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Chapter 6: Voices

A small crowd was gathered on the ship. But Rivola was not seeing or thinking about it. Her body was still cold. The slightest breeze shook her and she was feeling very sick. She could still remember what the voice had said.

You wish fervently for your dead father. Join me by spilling your blood in my waters and I will get him back to you just as you still remember him.

For a scary moment Rivola was tempted. The image she had about her father was still fresh. It was the only scrap of memory she had about her father. And that suddenly rose up to her mind as the voice made her the offer. But she luckily or unluckily remembered the housekeeper, Lily’s words.

We cannot bring back the dead. There is no magic possible and the Lord of Death keeps the departed souls very carefully. He would never allow them to escape.

Rivola resisted. But she had felt something pierce her arm. Blood was trickling down her arm and she pressed it with her shirt. She turned to Shahir.

‘What just happened?’

‘No idea.’ Shahir said shaking his head. ‘Are you sure, you don’t want a healer?’

‘I don’t.’ Rivola smiled and glanced at the pearly blue ocean. She still couldn’t believe how the ocean returned to normal as soon as the island vanished...

Siva could see about a hundred people around the pool. He had been so involved in chanting that he hadn’t paid any attention to his fellow chanters or his surroundings. The pool was glowing black shooting a pillar of darkness into the dark sky. The voice murmured sleepily,

Go on. We now have the power of death. Carry on Son of Death; revive me and you shall have your revenge along with your mother.

The idea energized Siva. As much as he wanted revenge, he still loved his dear mother. He started chanting again.


Roy was tackled by a huge hug that almost crushed him. He pushed Aila away gently and took a deep breath of air. The sky was blue and clear. No sign of black. He touched the area he felt the hook pierce him. He could feel a soft cloth bandaged around.

‘It was the girl. Where is she?’

‘She left.’ Lana said. ‘I just saw her leave. I’ll go and find her.’ She smiled and disappeared into the crowd.

Russ leaned towards Roy,

‘How do you feel?’

‘I’m all right. But, what happened?’ Roy said touching his head. For a few seconds he couldn’t remember anything. It all came back to him and he gasped. The voice, the curse and the offer. Drops of sweat trickled down his forehead.

‘What’s wrong?’ Aila asked. He simply shook his head and sighed,

‘Later. I remember falling unconscious. What happened after that?’

‘You were knocked out for three hours. If it weren’t for Kai and that girl, I don’t know what would have happened. Your wound goes deep into your heart.’ Aila said.

‘Thank you Kai.’ Roy said. ‘Who is that girl anyway?’

‘Lana went to search for her. She’ll be here. Can you stand up?’ Aila said pulling Roy to his feet. He stumbled and Aila caught him. ‘Slow down.’ Roy took a step forward and sunk into a chair.

They sat before him. Aila smiled and said,

‘Next time you make me worry so much, I’ll have to punch you.’

‘Yeah. Right.’ Roy said. He tried to forget the words of that voice. But it was so tempting. So irresistible. Thankfully Lana stepped towards them holding a girl by her hand,

‘Here she is. I found her sitting all alone staring at the sea.’ She gently pushed the girl forward. Roy offered his hand and she took it. Her hands were icy cold against his warm ones.

‘I think I ought to thank you.’ Roy said.

‘There’s no need for that.’ The girl said. Roy shivered inwardly. Her voice was cold. Cold as Ice and as hard. But he merely smiled and said,

‘Would you like to join us? We’ll be pleased to have you as company.’

The girl looked like she wanted to refuse but Aila said gently [which was surprising in itself. Roy didn’t know that Aila could be gentle.],

‘Please. You saved my useless bloke of a brother. Please join us.’

‘Useless bloke?’ Roy asked. He felt like he was slapped in the face. His expression must have been priceless because even the girl cracked a smile. Maybe she was human after all.

‘Sure.’ She said taking a seat, ‘My name is Lisa. Lisa…Icelak.’


Lisa Icelak. She was beautiful but lesser than Lana. Of course no one could beat Lana in terms of beauty. This girl however was different. Aila looked at her musing.

She had straight black hair woven from her left ear reaching her back in a long glossy braid. Her long silver shirt now looked about the correct size after she tore it for Roy. Her face was not oval like Lana’s. It was like a beautiful statue chiseled out of marble. She was pale. White as snow. Her eyes were silvery-grey, shimmering like her shirt. Almost transparent. She was about exactly Roy’s height with a slim build and perfect shoulders. Stuck to her belt was a silver dagger that was in stark contrast to her black jeans.

Overall: She was beautiful and cold something like the Snow Queen.

Roy got all curious and started asking rapid-fire questions like he did with Lana.

‘Where are you from?’

‘Claropolis, Shepyt.’

‘You lived there?’

‘I was born there.’ She said.

‘Where do you live?’ he asked suddenly frowning. Lisa suddenly became evasive,

‘I cannot tell.’

‘Have we met before?’ he asked raising an eyebrow at her.

‘No…we have not met before.’ She said stiffly and stood up, ‘I need to leave. Goodbye.’ And she left.

‘What exactly happened?’ Aila asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Roy said. ‘But I’m sure that I’ve met her before.’

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