What Am I?

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Chapter 08: After two weeks


I spoke too soon because right now I am seeing Selena, Anna, Maria and Tiffany in the restaurant.

“No.” I said.

“What?” Julian asked.

“Ohh, it’s just- uggh.” How do I even begin to say that I can’t do my job because my bullies are right here in this restaurant waiting for a waitress or waiter to get their orders.

He looked over the window and saw the three horrible girls that ruined my life. “Do you know those three?” He asked.

“A little.” I said.

“Want to switch? I’ll take their orders and you cook.” He asked.

“Yes! That would be great!” I said enthusiastically. He smiled and went out.

I saw Tiffany tapping Selena’s shoulder and pointed to Julian. The three of them looked knowingly at each other and adjusted their shirts.

I could feel myself getting jealous as I watch the three of them flirt with Julian-I need to calm down and stop this feeling of crushing on Julian.

Julian came back to the counter and clipped on the paper of their order. I looked at their order, “Don’t worry about the Frappé I’ll do it.” He said. I nodded and deep friend the fries that they ordered.

After draining the oil from the fries I seasoned it and put it on the counter. “Done.” I said.

Julian took it and served it to the girls. “Enjoy.” He said smiling a bit then walking back to the cash register.

When it was now 10 in the evening they asked for the bill and paid 50 dollars. What the eff

“Keep the change.” Selena said winking at Julian.

Green is not a good color on me. Stop being jealous, Bobby.

He worked the customers until it was now 11:30 in the evening. No customers have walked in since it was 11.

It was quiet neither of us have started conversation- the double doors opened and it was Alice and Manny.

“Oh my goodness, Manny!” I said and hugged him.

“Missed me already?” He asked while chuckling.

“How was the first day?” Alice asked.

“It was great! Lots of customers and it’s very tiring.” I said.

“We can do our shift now. Both you and Ian can now count the inventory and shit like that.” Alice said.

Every after shift, you get the copy of all the receipts and count how much money was made and if some money was missing we’re going to replace it with our own.

“Ian, show Bobby the office.” Alice said.

“Follow me.” Julian said as he closed the register since he has the receipts and the money we made the I jogged up to him and let him lead the way. We went inside the kitchen and farther there, there was a door that said Pantry and another door that had no sign, a door that said Employees and the last door had a girl and boy sign meaning that’s the restroom. We went to the farthest door which was the door that had no signage.

“This is the office.” Julian said.

“Are you good at mathematics?” He asks me. As we both sit down on the ground.

I hate mathematics but I can add numbers without using a calculator. “I can try.” I said.

He looked disappointed, “We can count the receipts first. We can divide it in half so that we’re even.”

I nod at him, does he think that I’m dumb when I said that I’ll try? I got the half of the receipts and had my note pad out.

“20.50,13,9.50,10... okay that’s 53.” I mumbled to myself and read out the other four receipts and added it to what I computed earlier.

After my 30th receipt “$429.50” I mumbled to myself. I yawned and looked at Julian who was looking at me amused.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He said and went back to computing the receipts on his phone.

I then computed the last 30 receipts that I had and wrote on the pad paper that it was $1,268.00. “If you’re done, you can add what you computed to mine.” I said as I handed him the notepad.

I went to the table and counted the money starting with the coins after I counted them, “Can you write down 53 coins?” I asked. “If you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, I can.” He said and wrote 53 coins on the paper.

I then separated the 1,5,10,20 and 100 dollar bills. I counted each bill, “I’m done.” He said.

“How much is the total?” I asked.

“It should be 4,083.” He said as he stands up holding all the receipts and the notepad. He gave me the notepad.

“30 one dollar bills, 150 ten dollar bills, 25 twenty dollar bills and 20 one hundred dollar bills.” I said.

Julian wrote everything and added it. “That’s good. It matched.” He said.

“Alright.” I said as I stood up and went for the door.

“Barbara wait.” He said.

My heart skipped a beat as he called my name I turned around and he was holding money. “This is your pay for today.”

