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Chapter 11: Quick, Meetings

Kareya said,

‘Don’t struggle. Don’t panic. Be cool.’

‘How are we supposed to not panic?’ Shahir asked desperately trying to keep his head from sinking.

‘It is,’ Kareya gasped, ‘seventy percent mud and thirty percent water. I can control it.’

Slowly Rivola felt the mud loosen its grip on her. It parted into a pathway and Kareya said sweat trickling down her head,

‘Move…fast…can’t hold…on.’

Rivola pushed her way through and hugged the dry land as Shahir followed. Her clothes were wet and dirty and muddy. She saw that as soon as Kareya came out the mud slushed over again.

‘Thanks a bunch Kareya.’ Shahir said sitting up. Rivola sat up and shook Kareya’s hand gratefully. Kareya merely sighed. Her forehead was beaded with sweat and she looked really tired. But she stood up and said,

‘It’s time guys.’

‘What for?’ Shahir asked.

‘I am going to go on my own now.’ Kareya said. ‘I wanted to go just when that guy, Jayce Charade went but I thought,’ she smiled, ‘I’ll spend a few more hours with you.’

‘You’re sure you want to leave now?’ Rivola asked.

‘Yeah. This looks like the right time to leave. Thanks guys for giving me company so long.’ Kareya smiled and hugged Rivola.

‘You want to go for the Platinum Cup?’ Rivola asked.

‘No. Something more valuable than that.’ Kareya said. She said her goodbyes and left. Rivola looked at her receding figure and wondered. Was there anything more valuable that the Platinum Trophy?

Siva lifted the Topaz and gazed into its yellowness. It was shaped like a solitaire diamond and was as large as an apple. Gemina had plopped onto the chair in her golden robes. She was looking at him still in confusion.

‘What does this mean?’ he asked. Gemina sighed and her black eyes glinted. She said,

‘You possess the Black Horse. I thought…’ she looked at the ceiling of the temple and seemed to read something there. ‘I see. They are here again. Greatest Battle huh? We’ll see about that.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Siva asked sitting down.

We are here again. A voice whispered into his ear. Suddenly Siva stood up his sword out as looked around. Gemina said,

‘Sit down. There is no one here.’

‘But I heard a voice—!’ Siva said.

‘It is in your head. The Black Horse is speaking to you. That’s it. Anyway, you’ve got the Topaz. If I were you, I’d leave now. This whole building is going to crumble.’ Gemina said fixing him a cold look. Her manner had changed. Why did she look so sulky? Instantly she vanished into a shimmer of golden sparkles.

Siva stood up and pulled on his coat.

In a few minutes he was out. Gemina had said something. A voice in the head. Black Horse. Was that simply a dream?

No, the voice said again, it wasn’t a dream and you’re not nuts. I am the Black Horse. Pleased to meet you.

Royal Crimsonelve huh? A voice said. Roy flinched. He hoped it wasn’t the voice he heard near that island making all sorts of tempting offers. Everything was dark before him. He looked around and a faint blue light caught his eye.

A guy about twenty maybe stood with his back towards Roy. That guy seemed to be the source of the blue light. He gave it out hauntingly like the Northern Lights. That guy laughed,

You look absolutely black Royal.

‘Hello?’ Roy said. That guy acted confused and suddenly jumped and faced Roy. He was very tall and pretty muscular like he visited the gym on a daily basis. He had longish bright blue wavy hair and bright blue large eyes. He wore everything in bright blue from his jacket to his shoes. He squinted his eyes and looked at Roy,

You are not black after all. Maybe, I chose the right person.

‘What do you mean chose? And who are you?’ Roy asked. For some reason, his head was starting to ache. That guy seemed surprised.

You don’t recognize me? Well, I thought I was pretty famous. I am the Blue Dragon.

Roy burst into laughter. How could this guy who looked so normally human be a dragon and that too the Blue Dragon?

Laugh all you want and I’ll make you regret it. The guy said. His form flickered and his image was replaced by the largest dragon Roy had ever seen. He felt like a mouse to an elephant. It was long and slender. Its’ scales were completely blue glistening like fish’s scales. Its eyes large and blue like brilliant sapphires fixed there. It had some sort of round blue sapphire thing on its forehead braided with gold. Roy’s jaw dropped and he gaped at it. He really did regret laughing out. The dragon’s teeth were sharp. The dragon’s lips widened and it laughed. That’s what Roy taught. It made a screeching sound.

See? Now, wake up sleepyhead. Your sister is worrying over you. This is the second time you are embarrassing yourself before her.

The dragon vanished.

Roy felt light trying to seep through his eyelids. His eyes fluttered open and the sun blinded him. A reassuring face looked down at him.

‘How do you feel Roy?’ Aila asked. She definitely had been crying. He could see traces of tears. She smiled at him and said,

‘You’ve been unconscious for the past two hours.’

‘What are you guys doing here?’ he asked sitting up. Aila was grinning at him. Kai sighed theatrically and said,

‘You seriously don’t think that we would abandon you did you?’

‘Well I did shout at you.’ Roy said.

‘So what?’ Aila said, ‘People do get angry sometimes.’

’But you guys should understand now. I badly need that Platinum Trophy.’ Roy said. Aila understood why he needed it but that didn’t make her feel any better. She said as calmly as possible,

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yes.’ Roy said. He avoided her gaze.

‘Fine.’ Aila said holding down her fears, ‘We’ll come with you.’ Roy’s eyes flashed and he grinned. That’s when a voice interrupted,

‘Hello?’ It was Grecia. She was standing with her hands folded and a sour look in her eyes.

Roy stood up and stumbled as Aila caught him. She whispered him to be careful. Grecia grinned and said,

‘You will get a lot of surprises searching for the Platinum Trophy. I wish you…luck.’ She smiled like a wicked little imp and vanished into a patch of leaves. Aila said,

‘So, what happens now?’

‘It would have been better if you didn’t ask…’ a thick, rusty voice said out of nowhere and the sky blackened into darkness.

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