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Chapter 16: Elsewhere

Somewhere a few thousand miles below the surface~

‘Hail Lord of the Underworld. King of Ghosts and my master! Hail Lord Dellonde!’ The woman said.

‘Let her come in.’ Lord Dellonde announced. He sat on his throne of bones in all grandeur. His black hair hung about him in waves reaching the base of his ears. His menacing black eyes glittered in the darkness. A long black robe hung over his shoulder and beside him sat the Goddess of Jewels. Her golden robes around her and her neck bedecked with jewelry.

The woman walked in. Dellonde’s expression softened at her and he said softly, ‘Sophie…’ Suddenly he seemed to remember Gemina’s presence there. His face hardened again. The woman bowed and said,

‘My Lord, there are some things happening in the mortal world which we spirits of Gulshirenis know. Are you aware of what has happened to my son Lord?’

‘Whatever has happened, you know the rules,’ Gemina said sternly, ‘no soul can cross over to the land of living.’

‘I do not ask for crossing into the Land of Living your majesty,’ Sophie said. She turned her attention to Dellonde and said, ‘our son my Lord, Siva Rudra, is being blinded.’

‘What do you mean?’ Dellonde asked.

‘He has turned towards darkness to avenge my death and darkness has learnt new tricks to bind him with it. My son is being fooled by an illusion that calls itself my spirit. His eyes have already filled with darkness because of which he doesn’t identify me.’

‘What!’ Dellonde said standing up. Gemina calmly held his arm. She said softly and sternly,

’Sit down my Lord. You do know that we gods cannot interfere with mortals. Therefore we cannot rescue your son.’

Dellonde sat down but he looked furious. He said,

‘I will rescue my son Gemina.’

‘Are you in earnest my Lord?’ Gemina asked.


‘Then you shall interfere with Fate and you know what happens if you meddle with fate. You swore on all things sacred along with the rest of us not to interfere unless Fate binds you to.’ Gemina said.

Dellonde turned to Sophie, who was silently fuming and said,

‘My powers forbid me to help my son Sophie, but I do know one thing…’ he cast a wary look at Gemina and said, ‘He is not to die sooner. Rest in peace Sophie. I’ll send him aid as soon as possible.’

Roy couldn’t sleep. His eyes would not drift off though his body was fatigued. He simply stared at the waft of smoke curling across the night sky filled with stars when he heard something. He sat up and looked around. Jayce was fast asleep beside him. Kai was snoring. Rika was in a deep sleep. Aila was strangely shivering. It wasn’t that cold either.

Roy remained silent for a while and then he poked Aila’s elbow, ‘Aila?’ he whispered. Aila stopped shaking and she moved hands like she was wiping her tears.

‘Are you asleep?’ Roy asked poking her hand again. Aila sat up and wiped her eyes,


‘Why not?’ Roy asked.

Aila looked at him and a chill travelled down his spine. She really had been crying. Her eyes were still brimming with tears and she said,

‘I’m scared.’

That took a moment to sink in. His brave, headstrong, impulsive sister was scared? He shook his head in disbelief.

‘What are you scared of?’

’This…’she gestured her arms around. ‘This stupid Quest.’

‘You’re angry at me? For wanting that Platinum Trophy?’ Roy asked. She looked at him warily and said slowly,


He looked at her.

‘Yes.’ She agreed and burst into tears again. She said between her sobs,

‘What if we don’t survive Roy? What if w-we die?’

‘What’s wrong in that? If we die, we die.’ Roy said and patted her arm. ‘There’s nothing to fear in dying. There are things worse than death. Now go back to sleep.’ Aila nodded and snuggled to the ground before she fell asleep. Roy stretched his hands and lay down on the ground.

~You know, you are one good brother~ Jayce’s voice whispered. Roy turned but Jayce merely smiled at him. He didn’t open his mouth but the words were clear enough. ~This is telepathy. I have direct access to your thoughts~

~Seriously? ~ Roy thought. Jayce merely looked at the sky.

~I am serious. Another thing Roy. Who is Siva Rudra about whom you keep worrying about? Is he a friend? ~

Roy sighed. Siva Rudra. He had always desired to meet him. He let his memories flood out. Each and every letter. Pen friend.

~I feel bad for that guy. I really hope we meet him sometime~

~I hope so too~

~I also hope that you’ll win The Platinum Cup. Good night Roy~

~Good Night~

Aila’s dream started out rather pleasantly. She was sitting in a large garden feeding nuts to the squirrels. Then suddenly everything became dark. The sky, the trees, the brook and the grass.

Everything turned into black. So black she could barely see where she was. That’s when a voice rumbled sleepily out of nowhere.

Jade Aila Crimsonelve…quite a beauty, I say. Well sweetheart what do you wish for the most in the world? Let’s see…The voice pulled out strings of memory out Aila’s head and seemed to perceive them.

Brothers…ah! You want your brother to love you like a sister I see…Well dear girl. Just nod you head and I’ll accept you into my army. Join my army and you’ll always have your brother’s respect.

A faint image glimmered out of the darkness. It was a picture of Roy caught in a mid-laugh. He had never laughed since she had known him. He had merely smiled and most of them were cold enough to freeze the sun.

Aila found thinking that maybe the offer was not that bad. For her brother’s respect she’d do anything. She opened her mouth to agree when she remembered her brother talking about that Siva Rudra.

Consider him dead!

She didn’t want her brother to consider her dead. She shook her head and the darkness melted away.

‘Rivola Lumnisca. That’s your name right?’ the woman asked. Rivola still didn’t know who she was or where she was. As soon as she opened her eyes she was brought here.

‘Yes.’ Rivola said.

‘Well, congratulations Rivola on finding the Golden Trophy. I am Dianes Lumberlake, the director of The Honeycomb Center. You are now a part of our haven.’ The woman said. Rivola felt the tension in her chest ease and she began to smile. The woman handed her a small circle badge. It was blue with a golden dot.

‘This badge shows that you are a fire-enchanter who has won the golden trophy. As the years proceed, you’ll have to work hard to collect more such badges. I wish you luck Rivola.’ The woman smiled and Rivola walked out of the building.

Shahir was waiting outside talking to an older girl. As he saw her his smile widened,


‘Shahir!’ Rivola smiled as she hugged him. The girl looked at her with a look of amusement. She smiled and said,

‘I’m your tour guide for today. My name is Kiran Loop. Please follow me.’ And thus Rivola began her tour around The Center.

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