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Chapter 13

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed, in a hospital gown with a bandage on my head and a drip in my arm. I almost fainted again from all the noises and thoughts of the nurses, doctors, patients and visitors in the ward around me. It was the middle of the night but the mental noise all around me was deafening and made my head pound with pain. I hurriedly pulled the necklace off and instantly the noise ceased, shew I thought, that is an unexpected side effect and a painful one. I had the mother of all headaches. I fell asleep again and woke up to a new morning. I was still in hospital and it seemed I hadn’t turned werewolf during the night because everyone reacted perfectly normal around me. Maybe the drugs had knocked my wolfy side out too my secret seemed safe for now.

Just then a nurse entered my room. She had a calm, kind face with light brown hair tied in a neat bun and not a spot marred her shiny white uniform. She smiled and picked up my wrist to measure my pulse, “Ah, I see you are awake, that is good. How are you feeling?” she asked with a kind smile in her light blue eyes.

“I have a terrible headache and I am starving,” I replied truthfully as she wrapped a blood pressure cuff around my arm to take my blood pressure.

She chuckled, “Well you are hungry, thats a good sign. As for the headache I will find out if we can give you something for that. You did hit the pavement pretty hard when you collapsed in the street you know. You have a concussion.” She finished with my blood pressure and measured my temperature. She seemed pleased with the results and continued, “Is there anyone we should call for you? Your cell phone was smashed in the fall so we couldn’t get contact details. Oh and do you remember your name sweetie? We have you as a Jane Doe.”

I sat up in bed abruptly which caused my head to swim and my vision to blur for a few seconds. “Oh my goodness, how long have I been here?”

She patted my shoulder reassuringly, “not long dear, About 26 hours. Do you know your name and what date it is?” she repeated the questions gently but firmly.

“Yes, yes, I am Clarissa Winters and it is the 21st of June 2017. I replied impatiently,”my mind is fine, but my mom must be worried sick.”

“Actually it is now the 22nd of June but that is fine. We will contact her, just give me the number dear” the nurse replied

I did so and she bustled off to call my mom. I was still feeling a bit out of it and while I waited I must have drifted off to sleep again. When I woke it was sunset and my mom was by my bedside holding my hand. Her warm, worried blue eyes were the first thing I saw when I woke up. She noticed at once that I was awake and said, “Oh Clarissa darling, are you alright?”

I was thirsty and weak. “Could I have some tea please mom?” I asked as my throat was dry as a camel’s fur.

She jumped up at once, “Of course dear,” and she brought out a flask from her knitting bag. My mom always has a thermos of tea with her. She poured me some into the hospital water glass and I sipped gratefully. It was some soothing herbal concoction and I felt a bit better after it.

My mom said, “You have more colour in your face now darling. Let me go see the doctor about getting you home.” she bustled off to find the doctor and I lay back and pondered things. I had not forgotten the situation and trouble we were all in but right then I had no strength to do anything about it.

A few minutes later the doctor marched in. He was an oldish man with a stern expression and a harried look his white coat looked crumpled like he had been on duty for many hours. He was brusque but efficient. He read my file, rechecked my vitals and pronounced, “Ok young lady, you may go home. However you must rest and if another episode occurs come straight back to the hospital.”

“Oh yes doctor” my mother replied on my behalf, “We will keep a very close eye on her, don’t you worry about that.”

He left as abruptly as he had arrived and my mom said, “well let’s get you dressed Clarissa dear. I am sure you will be more comfortable at home.”

She helped me out of the hospital gown and back into my clothes. I stuck the necklace in my jeans pocket without her noticing and decided to be very careful where and when I used it again. My aunt was waiting outside the hospital with the car and we drove home with me lying stretched out on the back seat . Just getting dressed and out of the hospital had exhausted me and I was dizzy again. But I didn’t tell them that. I had no wish to spend more time in hospital. I had important things to do.

We arrived home and my mom helped me upstairs to my room. I have never been so happy to see my bed, in my life. I collapsed into its welcoming softness and warmth. All I wanted was to sleep but my darn stomach disagreed, it rumbled loudly, reminding me that I had not been fed at the hospital in the end because we had left before dinner time.

My mom heard the rumble and said, “Just you get comfortable Clarissa dear and I will bring you something to eat shortly.”

I smiled, “thanks mom.” I cuddled my favorite teddy bear and snuggled under the covers the smell of frying steak and chips drifted up the stairs making my mouth water. My mom is a great cook and knows just what I like.

About twenty minutes later my mom appeared with a plate of rare steak, crispy chips, toast and a fried egg, my favorite meal. My mom is an absolute star at taking care of people, especially when they are sick and I have never appreciated her gift more than at that moment. On the tray with my meal was another cup of herbal tea. I wolfed it all down, pardon the pun, and felt much better afterwards. My mom watched me while I ate and when I was done she gave me some of the pain tablets the doctor had given her for me and I drank them down with my tea.

She took my tray headed to my bedroom door saying “get some sleep dear, everything will feel better in the morning.” I had no strength to argue so I curled up and tried to sleep.

Unfortunately sleep did not come. Now that I was home and comfortable all I could think about was the danger we were all in and the time that I had already wasted. I cursed the fact that my phone had broken in my fall and I couldn’t contact Joanna or Chase. They must be worried sick. After about half an hour the pain tablets did kick in and I drifted off to sleep having bad dreams of black clad men with guns chasing me.

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