“Ohh... uggh thanks.” I said as I got my pay for today.

When I got out, I hugged Manny and Alice. “Good night, guys.” I said as I yawned.

“You’re temperature is hot.” Manny said.

“All I need is a good night’s rest.” I said.

“Are you sure?” Alice said.

“Of course, I’ll be ready for tomorrow.” I said smiling at them. “Good night, guys.” I said and went out the door.

I opened my closet and put my pay in my other wallet.
I guess since I now work at a restaurant with a bigger pay and longer hours, I can pay for the condo and save for college.

I took a long hot bath to relax myself after that and changing into my pajamas I made dinner for myself which was two Grilled cheese sandwiches because I am too lazy to cook right now it’s one in the morning for goodness sakes.

After I ate the sandwiches and I drank a glassful of milk I brushed my teeth and slept. I woke up to the sound of my alarm and I woke up and took a bath.

I took my white blouse put perfume on it and wore it. I took my light denim mom jeans and wore them- these pair of jeans cost me three dollars in the thrift shop and I think they’re cool since they’re vintage and the brand is Tommy Hilfiger. I also wore a pair of white converse that Aretha gave me as a gift for my birthday last year when she saw that my old shoes had it’s cloth teared apart.

I took a bowl and put some Count Chocula cereal and full cream milk. I ate my breakfast and decided that I should toast two slices of bread and swipe Nutella on them and sliced banana. Because? Why not?

I did that and ate it. I cleaned the kitchen and then went to my bathroom to brush my teeth. I dried my hair and hung the towel on the bar for hanging wet towels.

I went to my room to get my brown satchel bag that I got at the thrift shop again. I couldn’t afford to buy cool clothes and bags from brands that are popular today, besides I don’t really need them. I buy from Forever 21 but I only bought three camisoles which was gray, white and black because back then they were on sale.

I only have some clothes that are branded because last year when I celebrated my birthday Gina gave me a Gray Knitted sweater and a Denim sleeveless blouse from Forever 21. Manny gave me two High waisted shorts that were light denim and black that are also from Forever 21 and a knitted long maroon colored cardigan.

On Christmas, Gina bought me the classic Timberland boots and light skinny jeans while Manny bought me an olive colored parka with a hoodie and a sleeveless plaid blouse.

I have yet to wear all of those clothes except for the timbs and the skinny jeans. I use them when it’s cold outside, I haven’t really tried dressing up for school mostly because I was scared of trying something new and being judged my motives why.

I put my phone in my bag along with a wallet that had fifty dollars in it for emergencies and a handkerchief. I got my keys in my hand and locked the door and walked to the restaurant.

“Good morning!” I greeted as I went in the double doors of Monica and Winnie’s at 5:30 am. Which was 30 minutes early before my shift.

“You’re so energetic, I envy you.” Manny said. Dark under eye circles were visible on his face.

“I can start my shift early. You look awful.” I said and hugged him.

Then I saw Alice come out of the kitchen with two cups in hand, “Good morning, Bobby. Had a good night’s rest?” She asked.

“Yes, I did.” I said and smiled at her.

“Have a cup of Caramel Macchiato.” Alice said handing me a cup.

“Thank you.” I said smiling at her.

“Manny for you.” She said.

“Don’t mind if I do.” he said and sipped the drink. “Yas! It’s delicious!”

I blew my cup and sipped a little of the Caramel Macchiato, Manny was right it is delicious! “I love it!” I said.

“So, what happened yesterday with you and the hot hot Ian?” Manny said.

“Nothing really. We didn’t talk much.” I said which was the truth. I am not really into telling them that I have a crush on Julian.

“He’ll come around.” Alice said smiling.

Two weeks has passed and my body has adjusted to my work hours which was six o’clock in the morning until midnight. Two weeks has passed and He still hasn’t come around. The only time that we talk is whenever we’ll tell the order of the customer whether I am in the kitchen or he is

I am really worried about my feelings because it still hasn’t changed and I am scared- what if he meets a girl and starts dating her? What will be the left of me? Of course I’ll get jealous but what of? We aren’t a thing.

