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The Infinite Mate

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After the death of her parents, Eldemira has had a difficult life in the Red Moon pack. From attempted rape to abuse in her daily life there, she wishes for nothing more then to leave and find her mate. But the moon goddess has other plans for her and it begins with an alpha named Darius.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“Eldemira, take him down!”

My best friend Joel yelled at me from across the ring along with everyone else. He stood among the other initiates on the outer side of the dirt training ring. His chestnut brown curly hair rustling in the hot breeze, some of it covering his bright ice blue eyes. A snarling expression on his olive tanned face, his tribal tattoos showing off on his broad chest and muscled arms. Of course he would bet on me and not the asshole in front of me.

Jackson Ferguson. Your typical arrogant jock of the year. Unfortunately for the Red Moon Pack, he was also it’s next Alpha. A bully all throughout school and even now in warrior training. He may be loved by women cause of his good looks but he has a crap personality and when he takes over as Alpha, I can only hope that I’m mated to a different pack by then.

Jackson had coffee cream tanned skin, dark chocolate brown eyes and head full of blonde hair which he straightens and slicks back. Unlike Joel, who has tattoos, Jackson does not. So far I am the only female wolf in this pack who hates his guts and for some reason, Jackson seems to think he will have me in his bed. Believe me he has tried but will never succeeded.

My wolf, Melony, Mel for short, has been wanting to rip Jackson apart since we met him. I remember the day when we met, we were kids at the time, we had Jackson’s grandfather as Alpha. Connor Ferguson. He was the nicest Alpha I have ever met and when my parents died in an attack, I was summoned to his office and that was the first interaction I had of Jackson. Immediately Mel was snarling in my mind, if she was let out she would have attacked him. Luckily my father had taught me to control her by the time they passed. I still remember Alpha Connor sitting there holding me as I cried my heart out. Jackson only snickered behind his grandfather.

Jackson’s brown eyes glow to a canary yellow as he summoned his wolf to the surface. Bloody tool can’t seem to beat me without his wolf. We have been pinned against each other for years and I have always kicked his ass until he brings his wolf out then it’s about even. That disgusting grin of his displays across his face, it pisses me off but the girls behind Joel are swooning and giggling. I take my stance and prepare myself for hopefully a fair fight.

Since he wants to play this way. Bring. It. on. Bringing Mel to the surface as well, feeling her in not only my mind but my heart as well, she is ready to tear Jackson to shreds. A jolt of extra energy surges through my body and my nails begin to grow and sharpen on their own. Jackson takes a step towards me and takes a swing at me with sharp claws.

Dodging the swing, I shoot a kick to his knees and make contact at his knee cap. Sadly it didn’t make him fall, like I had hoped. He spins almost just as fast, a look of pure anger in his eyes. Jackson comes at me with a new wave of energy and manages a few scratches on my back. They sting like hell but not fatal. This continues for a few more minutes till we finally separate and Jackson is bent over breathing hard and allowing his rage to fuel his actions.

He licks his lips allowing fangs to slowly creep out of his mouth. He is partially shifting. It’s a dangerous move, it allows your wolf easy access to take over. I do the same and feel the strain on not just my bones and skin but the control I have on Mel as well. Jackson’s face is partially changed to that of a wolf’s, black hair covering some of his body as well as the shear size of an alpha taking his body to new heights, lengths and muscle rippling underneath stretched skin.

Before I can dodge out of the way, a pair of claws grab my neck and squeezes. He lifts me off the ground, dangling and fighting to breath. Feeling the loss of strength in my body as my hands grip his arms. Flinging my foot out, I was lucky enough to catch his groin. The hesitation and the little release on my neck gave me the opportunity to turn the tables. I break his hold on my now burning neck and pushing off his chest to put space between us and fall to my knees. Gasping to fill my lungs with air, he takes another swing at me. Dodging to the left, his claws just missed their mark.

A loud deep horn blows, but it doesn’t stop Jackson, even though the horn signifies the arrival of the Alpha and our immediate submission in all things we are doing. Instead, he attacks again and I duck, swing my leg out to catch his legs. He flips himself over back on his feet and turns to back hand me when I grab his arm. I was about to turn it and break it when our Beta John barks orders at us to halt.

We only take a split second to glare and snarl at each other, Jackson grins and leans in close so only I can hear. “Just know that I will have you in my bed when I’m Alpha and you will be like all the other trash wolves.” The control I had on Mel began to slip as she took over. My arm moves of their own accord to snatch his, twisting around to hold it behind him and pressure is applied in such a way that a snap rings in the air.

Jackson screams out loud. “Might want to think twice about that Jackson.” He glares at me but before John can reprimand me another horn blows. John orders everyone to stand at attention and focused themselves on Alpha Marius Fuerguson. God he was the spitting image of his son. “I will be back for you.” John promises me before he picks up Jackson and takes him to the hospital.

Shifting back to my human form, I could feel the anger and power radiating of Alpha Marius. Up in the balcony his dark hazel eyes were boring a hole in my forehead. “Initiates.” It sounded pretty clipped. He was very pissed off then. A whipping may not be the only punishment this time around. “This is Alpha Karam Forza of the Night Stalker pack.”

