity you were engaged in--” He cleared his throat again as he looked at the notes in the file he was holding. “For a decent amount of time. From your reaction to pressure, the amount of swelling etc, I do believe that your ankle is broken. I’m also very positive that you have at least one cracked rib but I am going to send you for X-Rays just in case. Also you appear to be suffering some malnourishment. I am putting you on a strict diet that will help put color in your cheeks and some weight back on.” He looked over at Sebastian and Marissa with a scathing look of disapproval. “I can only assume she is staying with you?” He asked.

They nodded.

“Well in that case, please make sure this girl gets on the mend.” He signed a slip and sent me for X-Rays; that took just as long as it did to wait for the doctor and when we got back he merely glanced at them and nodded. “Like I thought, broken and cracked.” He sighed and had me bundled off to an operating room where my bone was set and put in a cast for my ankle and then my chest was bound with to keep my rib straight. “I would like to keep her overnight to make sure she is ok.”

Marissa looked concerned. “Is there anything else wrong with her?”

The doctor shrugged. “I don’t believe so, but nevertheless we’ll keep her here as a safety precaution for now.” His eyes said different, they looked dubiously at Marissa and Sebastian as if they couldn’t take care of me or it was their fault I was so injured. I mean Sebastian looked like the embodiment of a delinquent youth. If only he knew what had really happened.

Marissa made sure I had a private room. I’m sure she and Sebastian would have stayed on guard all night long but I told them to go home. They both looked tired and I promised-- I wasn’t going anywhere, it’s not like I could get far anyways, even if I was to teleport… what as I going to do? Hobble around town? I fell asleep shortly after they left me.

I was extremely cold-- I shouldn’t be this cold. I remembered it had almost been too warm in my hospital room. I blinked and opened my eyes. I was standing on a tall black spire on a castle somewhere. The entire castle was made of black stone, and had a moat of lava encircling its base. I was standing on a long extended piece of a statue, over the lava. I was wearing a long flowing white nightgown-- There was steam and smoke rising but all I could feel was cold… I should be boiling hot-- I should be able to taste the ash and soot from the lava below me but that’s when I saw and felt the cold rain that was pouting from the sky.

There was a voice behind me. I looked over my shoulder not seeing anything at first.


I blinked, and wrapped my arms around myself. All I could see behind me was smoke but as I focused my eyes on the smoke behind me I could see that boy; Christopher-- but this wasn’t the blond kid from school who I had apparently gone out with-- this kid had huge black wings and all over his chest black shapes twisted and swirled.


“Yes my angel-- it is me! You have finally come to be mine!”

“Wait-- you’re the creepy voice in my head?”

“Seriously-- you don’t remember me?”


“Well-- that will change soon.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Come on-- aren’t you the tiniest bit curious?”

“Not in the slightest.”

“Come here!”

I felt like I would rather jump into the lava then run to him-- still not being able to think of why that was. I swallowed, suddenly aware my ankle was broken. I shouldn’t be able to stand on it. I looked down-- no cast, and up. I felt fear strike through me. What was going on and where was I? This was definitely not the same place I had gone to in my dreams before when I had found Father Ezekiel a few weeks back. No, this was somewhere sinister; because I had looked down at my feet and then up so quickly I lost my balance. My bare feet slipped on the black stone and then I was falling down down down, around me there was the sound of a rushing of wings. I was caught by the blond boy, Christopher. I was screaming in his arms; he was frowning; he looked so angry.

“I’m never letting you go anywhere ever again.”


“Because I picked you-- you should be honoured.”

“Then why am I just pissed off?”

From somewhere I could hear someone calling my name-- “WAKE UP!”

I closed my eyes, and squirmed around.

“DO SOMETHING FOR HER.” Roared a voice I knew almost as well as my own-- My eyes opened slowly. I was back in my hospital room and Vincent looked furious; he was also looking extra gorgeous in his tight jeans and leather jacket, waving his arms around at the doctor. “Her temperature is below freezing her body is soaking wet, and there are cinders and hot embers all around her bed, and she is screaming…. Now you tell me you cracker box of a doctor- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?”

I reached out with my arm and managed to snag Vincent’s jacket, he looked down overjoyed.

“You’re awake.” He whispered dropping to my side, instantly ignoring the doctor, after all I was more important, obviously.

I pulled myself up into a semi sitting position and frowned. I took a deep breath-- my chest wasn’t hurting when I breathed, which gave me an idea. “Vincent do me a favour and take the cast off my ankle.”

Vincent gently lifted my foot as the doctor was growling, “Don’t touch that.”

Vincent looked into my eyes. “You sure you want this off?”

