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Chapter 10

I hurried home to see what my mom and aunt knew of this. When I entered the house I found the whole coven there, except they weren’t drinking tea and they looked angry and serious. They were arguing among themselves and I caught snatches of conversation before they noticed me.

“...werewolves..can’t trust them.”

..”broken peace treaty..”

“...must be punished.”

“ Cant allow this to go unpunished..”

Rude or not I butted in loudly, from the doorway, “Hey, Hey people calm down! This was not a werewolf attack.” I shouted.

Selena the goth looking witch gave me a filthy look and shouted back, “Yes it was! The claw marks prove it.”

My aunt said,” Alright everyone, let’s all just sit down and calm down. Fighting between ourselves doesn’t help the situation.” Everyone obediently sat down in their nearest chair including me. My aunt has that effect on people.

Once things settled down she asked me, “Clarissa dear, how do you know it wasn’t a werewolf attack?”

“Well for one thing, why now all of a sudden?” I replied. “There has been peace for the last 50 years.” Everyone nodded, they knew that was true. I continued, “For another, there is something else out there that has been attacking the werewolves too. I was out last night with the pack and we were ambushed by men in black combat gear. They killed one of our pack named Smoke and I barely got away myself.”

My mom jumped up and rushed over to hug me, “Oh my goodness, are you alright Clarissa?” she asked. I pulled down my shirt and jersey collar and showed everyone the gash on my shoulder.

Selena said, “So? That just proves they have reason to want to retaliate against us witches.”

I sighed in frustration, “No they don’t. They are just scared and confused. It was not the first attack, they almost killed the pack leader a few nights ago.I think these black clad men are going after both our kind. It is possible they are trying to make us war against each other and wipe each other out. Don’t you see it is a set up? They want to get rid of us and the easiest way to do that is to get us to turn on each other.” I concluded.

They were not happy but what I had said did make some kind of sense. They started discussing who would even know about us or would want to eliminate us. We lived in a small town and these men were strangers. The argument continued for some time but it was eventually agreed to hold off on retaliation until there were further developments. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief, for now my pack was safe.

Once they had quieted down I suggested, “I think we should arrange a meeting between the werewolves and witches.”

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Ms Cunningham said as if speaking to a dumb child. “Clarissa now that is going too far. Werewolves and witches in the same room together, and not attacking each other? Never going to happen. They just rub us witches the wrong way.”

“No respect for our kind.” Selena muttered but I heard her,

“Oh yes? What about respect for my kind?” I retorted angrily.

My mom looked shocked, “Clarissa you are a witch, not a werewolf dear.”

“Well, right now, I am more of a werewolf than a witch.” I replied heatedly. “They at least don’t sit around plotting how to destroy you witches. They just want to be left in peace. I side with the werewolves any day.” I jumped up and stormed out of the house banging the front door behind me.

As I ran I wished I already had the crystal so I could turn wolf and run off my frustration and find Chase. In the end I ran to Joanna she was my haven in the storm my life had become. Her mom let me in and I ran upstairs to her room. She was sprawled out on the bed with her school books, listening to music and doing her homework.

She looked up startled when I stormed into the room. “Gee Clarissa, Where’s the fire?” she asked, pulling the earbuds from her ears and shoving her books aside. “You look like you’re going to explode.”

I collapsed on the couch and told her everything about Lira and the witches wanting to attack the werewolves. She was sympathetic and also worried.

“Clarissa you have to warn them.” Joanna insisted.

I paced her room, “Yes you are right, I must. I don’t know what the witches are going to do and I don’t trust them.” I looked at my watch and continued, “but it’s still three hours till I turn and even then I can’t talk to Chase in my wolf form to warn him.” I paced the room in frustration. “I don’t even know where he lives when he is in human form.”

Joanna got a smug smile on her face, flipped her ponytail and sat down at her computer, “Oh well that’s easy” she said, “I will find him for you. Everyone is just a few mouse clicks away if you know when to click.”

I grinned. My friend the geek was brilliant on a PC. Not two minutes later she was writing down an address on a piece of paper. She jumped up, pulled on a jacket and said, “Well let’s go.”

“Whoa,” I said “I will go but you can’t come with me.” I held out my hand for the piece of paper.

She waved it above her head out of my reach, “Oh no,” she said firmly, “I am coming with you or you are not going.It is dark out already.”

“What am I supposed to tell Chase about you?” I asked crossly trying in vain to reach the paper in her hand.

“The truth.” she replied confidently, “that I am your best friend, I am trustworthy and I know everything. What’s he gonna do, eat me?” she ended cheekily and headed for the door.

I sighed and followed her, “Joanna, wait for me.” I said as I shrugged on my jacket and hurried down the stairs after her.

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