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Fairbank Tales Volume 1

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Zinna and her friends live in a normal town in Fairbanks, Washington. the problem? Evil monsters from different folklore and legends visit the town causing chaos. Can they save the town? Lets find out An anthology novel with different stories for each chapter. Different monsters with different weapons to use. Can Zinna and her friends defeat all the monsters and still live a normal life?

Fantasy / Children
janelle mallari
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Welcome To Fairbanks

Saturday 1:43 p.m. Fairbanks, Washington...

I was staring out of my parent’s car window listening to an audio book about the myth of Likho. From what I heard, the only way to make it go away is to find something that attracts them. I thought that was really interesting so I unlocked my phone and typed it in my notes. I turned to my right and I see my younger brother Jett fast asleep with his headphones on probably listening to some music. I turn back to my window and see all the trees and small buildings passing by like a mix of city and nature life. I took off my headphones and thought I would talk to my parents to keep them alert and thinking.
“So anything about this place I should know?” I asked either one of them. They were both a little startled and my dad decided to answer.
“Well the neighborhood is very nice and friendly, and it’s also close to both of your schools.” My dad explained and I nodded my head looking out the window again.
“Do you think people at my new school will like me?” I know they don’t know the answer, but the things I like are not... normal. Instead of being into makeup and clothes, I mostly read books and not just any books but books about mythology. Of course there’s Greek mythology, but there are others in folklore or fairy tales that are in different countries.
“I’m sure they will Zinna, you just need to find them.” My mom told me and smiled. I smiled back and looked out my window again.
Throughout the drive I saw some local hot spots that we might look at later. After passing by all those places I see the school I’m going to called, “Orchid High School Home of the Bumblebees,” I laughed a little at the name, not because it wasn’t bad, but it was adorable. We turned the corner to where all the houses were and we drove to our new home. The house was a mix of an old and new house kind of look… I like it! I nudged my brother to wake up and when he did, I grabbed my backpack and told him, “The room isn’t yours until you drop your stuff in there!” Then I got out the car and ran in the house.

I went up the stairs and saw a room in the right of the hallway, I went inside and it was perfect. The window is shaped as circle and the room looks big enough to put all of my things perfectly. I heard Jett running up the stairs and into my new room.

“Doesn’t matter cause I wasn’t going to get this room in the first place.” He told me.

“Good cause this is perfect for me!” I told him and he rolled his eyes and went out into the hallway to his new room. I grabbed only my bathroom essentials and went out the door that was between mines and I believe Jett’s new room. I turned on the lights and saw that the bathroom had two sinks and a counter long enough in the middle to put both mine and Jett’s stuff. I decided to get the sink next to the door because I was here first. I put my stuff away I walked to Jett’s room and saw that it was big as well. I’m a little jealous, but he doesn’t have the window I have. I heard my mom call us downstairs and we both went down to put all the boxes down.

My dad and Jett put most of the furniture down because those were heavier, and my mom and I just put down the boxes and put the things that were needed to be put. This took about a good six hours and we still haven’t put the fridge in the kitchen yet. We all tried to do it together, but it was still too heavy to move. When we were starting to lose hope,a man comes and looks around.

“So you guys are new to this neighborhood huh?”he told us and we all nodded, “Do you guys need help with the fridge?” and we all nodded again. Any help is good enough I told myself and when he got to the front door where the fridge was stuck, he pushed the fridge like nothing! I was so shocked that I just had to follow inside to see if this was real or not. I think everyone was shocked except for him, I guess he’s really strong! I looked over to Jett and I see him looking at his biceps. I guess he’s thinking about being that strong someday.

“Thank you so much sir this really means a lot.” My dad told him and stuck his hand out to shake his.

“It’s no problem! If you need anything else we just live right over on the end of the neighborhood where you enter.” He told us.

“Thank you sir, sorry to ask, but what’s your name?” My dad asked.

“My name is Seth Tilson, I have a wife named Laura, and I have one daughter named Sage.” He told us. We just asked for his named, but I think he’s very open about himself and family life.

