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Chapter 19: Deals and Demigods

Siva sat down hard. He couldn’t believe what the Dark Lord said. He asked,

‘Did you say Dellonde is my father?’

Yes, demigod. Why did you think I call you Son of Death? You really are the son of death. The gods have been involved the affairs of mortals since the beginning of civilization. Of course they’re still involved.

‘Has that girl reached her destination?’ Siva asked changing the topic. He didn’t want to think about anything else.

Almost. Good things come to those who wait…demigod.

Roy still couldn’t understand what Aila had been doing snarling and making strange noises. But she seemed to make a deal with the wolves and the wolves went away. He wasn’t that surprised. It could all be an illusion as much as he knew. Aila sheathed her sword and said,

‘Kai, are you all right?’ Kai had been sitting on a rock not facing them. He said,

‘I’m fine.’

Suddenly he slumped forward and hit the dust before they caught him.

‘Kai!’ Aila screamed rushing forward.

Roy had reached first. With the help of Jayce he turned Kai around. Aila let out a strangled gasp. His blue glow faded. His shirt was clawed and torn badly exposing his chest. Blood trickled down his chest. Not the regular red blood. But golden blood.

‘What the…?’ Roy said. He turned to Jayce for an explanation. Jayce sighed and said,

‘He’s a god.’

‘WHAT?!’ Aila asked. How could Kai of all people be a god? If he really was a god why couldn’t simply snap his fingers and turn those wolves into dust? No way was he a god.

But Jayce looked dead serious. He sighed and said,

‘It’s true. I asked you guys not to think about secrets remember? That was exactly when you guys thought about them.’ He turned to Roy with a pained look, ‘He revealed quite unconsciously that he was Lord Corin, the god of healing.’

‘But why did he lie to us then?’ Roy asked coldly. He had a long scar across his cheek and shoulder was torn pretty badly. His ankle was swollen and from his arm blood trickled down slowly. The more the blood trickled down, the more he shuddered. Aila was feeling desperate. She said,

‘How can we heal him? He’s going to die.’

Roy looked at her like she was going crazy. He scowled and said,

‘He won’t die. He’s immortal.’

‘Okay then…what about Rika then? Shouldn’t we find her?’ Jayce asked. Before Roy could answer a voice behind them said,

‘There is no need for that. I have found her for you.’

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