I nodded and he broke the cast in half. I swung my legs to the side of the bed and wiggled my toes. Then I stood up and walked around the room on both feet. My ankle was fine.

“It’s not possible.” The doctor gasped.

I blinked and looked over at the doctor. I’m not sure he meant Vincent’s ability to crack my cast open with his fists or the fact that I was standing on my previously broken ankle.

“I think my ankle’s fine now. Can I please go home?”

The doctor stood stuttering; he moved over to me and motioned I should sit on the edge of my bed. He took my ankle and felt around. “Nothing broken.” He said slowly; he looked up at Vincent who shrugged.

“Can I take her home?” Vincent asked.

The doctor cleared his throat. “I suppose so.”

Vincent opened my bag which Marissa must have brought from her house and began rifling through; he eventually handed me a pair of skinnies and a black top with a red hoodie. I walked off to the bathroom, and shut the door behind me. In the sterile white space I stared at myself for the second time that day. My skinnies were slightly loose on me, but the spandex black tee fit nicely and so did the red hoodie. I found a brush on the counter and slowly picked it through my wet tangled hair-- there was a knock on the door; as the door opened Vincent slipped in.

“You ok?”

I shrugged and kept brushing my tangles. Vincent sighed and took the brush from me, he put me on his lap and began to brush my hair with a finesse I would not have expected from someone like him.

“I have to change you.” He muttered, his face worried. “Soon; because I can’t have you away from me. I feel restless without you at my side.” He put the brush down and I looked at myself in his mirror-- my hair was smooth and shiny, but still damp.

“Are you afraid to change me?”

He hesitated for a moment.

“Yes. Sometimes when a person is newly turned they loose their human memories-- I’ve never seen someone turned up close and personal-- but seeing as you are already missing memories. I am afraid for the ones you have now and if you lose those…” He trailed off; he sounded just like Marissa.

I turned myself in his arms so I was looking at him. “I belong to you--” I took his face in my hands. “I love you-- and that isn’t anything I am going to be forgetting soon.”

His eyes still looked worried. “Let’s get you back to Marissa’s.” He said softly.

He stood me up, but locked his fingers through mine and led me from the room. I noticed that around my bed there were chunks of black smouldering rock and sparks and cinders. I shivered, a flash of that frightening place spinning through my mind.

Vincent had come on his motorbike, it was still dark out-- seemed like it normally was when I ended up outside these days. I slid onto Vincent’s bike behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. It felt familiar and safe-- the wind tossed my now combed hair about and my skin felt cold. I loved the feeling like I was soaring along the ground-- but not using my feet. When we got to Marissa’s apartment, we went round to the front of the building and buzzed her number. It was dark out and I was glad I was wearing a hoodie, even though I was slightly chilly. I clung to Vincent’s arm.

“Who is it?” Marissa’s voice came over the speakerphone.

“It’s Vincent” He paused. “And Genevieve.” There was a moment’s silence, then a sigh.

“Fine. Come on up.”

The door buzzed and we entered. I had in my time staying with Marissa only ever come up from the basement parking lot, but once we found an elevator I knew what floor we had to go to. Vincent said nothing looked around curiously… I guess I was right-- he had never been here before; as we finally came to Marissa’s door and I knocked; Vincent wrapped his arms around me as if daring Marissa to grab me and slam the door in his face-- which I am glad was not what happened. Sebastian opened the door and let us in; he made a big deal about inviting Vincent in, and then shut the door behind us. Inside I walked myself into the great room; where Marissa was standing hands on her hips, but when she saw me and that I wasn’t limping-- she actually broke into a smile.

“I’m not even going to ask how it’s possible that your bones are mended-- ha. You really are going to be something once you’re one of us.” She walked over to me and hugged me-- and I forgave her, a tiny bit for stealing me away from Vincent-- I mean it is hard to hate the girl. She is my sister-in-law after all. Marissa turned to look at her brother. “Welcome to my hidey hole.” She said sarcastically.

He looked around and grinned at her. “You’ve got a nice place… although the color scheme is definitely missing something.” He laughed.

I relaxed once some of the tension had gone out of the room. Soon we were all sitting in the great room and talking, while they made sure I was stuffing my face with food. I must admit I was starving. Vincent told Marissa he could barely let me out of his sight-- he was uber afraid I was going to be targeted by his dad who would be home at the end of June, so he received permission to crash on Marissa’s couch. I was stuffed by the time that I had eaten all the food they put in front of me, extremely warm and cozy. I curled up on Vincent’s lap and fell into a slumber.

