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Her Jinn's Heart

By Darkphantomlight All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


It's simple, sometimes Her imagination is the basic of her life, while he is quite the opposite. Reality is his punishment until he met her.

Chapter 1: The Note


‘Look for your father in the house!’

It all started with a simple note, a note that told me to look for my father. I know, I know, not that original, but what if? What if I get to go into an adventure, filled with thrill, action, and mystery? Along the way find friendship and romance? Maybe this will be my chance? Maybe all my fantasies will come true. Right? They say if you have a dream, it might come true if you believe enough.

I can imagine me going to an unknown place, looking for my father, while avoiding bad guys, trying to solve something, and having someone next to me, being my ally or turning out to be my enemy. That would be awesome.

“Who am I kidding, Dacia? I just need to go to his house.” I sigh in frustration, leaning my chin on my palm, looking at the TV, showing my favorite movie—an oldie. Romancing The Stone, maybe lots of younger people don’t know about this movie, but I grew up with it. It was one of my mom’s favorite movies, which somehow became mine. Maybe that’s why I daydream about having an epic adventure. I move my leg only to wince.

“Darn it, my leg fell asleep,” I hissed, trying to move slowly. As I get up, my cell phone that lays on my black couch starts to ring. I stop my movements and look down on the couch.

“Really? Now you call me when I get up?” I sigh, bending down and grabbing my cell.

“Hello?” I asked through the line.

“Got the note?” my older sister, Jasmine, asks me. I nodded, as I try to wake up my leg by moving it.

“Yes, what does Get your father in the house? mean? I just called him about half an hour ago? This note came to me an hour ago, it was under my front door.” I asked in a deep voice, making my sister laugh.

“Oh? Mine came hours ago. I know right? I just got off the phone with him ten minutes ago, but I didn’t mention anything to him, he sounded fine. I thought it was strange as well, James asked me the same question,” she said while I walked towards my small kitchen, that is literally in the same room as my living room.

“Oh? Say hi to your husband, and yes, it’s weird. I saw him last week and I’m planning to visit him tomorrow. Since Mom died, he’s been lonely,” I told her.

“Since mom died, you have been more isolated than ever. When was the last time you went out on a date, Dacia?” she asks me in a serious tone. I went still at her question.

“Oh no, don’t you go and give me that tone. You know how I feel about dating,” I can practically feel my sister’s blue eyes roll at me.

“Please, your true love won’t come if you just wait and lock yourself and daydream all day about having an epic adventure. That’s not how you’re going to get your first kiss, you know. Go out and explore, I know some good men that is willing.” but I sigh, tilting my head back and letting out a moan.

“How did this conversation go from our father to my dating life? You know me, so drop the conversation,” I declare. My sister went quiet for a long second before answering me.

“Fine, I’ll stop the conversation. I just called because I can’t go this week to visit Dad. James has to travel to England for some work. I have to go with him because I have a big presentation over there as well,” she tells me.

“Just be safe and God protects you and your husband, call me when you arrive in England,” I said. I can feel her smile at me.

“Same to you and will do so. Tell Daddy that I miss him and I love him with all my heart. Don’t think too much about the weird note, maybe someone is pulling our leg,” She tells me. I nodded as I opened the refrigerator to get a yogurt.

“Good night, Jasmine,” I told her.

“Love you, Dacia,” with that, she hangs up. I gave my cell phone a long look before putting it on top of the counter to grab a spoon from the brown drawer on my right.

“I’ll call Daddy in an hour, before he goes to sleep, to make sure he’s okay,” I rub my chest, feeling uncomfortable. Grabbing my cell phone once again, I dash to my living room, sit on the couch, and look at my TV.

“Oh, man, I just missed a chunk of the movie,” I grabbed my remote that is between the crack of the couch and press rewind. I leaned back on my couch, putting my legs up and relaxing a little to watch my favorite movie and eat my yogurt. Yet an uncomfortable feeling kept on reaching my heart. Something is not right. I don’t like it.

“Dacia? Are you okay?” my friend Sherry asks me, as she sits across from me, handing me a cup of coffee. I’m in the mall food court with my laptop on, just staring at it blankly. I should be doing some work, working on a new plan for a design, building, but my mind is a total blank. I couldn’t stop thinking about the note from last night.

“Oh, thank you, no, I’m not, I can’t reach my father,” I said as I stare at Sherry light brown eyes. She’s a thick girl, with shoulder length straight black hair and dark skin.

“Mr. Halloran? What’s wrong with him?” she asks, taking a sip of her coffee. I place my arms on each side of the computer and leaned forward.

“That’s the problem, I don’t know,” I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration. Sherry squints her eyes at me, but then shrugs.

“Try again, maybe he fell asleep. Remember he’s losing his hearing?” she told me. I licked my lips, moving back, and grabbed my cell phone.

“Okay, I’ll try one more time, if he doesn’t pick up, I’m driving up north to go and check on him. Thank God this place is a small town, if not I would have gone crazy,” I told her. Sherry nods.

