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Chapter 14

A hand gently shook me awake, it was my mom. “Clarissa dear, you have visitors.” she said.

Groggily I replied, “who is it?”

“Its Joanna and some boy dear.”

I was instantly wide awake, “Oh that’s great,” I said “Send them up please mom.”

While she went downstairs to fetch them I quickly brushed my hair, straightened my bedding and tried to look pretty for Chase.

Joanna was first in the door and rushed towards me. Chase hung back in the doorway looking a bit nervous and shy.

Joanna exclaimed in her usual rapid fire way, “I was so worried about you! Are you alright? What happened?” Chase just stared at me saying nothing but I could see concern in his deep brown eyes. It warmed my foolish little heart.

I sat up straighter, trying to look strong and replied, “I am fine. I fell and hit my head. I’ve got a concussion but the doctor says I will be ok in a day or two.” Joanna plopped down next to me on the bed and Chase entered my room and sat on the only chair. I showed them the necklace which I had hidden under my pillow. “This is what caused my fall.” They both looked confused. I explained, “When I put this on to test it, it had an unexpected side effect. I could hear the thoughts of everyone around me. It knocked me for a loop and I fell and hit my head.”

Joanna said, “I thought it was supposed to control your change?”

“Well I haven’t turned since I got it but if I wear it it seems to enhance my telepathy power.”

“What telepathy power?” Chase demanded.

I felt uncomfortable “well I seem to have the witch power of telepathy but until now I could only read thoughts in my wolf form,” I explained.

He looked upset and angry,”and you didn’t think it necessary to tell me this?”

Well ...um..” I replied.

Before I could explain properly he stormed out of my room, shouting over his shoulder, “Well so much for trust then hey.” and clattered down the stairs. A few seconds later we heard the front door slam.

Joanna and I stared at each other, his reaction to the news seemed way over the top and we couldn’t understand it. There was nothing we could do about Chase just then. I definitely did need to learn how to control the power of the necklace though and I decided to try it again. This time it was a more controlled environment and Joanna was with me so I figured it should be safe. I sat back in bed on my pillows took a deep breath and pulled the necklace over my head.

My head was instantly filled with voices - the thoughts of everyone in the vicinity came through to me like voices on a radio. Now that I was expecting it didn’t overwhelm me like before. I was calmer and just listened. Letting the noise wash over me without fighting it. Gradually I began to actually make sense of the chaos and isolate individual “voices”. I could hear all the neighbors and Joanna and even Chase although his was very faint like a staticky radio and I couldn’t make out what he was thinking. The sound grew fainter and fainter as he was walking away, that meant it was a limited range that I could hear. Joanna’s thoughts were excitement and concern. I reached out for my mom and aunt but there I hit a stone wall. Both of them had shields up protecting their thoughts. Interesting I thought and told Joanna. It felt kind of weird hearing her answering thought first then hearing the same words come out of her mouth. Almost like double vision or in this case double hearing. I couldn’t help it I giggled.

I played around with just hearing for awhile, isolating and tuning in to particular voices and blanking out others. The control came surprisingly easily once I focussed. When I was comfortable I decided to try projecting thoughts as well. Joanna was a willing guinea pig and agreed to let me try projecting a thought into her mind. I concentrated and sent the image of a cup of coffee and a sandwich to her.- What can i say, I was hungry again, this mind power stuff took a lot of energy.- Unfortunately she didn’t get the image. It seemed I was a one way receiver only even with the enhancement of the necklace. Damn I thought.

“What did you send?” she asked after several seconds with her eyes closed and a severe look of concentration on her face that made her look like she was constipated.

I giggled to myself and replied, “I sent an image of a sandwich and coffee.”

She laughed, why didn’t you just ask, silly. I will gladly make you a sandwich. What do you want on it?”

“Roast beef, dijon mustard and pickles on Rye and a strong cup of coffee.”

“Sounds good,I will have one too” she answered, “I will be back in a few minutes.” While I waited for her I practiced some more with the mind reading. It was kind of like learning a new gym movement, exhausting but satisfying. Although to be honest people’s thoughts were pretty boring actually. A few minutes later Joanna appeared with a tray laden with sandwiches and coffee. We munched and slurped contentedly and afterwards I felt better. Food is one of my pleasures in life, a side effect maybe of growing up with a mom who loved to cook.

When we were done Joanna said, “I had best get home before my mom sends out a search party for me. You rest tonight and we will decide what to do next in the morning ok?”

“Ok” I agreed.

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