“That sounds nice, my name is Alan Marxs, my wife’s name is Rina, oldest daughter Zinna, and our youngest Jett.” My dad told him and I just smiled when he looked at all of us.

“Nice to meet you folks, if you want to get something to eat there’s this great pizza place you gotta try. Their cheese is very good, you won’t regret it.” He told us and waved us a goodbye. We waved goodbye back and went back inside to see what else needed to be put together.

Today was a success because most of the furniture downstairs is complete, now we just got to put the rest of the stuff inside the boxes. This took us about another two hours and it’s already 8 p.m.!

I could already hear my stomach growling and getting mad at me for not feeding it yet. I walked to where my mom was and asked if we can eat something. My mom thought about it for a moment and nodded, and walked over to dad and whispered something in his ear. My dad nodded, then grabbed the car keys and left somewhere. I gave a confused expression to my mom and she mouthed “pizza” I smiled and told Jett we were getting pizza.

“That doesn’t mean we’re done working honey, just finish what’s left in the kitchen and see if your brother needs help.” my mom told me. I sighed and walked to the kitchen to put all the utensils and tongs away in drawers, and then put plates away in cabinets along with the cups we have. Soon I was finished, but I wished I finished slower so dad would be home with the pizza. I sighed and I found Jett in the backyard setting up the place.

“Mom said I had to help you because you’re a really slow worker.” The first half was true, but the second half was true in my mind.

“I’m pretty sure mom didn’t say that sis.” Jett said and grabbed another chair to place out here. I rolled my eyes and walked over to where the chairs were stacked and started helping.

“I SAID TO LEAVE ME ALONE!” I heard one of neighbors yell next door. Jett and I looked at each other with a worried expression on our faces and tried not to make that much noise out here.

“I think we should go back inside the house.” I suggested to Jett.

“I wish, but the door makes so much noise when closing it! He would know someone’s out here.” He told me and I agreed. We stopped putting the chairs down and waited until he went back inside the house.

“Steven what’s the matter why are you yelling like this!” We heard another voice in the other side. It was probably his mom that’s trying to comfort him.

“GET AWAY FROM ME! IT’S GOING TO GET YOU!” he yelled out and we started to hear him smash himself against the walls around his backyard. I pulled Jett back farther from the noise as we walk quietly from the other side of the area. I didn’t know what was going on, but I wish mom or dad would come out here and get us already.


“What do you mean it? We’re the only two people out here!” his mom yelled.

“HE’S CLINGING ONTO MY BACK MOM! DON’T YOU HEAR IT?... I need to drown him maybe this will make him disappear forever!” then we heard him run across the backyard back inside the house. Why do those things sound familiar? I started walking back inside the house with Jett following right behind me.

I saw mom fixing a couple more things in the living room and when she saw us she asked, “Are you two okay? I’ve heard yelling outside, but I was afraid something might happen if I did anything so I tried to stay close to you guys as possible.” She told us with a worried expression on her face. I nodded and gave a small smile reassuring her everything was okay and it looked like her body relaxed a little bit, but still kept that concern expression on her face. A few minutes later, dad walks through the front door with two pizza boxes with the top of them saying, “Tony’s Famous Pizzas,” I hope the pizza is as good as it turns out to be. I said to myself when we walked in the kitchen to set the boxes on top of the counter.

After finishing the two boxes of pizza, my mom decided it was time for bed and no one argued to that. We already put a mattress in our room, but no frame yet because that’s for tomorrow. I searched up on my phone what the kid next door was saying and was looking at all these symptoms about rebellious teens? I’m pretty sure teens who are rebellious does not say they are going to drown something clinging on their back. So I kept looking further and found what’s called a Likho? I’ve heard the audio book about it today, but I haven’t heard the whole thing.

I kept the sites about a Likho just in case and turned off my laptop and laid on my mattress. I look around my room and just stare at the naked walls around me. I couldn’t wait to design my room with all the posters I have and drawers that I can put all my figurines on to make the room look better. Just then, my eyelids became heavy and I was soon fast asleep.