Sebastian kept trying to poke me-- to wake me up but then Marissa tackled him to the floor which ended up in him carrying her off to their bedroom and slamming the door shut behind them. I sighed frustrated-- lucky bums, didn’t have to worry about broken ankles and cracking ribs. Vincent chuckled as if sensing my frustration and kissed the top of my head. “Sleep.” He whispered.

So I did sleep, like the whole weekend and I ate a lot, and went for escorted walks in the sun with Sebastian because we still weren’t sure if it was safe for me and Vincent to be seen together. Marissa had plotted out mine and Vincent’s honeymoon. Apparently she had gone digging into my past; the parts where I couldn’t remember and found much to her surprise that one of the girls I had been friends with at some treatment centre I had attended was one of her and Vincent’s cousins; so she had phoned her and somehow arranged it so that Vincent and I would be able to stay with her and her coven who were apparently slightly more accepting Purebloods then Marissa’s side of the family.

When I had asked why, Marissa had snorted and said it had something to do with the lax punk rock phase that had shook Britain in the past few decades and how they really couldn’t afford to stand out over there and so they tried harder to blend in with the humans. It was there where Vincent promised he would turn me, which meant we’d be in Europe for longer-- perhaps even a year, depending on how well I adjusted. I shivered at the thought. Would I even be any of the girl who was Genevieve? Would I retain any memories? Would I disappear into nothingness? Into light?

On Monday I returned to class; apparently we were having half days. Mr. Flimheart looked really annoyed when I sat down and lectured me for half of lunch hour on how I might not do well on my exams because I had missed two weeks of review-- It was weird though because he made me stay in for a practice exam and I aced it-- I could remember every lesson and lecture which sucked because I knew I would never remember anything else past one month ago.

I know Flimheart was just as shocked as I was that I knew so much when I had missed so much school. In any case he stopped bugging me and didn’t keep me longer any more after that-- which was good because I was really hungry at lunch time and if I didn’t eat at lunch it made my whole day seem askew. Was the faster metabolism something to do with me being Fae? I made a mental note to ask Vincent, or Marissa-- maybe she knew where Father Ezekiel was and I could ask him. Over that week when I wasn’t at school or studying-- I was spending time working on discovering what other powers I might posses. I found I could manipulate the shape of objects with my mind but it required intense focus. I could also create the ball of light and make it as well as other objects float in the air. I already knew I could teleport to a person no matter where they were-- I had shown that with my stunt two weeks ago… But then I also learned-- due to me spending copious amounts of time standing before a mirror that I could change my appearance.

I had come upon this by a total fluke standing before the mirror wondering what it would be like to have blue or pink hair, and my scalp began to tingle; when I had focused long enough I had cotton candy colored hair-- like when the pink and blue cotton candy accidentally gets mixed together in the machine as it is swirling. That made me giggle, however once I had focused on one color; I was able to change it, not only that but I could change multiple things about my appearance, like for example my hairstyle, my skin tone, my eye color… that was weird.

I couldn’t believe how fast the last week of school went! My exams were all on one day, and that same night was to be my rehearsal dinner before my wedding. Kiera popped over to Marissa’s place with me where I put on a dress my mom and dad would apparently find acceptable-- I felt like I was wearing a blanket. The dress was a pale yellow; and went right up to my neck and covered my entire back-- my only consolation was that it wasn’t long and it still accentuated my slim figure; that and Vincent told me I still looked amazing. I suppose I would always look amazing to him-- or he was just being nice despite the fact this dress was a disaster. Marissa piled my hair up on my head, it looked like the black locks had a sheen of gold when the light hit it.

Marissa had booked us for dinner at a classy restaurant down town, and we were the first to get there. My head was swimming; I wasn’t sure how I should act around my relatives-- these people who were now erased from my memories… How did I act? I should have asked Marissa more questions about myself-- how I had used to act when I had been the more human version of me. Vincent arrived shortly after Marissa, Kiera, Sebastian and I; Vincent having dashed back to his own place for change of clothes. I had never seen Vincent in anything other than casual clothes but when he came in he was wearing black dress pants, a wool double breasted jacket and a buttoned up black and white dress shirt; he looked quite spiffy. Vincent had even semi-combed his forever wind-blown hair and it was now in almost neat spikes sticking up all over the place. I sort of like the wind-blown look better myself. I blushed. I really would have to remember to censor my thoughts tonight.

We had just sat down when the blond girl- who Marissa told me I must call sister or Annabelle, came flouncing into the restaurant, a tall dark haired boy on her arm. She was wearing a pale blue dress which matched mine. After hugging Marissa she somewhat hesitantly approached me. I smiled-- at least I think I did and hugged her. The boy, who Marissa told me later was Topher’s brother was named Mark. The way he stared at me made me feel ill. After Annabelle hugged me she and Mark sat down beside me at the table, and were soon deep in conversation. Mark made me feel uneasy, but I didn’t have much time to contemplate why because strolling in just after my sister came the people who had raised me, mom and dad, and behind them trickled in my other relatives-- none of whom I recognized.

