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What Am I?

By Oliviachryszl All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Fantasy

Chapter 1: Clubs and Uggs


Walking the streets at 11 o’clock in the evening was not a trouble for me but right now I have a feeling that someone is looking at me, like some horror movie shit actor I wouldn’t choose to go to the alley to go to the city even if it meant that I’d go there in less than five minutes. I’d be an easy bait if I go there, but this is real life you have to be practical.

No one in this part of town goes out at this time of the evening, except those who are fighting with their significant other and will go to our diner. I guess our diner’s got that reputation now.

I am a working student if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m trying to save up to get the hell out of my aunt’s home.

Thinking about my aunt got me feeling down but then I heard footsteps nearing me. I have to be sure that I’m not paranoid I took out my arm from the right strap of my backpack and put the bag in front of my body and in the pocket of my bag I got my portable pocket swiss army knife that cost me twenty dollars in Walmart. Well, at least I’ll be able to use it now. I couldn’t hear anymore footsteps which is great because it means I wasn’t really being followed.

Why am I walking at this ungodly hour you ask? Well, my boss Aretha Jones asked me to deliver something important as she says.

As I turned to the right street I was now in the city where there are lights and at least some people who are going in and out from King’s Castle. It’s a club in the city where even the underaged can go to. I notice a group of girls walking in their ultra short body fit dresses and heels- when I say ultra mini it meant their dresses stop a centimeter below their asses.

Their faces looked familiar to me because they were my classmates in school, they’re all blondes their leader of the group is Selena who is sleeping seemingly with everyone but obsesses over Trent Knight. I bet that he’s there in the club too.

I walked across the street to go to the entrance of the club the bouncer blocked the door, “Where do you think you’re going?”


“Doesn’t look like you were going to.” He said pointing to my pocket knife.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I was being followed earlier.” I said as I put it in my bag.

“Are those your party clothes?” He asks as he raked his eyes over me from head to toe. Why is he judging me? I was wearing a simple black tee and some denim jeans and my uggs.

This bouncer is such a pain in the ass. “I’m not going to party, I’m here to deliver something for Aretha Jones. She couldn’t make it tonight.” I said.

“Okay, just log on this book.” He says as he gives me a black clipboard and asks me to write down basic information.

Bobby Thorne 17 years old

“You can go in.” He said and I went in. I first noticed how dim it is in here with just some colorful lights flashing as a contributor of light source besides some LED strip lights that was outlining every object that there is. There were poles for girls who were in their lingerie, probably after they work they’ll go straight to sleep.

You’re so funny my subconscious tells me in the most sarcastic voice in my head.

I remembered Aretha’s words, ‘Just go to the cocktail bar and I’ll have my client go to you.’

I searched for the bar in the sea of people. I saw a guy juggling and mixing bottles which means that is the bar, who’d else juggle bottles in the club? I walked to the bar and on the way someone bumped my shoulder hard.

“Sor-” I was going to apologize when

“What are you doing here?” Selena said. “You don’t even look like you’d fit in here.”

I couldn’t say anything. She opened again that horrible mouth of hers, “Are you here for Trent? Because if you are I’m sure that you’d never see tomorrow again.” She said taunting me. See what i mean by her being obsessed with Trent?

I shook my head, I don’t know why I get tongue tied when i’m in certain situations like this. Especially when she acts like it’s her territory.

“It’s good that you know your place,bobby.” She said and she leaves my sight. Thank goodness for that, I walked to the bar through the crowd of people dancing and grinding each other.

When I got past all of them I sat on the stool,“Good evening.” I greeted

“Ahh, A newbie. It’s been awhile since I last saw people like you.”

I turned my head to look at who said that and it was the bartender.

“You memorize people’s faces?” I asked him.

“Not really, I just looked at your clothes. Nobody wears uggs in any club,honey.” He said. “And nobody ever greets me a good evening.”

“Well, I’m not really into clubs.” I said sheepishly. “One virgin mojito please.”

“Sister, you really want to be sober on a friday night?” He asks in a high pitched voice. Ohh he’s- oh my gosh he’s so good looking I didn’t even notice.

“Yes, I’m gay. I know I’m good looking I was quite the heartbreaker before.” He says.

“To think of it you’re still breaking hearts of the ladies that would want to hit on you.” I said. “And yes i want to be sober.”

He chuckled, “Well, I didn’t realize that.”

I smiled and put out my phone and texted Aretha, I’m in, who am I going to give the package to?

I looked over the people who were in the club a corner where there are girls giving lap dances, a dance floor full of body action- I just turned around to look at how the virign mojito is made. “All done.” He said. “I’m Eric.” He says as he puts out his hand.

“I’m bobby.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Pretty unusual name for a beautiful girl.” He says as he handed me my drink with another hand.