Sunday 3:55 a.m. Zinna’s room…

I suddenly woke up with a loud scream next door. I turned on the flashlight on my phone walked out into the hallway. I knocked on Jett’s door and heard him get up from his mattress to open the door. When he opened the door I went straight inside and looked through his window.

“Zinna what are you doing? It’s almost four in the morning.” Jett told me with a raspy voice.

“Didn’t you just hear the yelling from our neighbors just now?” I asked giving him a concerned look on my face.

“Yeah, but it’s not our problem sis, we should just leave it for the police.” He told me and went to lay on his mattress again.

“What makes you think the police can do about this?” I asked feeling very impatient with him.

“I don’t know Zin! Just let them handle it! It’s none of our business about what our neighbors are fighting about.” He told me and I can tell he’s getting impatient just like I am. I decided to drop it and started slowly walking out of his room.

“I’m sure we’ll find out about it tomorrow sis. Just please get some rest, we’re all tired already.” He’s right and I sighed walking back in the hallway headed straight to my room

Sunday 9:15 a.m. Zinna’s room…

I woke up with a knock on my door and my mom saying that we’re going to eat somewhere today for breakfast. I got up and looked in one of my boxes for some clothes to wear. I found what I wanted to wear and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Jett was already there and he was brushing his teeth on the other side of the sink. I did what I usually do when I brush my teeth and it was silent from there. Both of us didn’t want to talk about what happened last night and I don’t think we should. When Jett finished first, he walked out the door and closed it. I locked it and when I finished I grabbed my pants on the counter and started to change.

When I finished changing I went back to my room and put my pjs on my mattress, and then I went downstairs where everyone was waiting and we all went outside the front door to the car. We all saw police around our neighbors house and we saw what looked like the mom was crying her eyes out. Jett and I both looked at each other with worry and was curious about what happened.

“Excuse me officer, but what is going on here?” My dad asked one of them with a worried tone of voice.

“One of their children tried to drown themselves last night in the bathtub. Luckily his mom was there in time to break the door down and pick him up. She told us he started yelling about an old woman with one eye was on his back and saying all these bad things about stuff. Kids these days, they need to be watch over 24/7 am I right?” The officer told our dad and he didn’t say a word. He went straight to the car and started driving away.

Old woman with one eye? Telling someone bad things? Why do these sound so familiar to me? I went on the site in my phone about Likho and they all seem to fit together. It wasn’t possible though, that can’t be possible! It’s just a myth, myths aren’t supposed to be real they were supposed to only be myths! Why is this city so strange? Why are these happening right now? Or have they always been happening? I don’t know what to think right now, my head is starting to become dizzy.

We arrived at the diner and we all went out the car and started walking to the front doors. I’m so shocked right now I don’t even know what to think at the moment. Jett started to notice and nudged me to see if I was okay. I nodded my head and when we went inside the place, it wasn’t that crowded. The hostess showed us to our seats and we sat down and looked at the menu the hostess handed us. I didn’t really look at the menu because of how caught up I was with this situation.

“Hi guys my name is Sage and I’ll take your order.” Our waitress said and she looks about my age!

“Yes, I’ll get the number one with eggs scrambled…” My dad started to say. I just zoned out wondering why these things were happening.

“And for you miss?” Our waitress asked.

“Oh, I’ll get the breakfast sandwich.” I said and handed her back the menu. She repeated the order and when we all agreed she walked away.

“Hey maybe you can get a job here Zin for the summer.” My mom asked and I nodded my head. No one has noticed that I haven’t said a word yet, but that’s fine because I would probably be talking complete nonsense.

“Hey new neighbors!” I heard someone from behind us. It was the guy that helped us with the fridge yesterday!

“Hey… Seth right?” my dad said and gave a look of confirmation to see if he was right or not.

“Yeah, you remembered! I’m glad you did Alan, how’s your new place so far?” He asked. My dad and Seth were talking the whole time until our waitress came back with our meals.