You wish you both were a thing. My subconscious teased.

I remembered that I have a pop quiz to answer today. It was already four in the afternoon,

“Julian, can I talk to you?” I asked him since the restaurant isn’t so busy because we’ve served all of them already.

“What’s up?” He asked as he walks closer to me.

“I have some quizzes to answer and I really need to pass them today. Can I take my quizzes? It would just take me twenty minutes I swear.”

“Yeah, I can handle the restaurant for twenty minutes.” He said.

“Okay.” I said and got my bag and went to the chair in the kitchen and sat down and brought out my phone and went to the school’s portal for Independent studies and went to my teacher’s mail to me which was my quiz for all subjects.

I answered all of them on time and immediately got the results which was a perfect A. I just have to keep it up and maybe-just maybe an Ivy league university would notice me.

“I’m done.” I said smiling while putting my phone in the back of my pocket.

I went out and helped Julian clean the tables and clean the dishes.

After today’s shift, I went home and took a nice hot bath and closed my eyes.

I heard whimpers and groans in the middle of a field. I followed the sounds and that lead me to a black wolf lying down the field beside a lifeless black wolf.

As the black wolf that was alive howled in agony I woke up to the sounds of my alarm clock still on my bed in my room in my condominium.

What is it with wolves that I am dreaming about them every now and then. Are Werewolves real like Vampires?

I took a bath and wore my top and when I looked at my closet I saw that I had no clean jeans left. The only option left was those shorts that Manny gave me- I used the black one and wore my black vans.

I got my satchel bag, a wallet inside and my phone. I went to work- these past two weeks was really productive! Every time I was thirty minutes early Alice would teach me how to bake the pizzas and how to make the beverages.

I went to the restaurant at 5:30 in the morning again. “Good morning, guys!” I practically shouted. “That was louder than I expected it to be.” I muttered to myself.

I put my wavy hair in a bun, when the kitchen door opened I was expecting Alice or Manny to come out. Instead it was Julian, “Good morning.” He said.

I hope he doesn’t suck my positive energy. He’s just so distant and serious than me.

He looked at me and then looked down on my shorts, “Why are you wearing shorts?”

“My pants are all dirty. I don’t have time to clean them.” I said.

“Next time, don’t wear shorts.” He said and went back in to the kitchen.

That is rude! Do I look bad in shorts? Why does he even care anyway? Is it my fault that I don’t have time to wash my clothes? Well, yeah it is.

I went to the Employee’s room and put my bag in my locker and went to the kitchen and got a knife and helped him prep.

It was a nice Saturday morning until the afternoon. All of you may be wondering why, It's because at 5 in the afternoon what came into the double doors of this restaurant was Trent with Dylan and Hayes.

It was too late to switch with Julian because Trent was already looking at me, “Bobby.”

“Good afternoon. Welcome to Monica and Winnie’s my name is Bobby.” I said and smiled, “You can call me when you’re ready to order.”

Trent held my wrist to stop me, “Bobby, Can I talk to you?” He looked confused for a moment then looked at his hand that was on my wrist then to my eyes,

“Sir, I don’t think that this is the right place to talk. As I said, you can call me when you’re ready to order.”

“We’ll take three slices of the meat overload pizza pie.” Hayes said.

“And a pitcher of Cola.” Dylan said.

“Noted.” I said

“Bobby, I’m sorry.” Trent said.

“What’s there to be sorry for?”

“Can we please start over? Give me another chance.” He said.

“Sir, I’ll just get your order.” I said smiling at them and then went to the counter and got three slices of the meat overload pizza pie that was on display.

“That was cold, bro.” Dylan said.

“I’ll serve it.” Julian said holding the pitcher of the Cola.

“Are you sure I c-”

“Yes, I’m sure.” He said sternly and got the tray that I was holding and served it to Trent’s table.

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