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Chapter 14: Gifts and Trophies

The rain had finally stopped but the bark was still wet. Rivola held on and climber using her fingers to search for any footings and holdings. She pushed herself up. Her stomach was aching with hunger. The idea that after this quest she would have a lovely large dinner boosted her energy.

She climbed up ignoring the trickling drops of sweat. Uncle Laywin would be so proud. She would have a huge dinner. Finally she put her hand up and grabbed the touch of metal in her hand with a loud shriek.

She had got her trophy.

But her balance crumbled and she tumbled down. Shahir shouted,

‘You’re a wind-user!’

Rivola spread her hands and legs like an eagle. She didn’t want to fall down. No. Please. She didn’t want to be smashed into a piece of cake down there. Suddenly her fall stopped. She dropped slowly and heaved a sigh of relief as her feet touched the ground.

Shahir looked like he wanted to hug her but he simply smiled.

He looked so happy that he couldn’t stop grinning. She asked him to hold the trophy with her. She said,

‘I wish we went back to the Center.’

A snowy mist came out of the trophy circling the two of them. The last thing Rivola saw before vanishing was the dismayed face of Clamira.

Siva looked at the long straight sword in his hand. It was beautiful in the way darkness was beautiful. The blade was pure black but he distinguish some sort of oily thing which was shifting and swirling inside the blade. The handle, grip and the hilt were pure black, sturdy and light. He felt strength surging into him as he looked at the sword.

It is a gift… The Dark Lord said sleepily, Made out of liquid darkness forged in the depths of my dark pool and cooled in the waters of my dark pool. Your sword has your power over death. It works just the way you want. It can bring back the dead…

‘It can?’ Siva asked, ‘Can it bring back my mother?’

It can but only as a spirit. It is still new. It will take a few thousand years for it to resurrect the body of the dead.

It was still worth a try. Siva slashed the air and said,

‘Sophie Rudra. My dear sweet mother. I am calling you spirit.’

A fissure cracked in the ground and air blew out of it.

A black rippling form emerged. Sophie Rudra, his mother was clad in black. Her hair was black. Her eyes were black.

The little boy felt helpless as he watched her. His mother’s damp green eyes were wet with tears. Her brown-gold hair was disheveled and messy. She begged the King’s mercy screaming each time the rope touched her body.

Roy watched in horror as Aila tumbled down. His heart almost to his throat when suddenly, they froze. Aila and Kai stopped falling. They were dangled in the air in mid-fall.

‘Don’t move!’ a new voice said and a guy stepped out of the darkness. He had his hands towards Aila and Kai. Slowly he brought his hands down. Aila and Kai followed the motion.

As soon as they touched the ground, Roy hugged them. Aila grinned at him and said,

‘We are alive.’

‘I’ll never let the both of you out of my sight.’ Roy said. ‘If it hadn’t been for that guy, I don’t know what would have happened.’ Roy meant what he said. His heart was still beating wildly. It had been his sister in danger. He turned around to see that the guy who rescued his sister was walking away slowly. Roy walked over and laid an arm on his shoulder.

‘What’s your name?’

The guy looked at him. His black eyes flashed in amusement. His black longish hair that curled at the tips was moving slightly to the breeze. He reached into his pocket and plopped a bit of chewing gum into his mouth. He said,

‘Jayce Charade.’

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