I was made the subject of many hugs and congratulations, and I must have introduced Vincent to everyone at least three or four times; he let my very sensible looking relatives hug him and comment on his hair or on how pale he was-- he never got angry even when I am sure someone questioned him if he had made me pregnant and was that why we were getting married so young. I nearly spat out my champagne when I heard someone ask him that. Instead he had chuckled-- and told them no-- but then had also told him that we might want kids at some point in the near future which made me cough again. Little stinker. He was probably doing that on purpose all those comments. Not that I had even contemplated the idea of kids … did I want them? I rolled my eyes-- I was too young to think about things like that yet.

After dinner; which my Vampire friends and Vincent ate bravely putting on their best faces; we all headed to the church. I was glad to see this church was nowhere near a graveyard and that it didn’t look creepy at all; plus it was right in the middle of town… The preacher there was a very friendly old man who was over excited that we at such a young age were getting married instead of living together first and blah blah blah; that little bit made Vincent grin and nod and I blush as I remembered just the week earlier… but I pushed it aside and tried to act cool.

We went through a mock ceremony. I was surprised that my sister Annabelle was one of my bridesmaids, I mean from what Marissa had told me-- I and Annabelle hadn’t been close in the last little bit and also apparently she thought I was an idiot for going out with Vincent-- everyone knew that apparently… but whatever. Marissa’s my maid of honor so it’s all good. Dad walked me down the aisle all manly like and made a big deal about handing off my hand to Vincent. Mom just sat and blubbered the entire time. Mark, Annabelle’s boyfriend sat in the back pew and glared at us. Sebastian stood with Vincent as Vincent’s best man; all in all I felt it was going to be over the top maybe the old me would have like that. After the rehearsal at the church I was fawned over by the people I can’t remember, Vincent gave me a quick hug and wink while whispering. “Tomorrow.” And then he left me to my sobbing mother and blinking father who was trying not to cry and moping sister who thought I was on drugs or pregnant or whatever she thought about me now a days but was pulled away by Mark after several minutes. When I finally got free it was only because Marissa had to leave and I was going with her and Kiera and Sebastian.

Mom and dad frowned at Kiera and Sebastian who they thought were just rebels because their hair was blue and how much money they were probably spending on dye rather than things that matter, how were they to know that Kiera and Sebastian had been born with bright blue hair?

Back at Marissa’s I fell back on the couch with a poof.

“Gah. I hate love you Marissa.” I moaned. “I can’t believe you are making us go through with this! I can’t remember a single person who was in that room tonight. And Mark, he is so creepy.”

Marissa patted my head and smiled. “Oh you poor poor thing. I feel so awful that you are going to officially be my sister. And Mark.” She sighed. “We’ll have to deal with him later.” She paused. “Or I might have to deal with him later… sooner than later most likely.”

I chose to ignore that last comment. I was too tired to think anymore. I licked my lips. “Tomorrow.” I muttered happily thinking of Vincent’s comment.

Marissa rolled her eyes, and made a face. “Don’t ever tell me about your love life… that would just be creepy. I don’t want to know things like that about my brother.”

Sebastian walked into the room and caught the last comment Marissa had stated and laughed. “You can always tell me if you want.”

Marissa glared at him, and Kiera who had followed him into the room hissed-- “Stop being soooo creepy…”

Marissa sat down on a chair opposite where I was lying on the sofa. She had this tired look on her face.

“Don’t get me wrong, I mean thanks.” I muttered, hoping she wasn’t mad at me.

“You’re welcome.” She said and blinked her green eyes.

Sebastian was buzzing about in the fridge; I could hear him looking for something, and Kiera had disappeared off to probably the spare room which I had been sharing with her on and off over the last several days.

I couldn’t get over the feeling that Marissa wasn’t herself, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. She looked as gorgeous as always but her color; if you could say she had color-- the girl was always pasty pale, looked slightly green. Did vampires get colds or sick at all? I yawned and curled up on my side, my eyes closing.

“Marissa, don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re awesome.” I said it once more just in case that was why she looked so-- I don’t know what word I am looking for.

I fell asleep. I had a weird dream that night, something about not being able to remember this face-- and knowing it was important, then Marissa was holding me in her arms and telling me that everything would be ok-- but she looked hungry and her pupils were dilating. She wasn’t eating enough but for some odd reason she also looked like she had put on weight…how was that possible? Then I screamed and woke up.

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