“Guys this is my daughter Sage, Sage say hi to the new people in our neighborhood,” her dad told her and she waved at all of us.

After eating our breakfast, we paid for the bill and drove back to the house.

“I hope all those cops aren’t still there.” My dad said to anyone in the car. I kept looking through the window and was hoping maybe I can ask the boy questions. We got back and all the police were gone and the boy was outside with his mom. I wanted to jump out the car and just talk to him right away. I wanted to know what he saw and what he was hearing from this thing. When the car came to a stop I got out the car and started walking towards the boy. He looked afraid when he saw me, but I texted on my phone and showed him if he wanted to talk later. He looked hesitant at first, but I gave him the famous puppy eyes that made him say yes.

“Zinna, sweetie we still got to put all this furniture in our rooms.” My mom called out and I started to walk backwards towards the U-Haul and turned around to put my full attention on what I have to finish.

I was glad we started sometime in the morning than the afternoon because we were all basically done now. Well I am, I just have to take out all the stuff in my boxes. This took me about three hours and I was glad to say that I was done.I laid on my bed and I saw the walls aren’t so naked anymore. I loved my walls now and the drawers with all the figurines I collected over the years. My bedside table had my lamp and a lucky keychain of a rabbit’s foot. I got up from my bed and went downstairs to the backyard. I sat down on one of the chairs, then I heard a slide door open from next door.

“Hey… are you the girl that wanted to talk?” it was the boy! I straighten my back and looked inside the house to see if anyone was listening.

“Yeah, I’m her,” I replied and I heard him sigh in relief and started walking towards the wall where it separated our house.

“Do you know what’s happening to me?” He asked and I wanted to tell him the answer, but I don’t know if he’ll believe me.

“I think so,” I started,” I did some research and found out it was something called a Likho.” There I told him, and now there was a long silence. I wasn’t sure if he was secretly laughing at me or thought I was crazy and went back inside the house.

“So it is true then… I have to drown myself to make it stop.” He answered and I could somewhat feel his pain.

“There’s a way to stop it,” I told him,” Meet me out in the front at midnight and I’ll help you.” I finished and I heard him sigh again, but I don’t know if it was for relief or something else.

“Okay,” was all he replied with and then I heard him go inside. I went inside the house and I saw Jett standing next to the sliding door.

“Jesus! Jett can you not scare me like that!” I told him and pushed him a little.

“I wanna come along,” he told me and I gave him a confused look of what he was talking about. “I meant where you’re going tonight with that guy next door. I wanna see what’s bothering him to you know.” He told me and had to refuse.

“No you can’t Jett you’re only thirteen years old, you can get hurt!” I told him and he frowned at me.

“Yeah like being fourteen is any different!” He told me and started to walk away, but then he turned around to look at me. From the look on his face, I can probably tell what he's going to say next.

"What is a Likho anyway sis?" He asked and I was debating whether to tell him or not.

"It's a Russian myth... it latches on to you and gives you bad luck. It stays with you for as long as it likes and when it's time, it tells the victim to drown itself. It will make them believe they drowned the Likho too, but it just swims away looking for someone else to feed on," I told him, and he looked scared for a moment but I wasn't sure. "This is why I don't want you in this bro. It's way too dangerous for you." I said, and he turned around and walked away upstairs to his room.

It was dinner time and we all ate out to the nearest restaurant which happened to be seafood. We got inside and waited about ten minutes to be seated and to get our menus. I was looking through the menu until I saw this one family arguing with one of the waiters about something and they all got up and left. I ignored it and just went straight back to the menu. The waiter came and took our order and we all waited until the food came.

“So what did you talk about with that boy Zinna?” my mom asked and I know why she was asking. She knows I never lie and if I do she’ll know it’s not true.

“Just to see if he was okay,” that was part was somewhat true so technically it’s not a lie.

“Uh-huh? Okay sweetie I trust you,” she told me and felt relieved. The waiter came back with our meals then we all ate and talked about how our future will be in Fairbanks, Washington.

