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As my body fell away from me, I was lost in the lake of my subconscious; here I was fully in my Fae form, a being of light. I had never realized how cumbersome a body had made me-- putting limitations on my powers, on who I was-- and who I was created to be. Thoughts flowed endless through my mind-- and I realized that I was finally free to fly; the way I had always longed to-- but I was not free from the man with black wings and eyes as red as the furnace of heat the fire created around us. “We have to stop meeting like this.” I hissed.

“Genevieve-- don’t you see that we are fated to be?”

I looked down at my arm-- there was a huge red seal, burnt into my flesh, I was tainted, cursed, marked.

“If you die here-- I will lose you. Fight, fight to stay alive Gen.”

“You must die to be set free of the cursed mark.”

“There are many things that I would fight for Christopher-- but you are not one of them.”

Christopher screamed-- I threw my hands over my ears as the hell that he lived in shook, trembling under his anger. “So you would start a war instead? You are the catalyst-- if you choose him, the balance will be overthrown.”

“And if I choose you? I’ll die anyways.”

“But you’ll also be so loved while you live.”

“I’m already loved.”

Christopher ran at me and I braced myself for impact floating above the liquid lake. I was light and he was darkness-- and when his body hit mine there was a crash of thunder; I felt the impact in my inner core. We wrestled back and forth-- neither gaining any ground; and I was worried that no longer how much I struggled against him, I would never be free of him.

“You’re dying! Why struggle against me-- struggle against your end!”

The tide began to turn-- and with it I was increasingly aware that my human body was passing away. Christopher’s form-- indeed the whole world he’d created of ash and soot faded, and soon I wasn’t wrestling with anything or anyone.

“This isn’t over!” Christopher growled.

The mark faded and disappeared from my arm… and I breathed a sigh of relief-- I was finally free of Christopher. Now I was floating on a sea of darkness, a beacon of light.

“Can I have this dance?” I spun and found Prince Charles bowing, his hand reaching out toward me. Charles Fae form glowed softly against the darkness around us. Was this what I looked like?

“What do you want?”

“A chance to apologize.”

I took his hand and we began to dance-- the sound of music rising and swelling echoing across the empty void. I forgot everything about my battle with Christopher as we danced-- our souls sending intertwining gold threads out into the void. Time was not a thought, it ceased to exist here as our souls danced free of all boundaries.

“Genevieve?” We paused floating in the darkness, weightless, bodiless-- two beings of light. “Why didn’t you choose me?”

My mind awoke-- “Right.”


“Goodbye Charles. Thank you for the dance.”

Charles light began to go out-- his form blending in with the darkness of my mind and I was left alone.

“Come back to me little bird.”

I knew that voice! Why did I know that voice?

“Find me. Oh, please find me.”

A pair of eyes-- glowing; cat-like and lithe. I needed to remember-- but remember what? Remember whom? It had all seemed so important at the time… I had promised to keep fighting.

“Princess! Wake up.”

Now, who’s voice was that? My eyes opened-- I was back in my body-- but it felt different, and the room was full of people--

“Hello gorgeous.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Marcus Steinheart; what’s yours?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry my love, come with me and I’ll help you remember.”

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