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The Waterlou Legendarium

By Jay Orion All Rights Reserved ©



The Transcendent of Light and Magic is the one who bestowed magical abilities upon her sister's creations, the humans. And they always have been a possessor of magic. They just have to find it. This is her tale.


I am the light of the universe and with that light, I alone have the ability to watch the universe through light. I admire all my creations, the cosmos, the galaxies, the nebulae, supernovas, and the birth and deaths of these lights I create.

I am the creator of the most expansive creations in the universe you all live in. I can see everything the light touches. I am the impossible of the cosmos. I am responsible for the phenomenons you all witness from where you stand.

Where might one think a goddess like myself live? Everywhere? Goddesses have their own homes might you ask? What do they do in their homes?

I am everywhere. But if you wish to stand before my divine and heavenly deadly image, you can find me at the end of a river of deadly paradise. Please address my home as Lyslum. All us nine sisters each have a home similar to each other's, but unique to our own's self. One such as my sister who is the patron of life resides in the life form that births humans, plants, and keeps all the living she created alive is found in the canopy. Her home is called Verdenum. Or my other sister who is a foil to me lives in beautiful abyss also with a flowing liquid fire that leads to her. Her home is called Ondnum.

These paths that lead to us are simple yet deadly. If you ventured the other six paths, one would never be the same again. The path that is especially true about that is the sister that is the patron of time and dreams. One who is not disturbed by the different time periods will be able to walk the path to dreams without distortion. Her home is called Tidnum. For one who is selfish or selfless will find trouble in Egenum, a cavern filled with doubts and questions human nature. You can find another one of my sisters in the deepest part of the cavern. For one who is immersed in the world of nature will struggle in Guidenum, a cyber video game that ends one from a simple game over. The sister who manipulates all this is the most difficult to find out of all our worlds. She resides in what humans call the final stage of the game.

You may think the heavens lie in the light. You aren't half wrong. Haevnum is certainly the place for the afterlife, but also the place of revenge. Everyone is welcome, but the way they let you enter is different for everyone. Haevnum is the largest home of all of ours and is extremely intricate. No galaxy in the universe can contain it no matter how big it is yet it can fit in the smallest glass jar in the universe.

My universal counterpart lies in the center of the universe. Her home is the most dangerous place physically to any of my creations. She is the space in the universe and her home resides in the largest sphere of matter in the universe and the densest. But if one knows the secret to penetrating her impenetrable barrier, they will find the horrors of the universe, the side of the universe that is responsible for destruction and evil called Tidsrum. At least she can be kind and beautiful as well, responsible for the colors in the universe that everyone is in awe of.

The least known of my sister lies in the opposite realm of my lively sister. Her home is at the beginning, the top of a series of barren land formations and deserts.

There is also a final world, a tenth world, the land of the divinity as this number represents our divine rule.

Why am I telling you all this? Perhaps one day, when one of us plots something malicious, you can convince us to stop by defeating what's at the end of each of our homes because just like you humans, we don't sit in our homes all day waiting for you.

However, this is not my sister's story. This is my story. This is the story of my other ability, magic. As the goddess of light and magic, it is my duty to show you the truths of the myths and legends that you may have learnt in your lifetime.

The legends I will show you is the legends of the discovery of me. Why? I want credit for what I created. My lively sister certainly agrees which is why you may hear her mentions a lot in this record.

It all began with a small child...

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