When we got back home it was around 9:40 p.m. and we all went inside the house and got ready for bed. I tried to stay awake for as long as I could until it was midnight. I set an alarm just in case I did fall asleep and I just waited. I looked at the time again and it said 10:15 p.m. I groaned in my pillow and wished it was already twelve. I closed my eyes for a bit and soon heard my alarm go off. I looked at the time and it was already twelve! Wow, I guess power naps do exist.

I got up and changed into something warm because it was a little chilly outside and then opened the door and started heading down the stairs as quietly as I could. When I reached the front door I heard something behind me. I turned on my phone flashlight and looked around my surroundings. There was nothing there, probably just my imagination I thought to myself and opened the front door and left.

Monday 12:00 a.m. Zinna’s House…

I waited for him to show and just in time, I see him close the front door and started walking towards me.

“Okay follow me,” I told him and started walking, but he didn’t follow, “ Hey c’mon I promise I will help you!” I told him and he slowly started walking towards me. I turned around and started walking again. I asked where the nearest bank was and he told me it was about five miles. I searched for the directions on my phone and started walking towards a Chase bank.

When we got there the place was closed and there was no one here. I need a plan to get inside, but how? I don’t know the code to the doors or anything.

“Hey what are you doing here?” I heard a small voice from behind me. I turned around and it was that Sage girl from the diner.

“Nothing, I just wanted to walk around the city.” I told her and mentally face palmed myself for such a horrible excuse.

“You walk around the city in two in the morning?” she asked and nodded.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her this time and I saw her take out some cash from her bag.

“I needed to deposit this in my family’s bank account.” She told me.

“How did you get here?” I asked and she pointed at the car that was parked.

“My friend Steven drove me here and his brother Nilan. Nilan is actually my friend though, he’s who I call when both of my parents forget to do the deposits.” She told me and I looked for my neighbor, but he was nowhere in sight.

“Oh, that’s nice. Can you excuse me for a moment.” I told her and started walking around the building.

“Hey where are you going?” She asked, but I just ignored her. The less people who know the better. When I turned a corner someone came up to me and I screamed and hit it in the face.

“Sis it’s me! It’s Jett, god why did you have to smack me so hard?” He asked and I gave him the look of why it should be obvious.

“Hello! You aren’t supposed to be here!” I told him and he gave me the stink eye.

“Hey you guys, I think I found something!” Sage said and we walked back to her and looked what was in her hand. I didn’t know who was going to tell her first, me or Jett, but I guess Jett did first.

“You do know that’s dog poop?” He told her and she looked closely again and dropped it real quick to the ground and make a disgusted noise that I tried not to laugh out loud. Unlike Jett, he didn’t hold it in and just laughed hard enough he went on the ground and held his stomach.

“Hey I’m trying to help you guys with something I don’t have to do!” She told us and we tried to calm down until we heard a car door open and it was the little boy at the restaurant with the family that walked out! He started walking towards the other side of the building with wide eyes and we followed behind. We reached the corner and we could finally see what he saw.

“Oh my god,” I heard him whisper to himself and I saw his pants starting to get wet in between his legs. Did he pee his pants? I asked myself, but I tried to ignore that for now and focus what was happening right in front of me. The Likho soon grew into a very tall thing with long hair and a coat to cover itself. When we saw it’s face, it only opened one eye and looked at us. I tried to look for the neighbor kid and he’s on the ground. I hope he just knocked out and not killed himself or else we would be in a lot of trouble.

The Likho was still staring at us wondering who is his next victim. I nudged the boy who peed himself and asked if he was good at unlocking things with a code. I saw him nod and that was all I needed. We stayed still for a while and after a moment I took a quick dash to the code and everyone else fled somewhere else. I called for the boy and he tried to run towards me as fast as he can, but the Likho was faster and blocked his way. Now the boy was running towards the other way. I groaned and told Jett or Sage to try and make the Likho chase one of them. Jett tried and all I gotta say it, Thank God he is a fast runner! I told Nilan to run towards me again and he tried the second time.

