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Chapter 15: Meet the Mind-Reader

‘I’m good.’ Shahir said helping Rivola stand up.

‘I’m fine.’ Their fourth companion said dusting his clothes. He tugged his backpack and pulled out some chewing gum, ‘Thanks for accommodating me.’ He said chewing gum. He turned around and started to walk away when Rivola asked,

‘Aren’t you going to accompany us?’

‘No.’ he said. ‘I’m finding my own way.’

‘At least tell us your name.’ Rivola said. He turned towards her. His face had no smile but his black eyes flashed in amusement as he said,

‘Jayce Charade.’

He turned away and walked on disappearing into the forest.

Aila enclosed both of her hands around his and said honestly, ‘Thank you. You saved our lives.’ Jayce blushed faintly and said,

‘It was nothing.’

‘We can’t let you go so easily. Why don‘t you stay with us for tonight?’

Jayce looked like he wanted to refuse but Rika added, ‘Please. You saved our friends’ lives. Please enjoy our hospitality tonight.’

Finally after a lot of persuasion Jayce nodded his head. He said, ‘But I ask you to be very careful. Don’t think about any of your secret because I can read minds. I am a psychic-user’

Aila shrugged and said, ‘I don’t have any secrets.’ She looked at Roy. But he turned away. She turned to Kai. He avoided her gaze. She turned to Rika and she started fiddling with her hair.

‘Okay, so I’m the only one not have secrets?’

‘I think so.’ Jayce said and winked at her. He was very helpful as he used his psychic powers to bring down the ripest Butter-fruits. Roy looked at Aila and said,

‘I am out of steam. Can you light the campfire?’

Aila nodded. She lit the campfire and they sat around it warming their fingers. Sparks of flames flew into the night sky and Aila asked,

‘Don’t think I’m prying but where are you from?’

‘Somewhere around Claropolis.’ Jayce answered as he handed the Butter-fruits around. Aila borrowed Roy’s knife and sliced it into half. She slowly ate it taking the creamy, buttery-sweet flesh into her mouth. It was the best food she ever had. Roy asked,

‘Jayce, why did you save my sister?’ Aila nodded and said, the cream dripping from her lips,


‘Well, if I told you that, you’d kill me. So, I’d rather keep my mouth shut.’ Jayce said. Something told Aila as she rested beside Roy that Jayce too had his secrets.

Rivola felt the tug in her stomach disappear. Her knees buckled as she staggered. She could notice bare details. She was in the middle of some sort of auditorium. The audience shouted cries like they were welcoming their favorite star. Did she land in the wrong place? She couldn’t think further as she stumbled forward. A pair of warm sturdy hands caught her from behind and the cries grew. She heard Shahir shout,


And her eyes snapped shut as everything became murky darkness.

‘Mom…’ Siva whispered half in awe. Sophie Rudra smiled. Her smile was just like before. Cruel. Merciless. He moved closer and Sophie tried to touch his face but her fingers simply passed through him with a chill.

‘I can’t touch you my son…’ Sophie said sadly. Siva had in mind only one question. He asked,

‘Mom, did I do the right thing? Did I take the right path?’

‘Yes my son. Darkness is the right path always. You must work diligently for the Dark Lord. He will always take care of you. Worship him. Obey him.’ Sophie said.

‘Yes mother.’ Siva said.

‘That’s a good boy. Fulfill the Dark Lord’s wishes son, either way you will reach me. You will have revenge and your mother.’ Sophie said and her image rippled and vanished.

‘Bye mom.’ Siva said and looked at his gift. The Black Sword. ‘I will get you back mother.’ He swore.

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