I chuckled, “If I hadn’t known that you batted for your own team I’d take that as you trying to flirt with me.” I joked. He just chuckled,

“What brings you here?” He asks.

“My boss wanted me to give a package.” I said.

“Is it weed?” He asks.

“I don’t know.” I said honestly. “She didn’t tell me and I didn’t look inside the box.”

“How much is the drink?” I remembered and asked as I got my wallet from my bag.

“It’s alright, it’s all on me.” He says grinning.

“Ohh, it’s alright. I’ll pay for it.” I insisted.

He smiled, “You’re kind, but no can do. Besides you’re face is beautiful as fuck! and I have not seen a beautiful face like yours in a long time.” He said. “What do you use for your skin care routine?”

“Soap?” I said unsure.

“My dear goddess.” He said with a horrified look, “You don’t wear make up?”

“No.” I said as I drank my mojito. “When needed to, I do.”

“Oh my goodness, it all makes sense now. From the uggs to the make up free skin.”


“You’re a virgin.”

I almost choked on my mojito. I can feel my cheeks getting hot, ” How does being a virgin makes one to wear uggs and no make up?” I asked as I cough.

“Being defensive means I’m right. You are a virgin.” He said grinning.

“Is being a virgin bad?” I asked him.

“Honey, it’s the complete opposite.” He says. “Because once you meet your soulmate he’d be glad that you will experience everything with him.”

“That’s bullcrap.” I said. “I don’t believe in soulmates.”

“You might be mistaken about that.” He says smiling.

Then a lot of people were now around the bar trying to order their drinks.

“What are you doing here, Bobby?”

I looked to see that it’s Trent, now my tongue’s tied up again. How does he even know my name ” It’s not safe for you to be here.” He says.

If it wasn’t safe at all to be here then why is he here then

“Well, smart mouth. I’m a guy I can handle it.” He says with an amused face.

I didn’t mean to say that out loud. I can feel myself drink more and more mojito, Trent knight has never in his life talked to me. That’s why I’m surprised to see that he knows my name.

“I can take you home.” he says.

“I can’t.” I finally said.

“Why? Are you here with someone?” He asks surprised.

“Well, losers can afford to be with somebody in a club too, you know.” I said joking.

“If you’re here with someone, then why are you here by yourself?”

“Well, I didn’t say that I was with someone. I said that I can be with someone.” I said.

“Smart mouth.” He muttered under her breath.

“Don’t think I didn’t hear that.” I said.

He had an amused expression he was going to say something but my attention was averted to a guy who was in his early 20′s.

“Trent.” He greeted and Trent scowls and rolls his eyes and then he looks at me ” Are you from Aretha?” He asked, smirking at me. I could see his eyes slightly sparkle.

I nod, “We can go to my office there.” He says as he points to the door. “ Follow me there.” I got down from the stool and saw the guy going to his office, I was about to follow him when-

“You’re going with him?” Trent asks.

“Well, I kind of have to. My boss was meeting him but she couldn’t make it.” I said.

“I told you, Bobby. It’s not safe here.” He said.

“My job is on the line here.” I said to him.

He got silenced by that. Not everyone could be as fortunate as him and his friends, Aretha promised an increase of my pay if I do this for her.

“He’s not what he seems.” Trent says.

“He doesn’t look like a beast to me.” I said.

He had an amused face again and then shook his head as to bring himself back to his serious expression. “I can give it to him” he says.

“I can do it on my own thanks.” I said as I go to the office. When I went in the room I noticed that it was really big.

“Bobby isn’t it?” He asks as he sits down on his chair.

“Yes, sir.” I said.

“I’m Martin.” He said.

“I believe that you have a package for me.” He said.

I opened my backpack and give him the small box. “If you don’t mind me asking, are you close friends with trent?”

I shook my head from side to side, I only know him as a school’s popular hunk. No more, no less than that.

“I thought you’re one of his conquests” he said chuckling.

I rolled my eyes,” Glad that I could amuse you.” This guy had the nerve to judge me and laugh at me.

He had an amused expression, “My apologies, Bobby. I didn’t meant for it to be personal.”


I nod at him, I just want to go home. I still have work tomorrow at 8, “Are we done here?” I asked him.

“Yes.” He says. “Wait.” He stands up and hands me an envelope, “This is for making my night vibrant. I’ll see you soon, pretty girl” He smirks at me and kisses my hand.

When I got out, I went straight to the bar. “Eric, thank you. I should be going.” I said as I put the envelope in my bag.

“Good night, beautiful.” He says and winks at me. I smiled at him and went out.

I hailed a taxi and went home, when I got to my room which is in the basement. I laid down on my bed and decided to open the envelope, “Holy crap.”

It was then that I realized that the envelope was pretty loaded and saw a lot of hundred dollar bills in there, “I think I should be a comedian if this is how much I can make if I amuse people.”

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