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The Wolf With The Golden Eyes

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Thrown away for being different. Lost, alone, scared. All she wanted was to be loved for who she is but will that happen?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

As she limped across the snowy landscape her white coat now stained with blood from deep claw marks on her side. Isobel couldn’t help but whine out in pain.

She had been thrown and banished from her pack 2 days prior, for being different. She stood her ground as much as she could because didn’t want to leave the pack she grew up with nor parents who were the Alpha and Luna. But every pack member turned their backs on her. The pack demanded that their Alpha kicked her out, but once Isobel said no the Alpha attacked her and forced her out for good.

She has nowhere to call home, no one to call family, she was alone for the first time in her life.

She’s on neutral ground right now as no pack owns this area as their territory yet. 21 and she has no mate to call her own, but this isn’t the reason for being forced out.

She has become something powerful, her fur started of a beautiful light brown colour but over night it became as white as the snow she’s walking on, even her human hair turned white and her eyes are now a golden colour.

Her old pack and family feared for their lives when they saw her new look which is why they made her leave. What she is can ruin the pack badly.

White wolves were killed many years ago and nothing has been heard about them until now..

Alone, no one around and mateless. All she has is her wolf.

Isobel’s Pov

“Eira what do we do now? My body hurts so much. The wound burns every time I move. It’s going to take a while to heal.” Eira is my wolf, her name means snow. Funny isn’t it? She was called that before I turned into a freak.

“I don’t know, we need to find our mate. What if he rejects us because of what we are and what we can do?” She whines inside my head making me feel worse.

“I really hope he doesn’t. But for now let’s find somewhere to rest. Once we’re healed I can hunt for food. Then we can go on our way to find our mate. We can also find answers for why this happened to me of all people” She agrees and we continued through the forest.

Minutes passed and I’m deep in the forest now I can’t find shelter anywhere, not even a cave. I feel like I’m being watched too, as if someone if hiding in the trees. I kept moving on, I need to hide and heal myself. I could hear the faint sounds of twigs snapping around me but again I brushed it off as small animals running from me. I couldn’t be more wrong.

I turned my head and found three big wolves staring me down. One showed a light brown coloured coat, one I could see had a dark brown coat and the middle had a soft grey coat with one black sock on his left hind leg.

I look back and forth, planning an escape but before I could even attempt to move the biggest one hit into my side causing me to slam into a tree. The pain caused me to pass out but before I did I remember my skin feeling cold and muttering the words “help me” then it went dark.

??? Pov

I was busy patrolling the area for our Alpha. This is a daily thing for us but we take shifts. It’s quite a boring procedure but it needs to be done to keep the pack safe. As we walk around, two pack members I’m with stop and tell me that they smell something funny.

I sniff the air and they’re correct. It smelled like another wolf. We run to the area hoping it’s not a rogue who managed to sneak inside our territory. As we get there we see a large white wolf.

“Aren’t they supposed to be dead sir?” The wolf on my right mindlinked me. I nod.

“Look at her side. She’s covered in blood. We need to kill her before she harms our pack. You know white wolves can’t be trusted” They simply nod and we walk forward.

I accidently step on a fallen branch which alerts the wolf a head of us. They flinch and look in our direction. I’ve never seen eyes like theirs before but that doesn’t matter. White wolves are monsters and don’t deserve to live. I could see them looking back and forth. They were going to run. But in this moment I was quicker and hit them into the nearest tree causing them to fall to the ground and turn human..

It was a girl? She looks like she’s been through hell. I go to kill her but stop when I hear her quietly say “help me”. I need to inform the Alpha, so I mindlinked him.

“Alpha we have found an intruder. They’re unconscious in front of me”

“Nicely done James. That’s why you’re my right hand man. Kill and dispose of the body like you normally do”

“But Kaleb, I mean Alpha. It’s a girl, she’s covered in blood from a large wound on her side and I don't see a pack symbol on her” He took a few seconds to reply.

“Fine. Take her to the pack doctor and I’ll visit later.”

“Yes Alpha”

I cut the mind link and turn back into my human form.

“Sir here is a blanket. I ran back to get it for you” I thank him and wrap the unknown girl with it.

I couldn’t help but notice that she was very light, it seemed as if she didn’t realise that she entered another packs territory. Maybe she was in to much pain to know? We left the area and went to our doctor Luke and his mate Eva.

It didn’t take to long to get there. I placed her on a nice clean bed. She looks quite pale, maybe from the blood loss. As I looked her over the door opened, Luke and Eva walked in with equipment.