I saw the Likho look and he started to run towards Nilan again, but then Sage came in between and the Likho was clinging on to her now. She was screaming in pain and I told Jett to keep an eye on her. He obeyed and I told the boy to start. It took him about five minutes and then we were in. I went inside and luckily we were on the other side of the place where all the money is. I told the kid to get as much shiny coins as he can and stuff them in bags or something. I did the same and when we both had enough we started to quickly go back outside.

“My name is Nilan by the way,” he told me and I just stared at him real quick and I looked back at the open door. We got back out and I could see Sage going ballistic over this Likho on her back. Nilan and I started to walk closely to her and dropped all the coins on the ground. After a few minutes, Sage fell to the ground and we can see the Likho start to grab the coins. It started to scream once it knew what it was doing and dropped all the coins. I grabbed Sage as quickly as possible and saw what the Likho was about to do. It sooned grabbed something sharp in it’s coat and sliced off one one of it’s hands and then put the sharp object in it’s mouth and started to slice off the other hand. When the Likho’s hands were sliced off I quickly grabbed the sharp object from it’s mouth and sliced its head off.

I don’t know if that got rid of it for good, but hopefully it can be something to add in the books. The Likho fell to the ground and it evaporated into thin air. The surroundings were silent for a while until Nilan decided to speak up.

“I’m Nilan by the way guys, just incase you didn’t know.” He told Jett and Sage. Sage already knew, but Jett shook his hand.

“Did we close the doors?” I asked Nilan and we all turned around and see the door wide open. Jett got up and decided to close the door which sounded off the alarm system. We all got up and started running towards the car that dropped off Sage here. We all told Nilan’s brother to go and he quickly stepped on the gas and drove off back home.

It was about four in the morning and Nilan’s brother dropped us all off in front of Sage’s house and drove away.

“Thanks for saving me back there guys I really appreciate it.” She told both of us. We both smiled back and said no worries. Jett and I started walking back to our house until we heard Sage call our names again.

“If you guys need anymore help with all these monsters count me in okay guys?” She told us and we gave her a thumbs up, then she started walking back inside her house. When we reached our house we both quietly opened the front door and then we saw the big boss sitting in the living room!

“Where have you two been?!” Our mom asked and neither of us answered.

“One of you better answer me right now or there is going to be some serious consequences going happen in the next five seconds!” She said and I told her everything. I told her from my research to me slicing the Likho. She seemed calmed and I thought that was a good sign, but it wasn’t.

“Fine, you can hunt all these evil monster, but in one condition,” She stated and we were both afraid of what it could be.

“For this whole summer, you guys are going to work with the Tilson’s family diner and give half of your paycheck to me.” Our mom said and we both started to complain.

“Hey! You guys wanted to do this and you can! Just have a summer job and you get to keep half of your paycheck!” Our mom said and we agreed.

“Also stay safe okay? I wanna make sure my babies are home safe and sound from all of this.” Mom said in a more calm voice. We nodded and she gave us both really long and tight hugs.

“Time for bed you two monster hunters, you two start tomorrow. Don’t worry, they said they let you eat breakfast before the diner opens.” Mom told both of us and went upstairs back in her room.

“So you really want to do this?” Jett asked and I knew what he was talking about. I looked at him and nodded with a smile on my face. Then his lips started to curl into a smile as well and we both went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Monday 7:30 a.m. Zinna’s house…

Jett and I got ready for our first day of work and we all got outside to the car. When we got outside to drive in the U-Haul to return we see police all over our neighbor’s house again.

"Excuse me officer, but what's happening here?" My mom asked one of them.

"We found their son in front a Chase bank and saw a whole bunch of coins on the ground so we’re asking him questions about what happened.” One of the police officers told us. Jett and I quickly went inside the U-Haul and waited for our mom to get in. When she did, she gave us that look again from last night and I feel like we have more consequences this summer than what has been said from last night.

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