I hadn’t even realized the other presence of the other Alpha. He was dark skinned, bald, wearing a dark navy blue dress shirt and black trousers. Alpha Karam was practically invisible until the sun hit him. He was pretty handsome, and seemed to ooze confidence. His clothing of choice almost vanished beneath the color of his skin.

I swear his eyes found mine and seemed to linger. I looked down in submission. The last thing I needed was to challenge an Alpha added on to my list of being punished for. Mel seemed to squirm under his gaze. “Get a hold of yourself Mel.” I warned her.

Once the Alpha’s left, everyone looked at me with pity and then went back to training. Glancing down at my tank top it was ripped down the sides revealing skin and the red bra underneath. My pants were in no better shape. Transforming into a wolf unfortunately takes a toll on your clothes too.

Joel came to my side and looked worried. “Why El?” He asked. Shaking my head I replied. “I lost control of her, you know how it is with Jackson.” I whispered. Joel sighed. His shoulders sagging and then his arms wrapped around me. “Get her in check. She might be your death if you don’t.” Hugging him back I could smell the earth, old spice and sweat penetrating my nostrils. “I know. You need a shower.”

Joel laughed and we headed to the bench by the side of the wall. No matter how many times I have scolded Mel, she still seemed to take over at the most inconvenient times and her pride in her actions, regardless of how much trouble it is going to cause us, shines through every other feeling. Beta John has returned and heads in our direction. Hard hands wrap around my arm and he drags me off to the Alpha’s office. Joel looks worried and fidgets where he stands in the courtyard. He knows he can’t follow.

John and I walk through multiple hallways of white walls, checkered flooring, gold filigree decorating the walls with red drapes when we stop at the grand staircase with it’s golden bannisters and black marble steps. “What the hell is the matter with you? This is the fourth time since you got into warrior training. Get your wolf under control! Otherwise I may not be able to calm Alpha Marius’s temper enough to protect you. I understand Jackson is the root cause but it is no excuse.”

He runs a tanned hand through his orangish red wavy hair. He looks tired, he had dark circles under his stark blue eyes and I can only guess as to why. The mating moon ball preparations must be taking a toll. Well with all the Alpha’s being present not only does he need to keep the peace, run security, but he is also in charge of setting everything up for the ball and needs to train us everyday as well.

The Mating moon ball is where we all gather to find our mates. A grand ball is held with all of the Alpha’s and their subordinates, that are of age, come and try to find their mates or a lover depending on when the haze hits. Only Alpha Barkus Holland of the Tribal pack has shown most of the time for these things but apparently more seem to be coming this year. I hope to find my mate so I can leave this hell hole.

Relief coursed through me when I didn’t find my mate here the first few times, but now that I am officially on the Alpha’s radar I need to get the hell out. “I’m sorry Beta John.”

“I know. But get her in check.” He released me and we headed up the stairs to Alpha Marius’s office. I could feel so many of the maids eyes on me as we walked by. Some whispered among themselves while others just looked on with pity on their faces. They have seen me walk these halls more than I can tell.

Once we stood in front of the office, John knocked on the door. I felt two Alpha strengths in there. Oh god I was gonna be given punishment in front of another Alpha. Now that is embarrassing. John looks at me with sympathy and opens the door when Alpha Marius says to enter. He disappears before me and I lay in wait. It felt like hours before he came out and ushers me inside.

The room was the same since I was last here. The white and gold embroidery decorated the walls, with tapestries of our packs history lining them and the ugly red drapes to match. A Persian rug underneath my shoes and the oak desk in the left corner. Off to the right side was a polished oak table and a red couch set. Seated was Alpha Marius and another Alpha. One I haven’t seen before. He had radiated immense power compared to Alpha Marius and John stopped in front of them.

“So your disobeying orders once again... And breaking my son’s arm.” And? Just get to the punishment. The other Alpha looked my way but I didn’t leave Alpha Marius’s brown eyes. “Beta John. Fifty lashes while she counts and Eldemira if you so much as faint or stop counting, John will restart all over again until he reaches fifty. Also Alpha Darius Montegue will be needing a hand. You will serve him in all ways. You will do everything he asks. Am I clear?” He stares me down.

A mix of pleasure and misery displayed across his face. Then he mind links me. “Even if that means he wants to fuck you!” My jaw clenches and I glare at Marius. The same grin his son has, replaces his last expression. He knows he hit a nerve and turns his attention to Alpha Darius. “Is that alright with you Alpha Darius?” He asks casually. I finally look at Alpha Darius, his emerald green eyes are looking at me as he replies.

“Indeed Alpha Marius, Thank you for your hospitality. As for that punishment it seems a bit severe. I don’t wish to interfere as this is your territory, but in my opinion it is severe. Now if it’s alright with you I would like to retire for now.” His skin has a caramel tone, he is dressed in a beautiful black Armani suit with a hint of a tribal tattoo peaking up on his neck line. Alpha Marius stands and bows to him. “John will show you to your chambers, I will have Miss Moran join you later.” Beta John bows and leads Alpha Darius out of the office.

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