“Just let your job know, before you get fired,” she said. I nodded, as I click on my father’s name and called him. Placing my cell phone on my ear, I hear the phone ring. Sherry kept on drinking her coffee, watching me. Finally, I heard a click.

“Hello? Daddy? It’s me, Dacia, I was worried about you. How you been?” but no answer on the other side. The hair on my arms stood up for some odd reason.

“Hello?” I asked again. Sherry slid her chair closer to the round table and gives me a sign as if to ask me, ‘what’s going on?’ I wave my hand at her.

“Daddy? It’s me, are you okay?” I asked once again.

“Did you get my note?” I heard a strange male’s voice. It’s husky and deep. My heart stops.

“W.. Who are you?” somehow my voice becomes stuck in my throat. The man chuckles.

“Is not important to know who I am, but why haven’t you or your sister come?” he asks. My leg starts to bounce, my heart speeding like crazy, I can feel my palms sweating already.

“If you have done something to my father, I won’t be calling the cops, I’ll be going to hunt you down and kill you myself,” I threaten but then wince at my own words.

‘Shouldn’t have said that, what if he didn’t do anything to him? Oh God, no, I probably made it worse for him.’ I groaned, facepalming myself, as the man chuckles on the other side of the phone.

“Ah, so you must be Dacia, his youngest. So it won’t be Jasmine. Alright then, if you want to see your pops, come to his home. Wait for me in the backyard, you have a whole day to get to me,” he said.

“Err, wait, I can’t just go to some stranger, what makes you think I will go? Wait, how do you know my name? From what I remember, everyone I know lives out of town and my family friends are either dead or moved out,” I frowned, now getting confused.

“Just come alone, all I want is my lamp back.” With that, he hangs up. I lower my hand, blinking blankly at my cell phone.

“Dacia, what’s wrong? What happened?” Sherry asks me, concerned. My hands are trembling, feeling my tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I think, I think someone kidnapped my father,” I said, looking at Sherry. She’s my only best friend. We grew up together as sisters, she knows how much my father means to me. I stood up, leaving behind my things as I started to run towards the exit of the mall.

“Wait, where are you going?” Sherry said, startled at my sudden action as she gets up and starts to gather my purse and my laptop.

“Getting my dad back, that bastard won’t harm him!” I barely could see anything in front of me. My mind was spinning too much. I felt someone grab my arm and spin me around. I gasp to look at Sherry.

“Let’s go call the cops, you can’t just go and barge in there. What if he’s a rapist or a killer? Honey, please think. I know you’re sometimes an airhead, but this time we are talking about your father,” my friends gave a valid point.

“He said he just wants his lamp, whatever that means. I’ll call the cops along the way there,” I assure her. Sherry sighs in frustration.

“That makes no sense to me, but this isn’t one of your fantasies, Dacia. Fine, then I’ll go with you, I have seen enough horror movies to know what’s up,” she said, determined. I shook my head, grabbing her and gave her a tight hug.

“Just stay put, I will call the cops and I’ll bring pepper spray. Remember, I studied judo as well. Since the incident when I was in high school, I won’t take any more chances,” I told her. She doesn’t seem convinced.

“I don’t want to put anyone else in harm’s way. Please don’t tell Jasmine just yet. Give me a few hours.”

I took a taxi to my father’s place, I kept on biting my nails until it started to bleed and then I began to twirl my long black nest hair. Let me be honest, I’m not up to date with the latest fashion or do anything with my hair. It’s not my thing. The taxi driver took notice of my mood, but didn’t comment on it.

Who is he? Why did he take my father? My father is a sweet, gentle soul. My mind ran with so many thoughts, I didn’t notice that my legs were bouncing.

“Miss? We are here,” I heard the taxi driver say. I snap out of my thoughts to look at the older man. He had white thin hair and a wrinkled face. I smiled at him.

“Thank you,” I simply told him, taking out my money and paying him. The ride wasn’t long, half an hour long from my apartment to my father’s house. The taxi driver took the money and I opened the door.

“Miss,” I heard the taxi call out. I turn my head and bend to look at him.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Whatever it is, don’t’ stress out. Simply asking is all you need,” he said, causing me to give him a confused look, then he turns back to the steering wheel. I close the door.

“Um? Okay?” I scratch my head so confused by his words, as I watch him drive off.

Shaking my head, I turned to face my father’s house. It’s a small house, painted a light blue and white around the borders. The back is filled with trees and a small forest. Sometimes we can get bears or deers in and out of the woods looking for food.

I sigh as I walk towards my father’s home. I have my pepper spray in my pocket and I have already called the cops, when I was halfway to the house. With that, I took a breath and started to walk towards the door. When I finally reached it, I took out my key from my purse and went to open it. Upon opening the door, I drop my purse to the ground, to see my father looking straight at me.

“What the?” I gasp, as my father gave me a confused look.

“Dacia? Why are you here?”


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