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Chapter 5: Darkness

The skies suddenly turned black. Rivola suddenly stood up and smelt the air. Foul. The air smelt of burning rubber and burning meat. As a traditional rule, killing animals was considered taboo. She spoke,

’What’s happening?

‘I have no idea.’ Shahir said. He grabbed his shoulder-strapped bag and said, ‘We better move away from the railing. It looks really, really, dangerous.’

But Rivola’s ears were not listening. Her eyes were fixed on the ocean in horror.

‘What is that?’ she asked pointing the island that was engulfed in darkness.

A few seconds before~

Siva looked around him cautiously. Everything was pure black. He couldn’t distinguish the trees from the grass or the ground from the sky. Suddenly a slow, hoarse voice whispered,

‘A child of the elements at my house? What can this mean?’ Siva looked around but he couldn’t sense any movement. He said,

‘I’m here to awaken you. Where are you Lord?’

‘Ah, what a polite offer. You must surely want something in return. What do you require? Money? Jewels? Land?’

‘Revenge.’ Siva answered and the temperature dropped. The voice hissed in laughter and said,

‘Well, we seem to have similar aims? Whom do you want revenge against and what is your story?’

‘My father has long been dead. Or so I have been told. I have no idea who he is. But I had a mother. A lovely caring mother named, Sophie Rudra. She was the only person I loved…’

Hatred mixing with love produced tears into his eyes. He continued,

‘She was imprisoned by the King of Mistar for simply raising a question. I received the news that she died. Poisoned by the King himself. That is my story and I want revenge against the King of Mistar.’

‘Granted. I already have a few children of the elements who are angry against the gods who have sworn to commitment with me. Their powers are not causing my rise faster. I need the power of death to rise me. Use it Son of Death. Raise me and swear loyalty.’

‘I shall always remain loyal to you as long as I own the name, Rudra. As long as you desire. As long as I live…’


It felt like a hook had pierced into his chest hooked his heart and was dragging him forward. His chest crashed into the railing and he almost toppled over. He regained control over his hands and broke his fall.

In a few seconds, the sky had become blacker than ever. A faint drizzle was icing his body. Frost gathered over his nose, ears and fingers. A hoarse yet merry voice whispered,

Ah…I can see a huge burden, a huge curse and a promise…

Roy started to panic. Suddenly before him almost touching the ship was an island. Everything about the island was black. Raven black. Blackness was issuing forth like a pillar into the dark sky with strange chants and incantations buzzing in an eerie way.

‘Who are you?’ Roy shouted trying to move. But his legs wouldn’t budge. The voice seemed to enjoy this as it laughed and said,

I am not here to harm you little hero…I’m here to offer.

For a scary moment Roy wanted to ask what it wanted to offer. The voice had Roy’s attention,

I can see that you’re interested. Well, well…my deal is simple. Join hands with me hero. Join hands with me and fight back your fate. You don’t have to be what the gods want you to be…you don’t have to have that curse. Spill your blood in my waters and swear your loyalty to me. I will burn away your curse…

Roy was tempted. The offer was irresistible. To reject his fate and to have that curse removed. Very tempting. But a small voice in his rational part of mind whispered,

Don’t give in to his thoughts. You have a sister to protect.

Roy’s mind jolted to reality. He had a sister to protect. He promised. He pulled away from the railing and the thread that seemed to connect his hart to the island snapped.

He felt his body crash the deck and his surroundings swirling like a spinning wheel. Pain racked his body hitting out of nowhere and soon he was unconscious.

‘Jade, press him temples.’ Kai ordered placing a hand on Roy’s chest. Aila obeyed wordlessly though she hated the name, Jade. Roy had been unconscious for the past three hours.

His skin was paler than usual. Kai muttered a curse and undid Roy’s shirt. Aila gasped. Right where his heart might have been, Roy had a wound. Blood trickled from the wound travelling down his sides.

‘How is that possible?’ Aila asked.

Kai bit his lip and shook his head, ‘No idea Jade, but the wound…’ his face paled, ‘touches his heart.’

‘What?’ Russ yelled as he bent down. Russ had russet colored hair and brilliant hazel eyes; she observed then turned her attention to Roy,

‘Will he live?’ she asked.

‘Hard to tell…’ Kai faltered. ‘There is no grown up in the Ship. It moves by magic. All we can do now is pray.’

‘Pray why?’ Aila asked.

‘Pray to Lord Corin, the god of healing. I’m the only healer on the ship I assume. I’ll try my best. But if there is any other healer around here, get him or her here, fast.’

Russ instantly bounded away. Aila continued her massaging his temples. Kai took out his handkerchief,

‘We need to stop the bleeding.’ He pressed it against the wound. Immediately it was soaked with blood and blood began to trickle again. Lana sat beside Aila fanning Roy as Kai had commanded.

‘She can heal!’ Russ said pushing forward a girl. Aila was too busy to observe her features. The girl took one look at Roy and said to Kai,

’I’ll keep trying to stop the bleeding. You can do healing right?’

‘Yes.’ Kai replied. But his handkerchief was already wet with blood. The girl noting this unhesitatingly tore a small fraction of her long loose shirt. She pressed it against Roy’s chest. As she removed them Kai placed his hands. His hands were faintly glowing aquamarine getting brighter each second. Finally he sighed and said,

‘Thank you.’

The girl nodded. She stripped some more of her shirt and tied it around Roy’s chest securing it with a knot. She gently pulled his shirt on. Aila offered help but she rejected saying that,

‘You’re doing an important job.’

She buttoned his shirt and stood up. Slowly but surely Roy’s eyes opened.

His eyes scanned around wildly and he sat up.

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