Eva's eyes widen as her gaze falls onto the girl in front of me.

“Damn James. You didn’t have to hurt her that bad!” Eva says as she walks to the girl's side and begins to clean and disinfect the wound making the girl's small body move a little from the touch.

“At least ask me what happened before accusing me Eva! She was already hurt before we got to her. You’re so annoying” I’m not the biggest fan of Eva. She’s annoying and thinks she’s smarter than everyone.

She held her hands up in defeat. She knows not to get on the wrong side of me. I may not be the Alpha but she should still show me the respect I deserve.

“I’m sorry alright! You know I don’t like seeing people in pain. We need to help her. So you can leave. Dinner will be ready soon and you need to speak to the Alpha about this mess” She’s right..

“James go. I’ll inform you if something happens” I nod at Luke and leave.

After reaching his office I knock and go in when he tells me to enter. I walk over to him and sit down on the chair in front of his desk. Before I can open my mouth he looks at me with weird expression and sniffs the air.

“Why do you smell like that? You smell like you’ve been rolling around in a flower bed” His eyes shine bright red and I instantly become worried for my safety.

“Alpha stop this! It’s not my smell, please stop. Come back to your senses!” I tried to calm him down but he kept coming closer until I run out of the door. The only place I thought of was the room I was in previously. I ran for my life as the Alpha chased me like a wild animal.

I barely make it to the room and lock the door. I look around and see Luke and Eva giving me strange looks.

“Alpha has gone crazy. He started sniffing the air and said I smell like a flower bed. Now he’s chasing me with a crazed look in his eyes. Help me please. I don’t want to die!” A loud bang came from the door and it burst open flinging me to the floor.

Kaleb’s Pov

I was working in my office when my beta James knocked on the door and came inside. I kept my eyes on the paperwork in front of me but a beautiful and intoxicating smell filled my nose. My eyes shot up and looked at him. I sniffed the air and my wolf Blaze became frantic, wanting me to go near him. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. James tried to calm me down but I couldn’t. I stepped closer and closer until he ran. I smirked and ran after him to the hospital area of our territory.

The next thing I know is I kicked a door open and James was on the floor. I growl and walk over to him but a heavenly voice stopped me in my tracks. I turn and see a girl. As we locked eyes her glowed bright gold and my wolf spoke..

“Mate. The smell is from her!” I could feel him clawing in my head. He wanted to hold her badly but I calmed him down.

“You...you’re our mate? And why did you attack him?” She tilted her head, it was the cutest head tilt I’d ever seen. I noticed the room was filled with her smell.

“Your smell was all over him, it was intoxicating. I’m sorry if I scared you, it wasn’t my intention. And I’m sorry James I wasn’t myself."

I hold out my hand and help James up of the floor. Then I turn my attention back to the unknown girl who just so happens to be my mate.

"May I ask your name, why were you were found in our territory and why are you injured?”

“Well my name is Isobel. I was attacked and forced out of the Haven Pack, that’s why the mark is gone. I was only looking for somewhere to hide, so I could heal. Because of the pain I was in I didn’t realise that I walked into someone’s territory. I’m sorry”. She gave me a sad expression.

“I’m sorry to hear that but we’ve found each other now. Can I know why you were kicked out of your pack?” She looked unsure and let out a sigh.

“Look, I’m exhausted. I just want to sleep and heal. I promise to tell you everything once I’m feeling better” I nod and mindlinked everyone to leave.

“I’ll come by tomorrow and see you. While you’re here Luke and Eva are always around so you can call them if you need anything. Now please get some rest” She nods and I softly kiss her forehead and leave.

Isobel’s Pov

I watched as he and the other leave the room. We found him. We found our mate. I just hope he’ll still want to be with me once he knows the truth about who we are.

“What if he doesn’t love us, what do we do Eira? I don’t think I can handle anymore rejection” I speak with my wolf for a while about my worries and fears.

“Shh. Calm yourself. I won’t let that happen. If it comes down to it I’ll take over and make him love us” I can’t let her take control. If he rejects us she’ll not hesitate to hurt him.

As I thought more about him, my eyes felt heavy and sleep overtook me.

James's Pov

I completely forgot to tell Alpha that Isobel is a white wolf. I tried after we left the room but he told me that he’ll be busy all day and that I should shower before he accidently attacks me because of her smell. I decided to let her tell him. It should come from her and no one else.

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