The Stone of Tremors

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In a land of demons and magicians fighting one another throughout entirety a young boy learns how to save himself, save his family, and avenge his mothers mysteries death In The Stone of Tremors. When a tribe of demons sends a youngling to do their work based of a prophecy, the monster must demolish his way through the Forest of Slivia.

Fantasy / Humor
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The rush of cold air fell on its face, but it ran. It would continue to run until it got to the house. Why a house full of nothing but old wood and shovels? There was only one reason, there was an important treasure there, one of great value to the monster. Yes a monster, with it’s long, scaly arms, loathsome, disfigured face, misshapen tail with thorns, and eyes full of greed, hatred, anger, and loss, but its worst feature was its staff. A staff forged of a great black oak tree and a big black gem full of the souls of heroes, thieves, kings, wizards, witches, warlocks, and anyone with a little magical power.

The black gem was a piece of a larger stone that was originally found by Fire spirits who found it in the Volcano of Gelidus Montana. There it was given to the Water spirits who were able to cool it off. After that noble act it was given to the Air spirits to leave it in the sky to absorb the magic of the Narklax ,the moon of magic. Then the Earth spirits ,with their powerful strength, broke it into five pieces. Each given to a spirit tribe- Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Death.

With it they made the species of the world (such as Trolls, Humans, Goblins, Dwarves, Dragons, Darkcrawlers, and Demons). And they broke the stone many more times over to infuse them with Artifacts of Magic. After that spirits started to die off and go into hiding, while inhabitants of the world started to learn how to channel the Narklax forming the Wizard Order of Mystical Elements.

But enough of the history of this age and it’s queens, wizards, demons, and heroes. This monster was an old one indeed, but by it’s destructive kind it is seen as an adolescent. So while it’s knowledge was far superior to humans to other monsters, it only had a grain of what the High Consul possesses in their collective brains thus it knew what every child of Silvia is told, the Foretelling of the Stones. It was a prophecy given by a human seer named Rangord. The foretelling was not clear but after years of torture Rangord told them what he saw.

So that is why The Monster hunts for this home. To stop the foretelling before it begins. All of this is circles The Monster’s brain, for it must remember everything, every little detail must not be forgotten, for if one is forgotten then all may be lost and the High Council would have war and The Monster’s head. As it runs, the trees around it bend away so very slowly from The Monster. Afraid that it may use its staff on them. But The Monster would do no such thing for it’s strength was needed further down the road, and while it ran it saw the moment where it needed it’s strength. The child hiding in the bushes.

Even in the process of hunting the monster would not miss the loud scurry of the child nor would it miss how the child’s face could easily be seen through the bushes, even through the leaves and branches. The child had dark, brown hair and clear, hazel eyes that seem to be full of sadness and fear. For The Monster, that was just what it needed. It also had a roundish face that made the monster assume that it was a fat boy about the age of eleven season cycles.

“Ual’nag” The Monster thought in it’s mind of ever filling darkness. Ual’nag was the punishment for those above the age of ten season cycles of the kingdom of Nor’fang who break even the simplest of laws. Ual’nag was a punishment that was rarely given in the time of spring (for there was too much to do to keep the children busy and there was enough food for farmers to give out for free to the town’s poorest) but by the looks of the child’s face it would need more than a chicken a day to keep him happy.

Ual’nag was performed by the king of Nor’fang who would force the children to go to the heart of the Mountain of Dre’ad (on the other side of the Forest of Silvia) and seek the last Goblin king’s remains and steal his crown and bring to the king. But of course making it past the monsters in the forest was impossible and even if they did the Mountain of Dre’ad was filled with lost Souls looking for a way back to their world.

Without even a single creak, The Monster climbed the tree all the while staring down it’s prey to make sure the hunted would not escape it’s death defying sight. Just when The Monster was close enough it jumped onto the closest branch to the child’s head getting ready for the first possibly last strike. With a sudden, quick whack of it’ tail the child fell unconsciousness and The Monster slowly used it’s tail to lift the child’s body up. Now with the child’s dead weight in it’s powerful talons it sliced the prey’s eyes out, throwing the slimy windows to the soul to the ground for the Darkcralwers to feed on. From there The Monster put it’s finger through where the eye had been, awaking the prey from it’s slumber.

“Where am…,” worriedly yelled the child “where are my eyes!”

“Wheres do the witchsss livesss,” screeched The Monster, “tells me or yours eyess will be the least of your worriesss.”

The child quickly cried and screamed realizing that it was being held by a monster.

“Wheres are theys,” shouted The Monster showing it’s mouth with old flesh hanging down from it’s black teeth. “Wheres!”

The child spoke quickly and fearfully “They live just north of here about a sun cycle walk O Servant of Death,” and with a quick breath he added “please do not kill me.”

The Monster snarled “ohhss iisss won’t,” then with the sight of the child’s hopeful eyes it spoke again “but they will” said the beast with it’s dark, scaly, finger pointing to the Darkcralwers beginning to walk out of the trees and eat the eyeballs. Even though the child was without eyes he could sense the spider like creatures coming towards him. So with a quick push the monster threw the prey down to the ground hearing it’s wishful pleas. Yet again the rush of cold air fell on it’s face, but it ran, it would continue to run until it got to the house...

...or it’s next prey.

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