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Chapter 3

In the hallway I pulled on my outerwear, padded parka, knee high leather boots, my beanie and matching gloves. I walked the four blocks down the street to joanna’s house, not really seeing the cars or people on the street with me, my mind was too busy. A log truck splashed me as it passed but I hardly noticed.

When I got to Joanna’s house I knocked on the green front door and saw her blurrily bounce down the stairs through the rose patterned, stained glass door pane.

She flung the door open with a big grin on her face, grabbed my hand and pulled me inside saying “It’s freezing outside come on in.” In the warm familiar comfort of her hallway I relaxed a fraction.

“ Mom’s just made biscuits. Do you want some and some hot cocoa?” Joanna asked as I took off my outerwear and hung it up on the clothes horse in the hallway.

Joanna’s mom made the most divine chocolate cookies with double chocolate chips and icing. There was no resisting the temptation of all that chocolate yumminess, I grinned back, “Yes please, that’s just what I need.” I said as we rushed through to the kitchen.

The air was full of the smell of baking and chocolate, surely one of the best smells in the world. I felt myself calm down a bit, as long as there was chocolate everything would be all right I told myself as I followed her into the kitchen.

She heaped a plate with cookies and made us instant cocoa. Balancing it all on a tray we headed upstairs to her room. I followed her, already munching on a cookie.

Once we were settled in her room, she on her bed and me on her soft, squishy, puffy, sleeper couch she asked, “So what’s cookin’ good lookin’?” around a mouth full of cookie.

My friend is super smart and knows me so well, she had sensed something was wrong straight away.

I had no fear of telling her what had happened to me, she was into all that fantasy stuff about werewolves, vampires etc and I knew she would believe me. So I told her everything, even the bits about Chase and about being able to read his mind. I kept no secrets and held nothing back.

Her reaction was about what I had expected, she jumped up off the bed and hugged me fiercely.

She was ecstatic, and kept saying, “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I knew it was all real.” She hugged me again, “Wow I’m so excited for you Clarissa, it’s like the coolest thing ever!”

She was practically bouncing around the room like an energizer bunny she was so excited. Personally I had very mixed feelings about the whole situation, but her enthusiasm was infectious. Then she asked me something I couldn’t answer.

She gasped, put a hand over her mouth and said, “If you are in wolf form will you attack me? Or do you have some control over things?” She plopped back down onto her bed and hugged a pillow.

I swallowed the last morsel of cookie in my mouth and answered, “I don’t think I would attack you.” I explained further “ I do seem to keep my human mind in wolf form. And anyway who would want to eat you?” I teased, “You are too skinny and boney to eat.”

This was true. She was a real nerdy looking skinny girl with big glasses gray eyes dark straight brown hair usually tied up in a pony tail. She also has an awesome brain and a broad mind. I counted myself very lucky to have her as my friend.

We chatted a bit more and I called home to say I would be sleeping over by Joanna, this was a common thing so my mom had no objections. Joanna’s mom was like a second mom to me and she had no problem with it either. We spent a pleasant evening, watched a movie, ate some popcorn and eventually Joanna’s mom chased us to bed.

That’s when I started to get a bit nervous. It was nearing midnight and I didn’t know if I was going to turn again or what would happen. She didn’t say anything but a wariness came into Joanna’s eyes, she was worried too. So we sat in her bedroom and waited in nervous anticipation watching the clock tick down the minutes to midnight. The minutes crawled by like snails in a race.

Finally the clock chimed midnight and immediately I began to feel odd, nauseous, dizzy and that damn unscratchable itch started again all over my body. It was all happening so fast I couldn’t say anything so I just ran, down the stairs, out the back door and into the garden.

Within minutes the change was complete and once again I was wolf. My senses were heightened, I was strong, supple and free again. I howled at the full moon, it was instinct and it felt great. My howl was answered by other howls from both dogs and fellow wolves. I could even tell the difference by the pitch of the howls, that’s how sensitive my hearing was. I raced around the garden at full speed, I doubt even a racing hound could have matched me for speed and it was fun!

Eventually the adrenalin rush wore off a bit and I came more to my senses. I could sense and smell the people sleeping in the houses around me and I could smell Joanna’s fear. She was hiding in her room but when I looked towards her window, she was staring out of it watching me. She looked frightened and the human side of me felt bad.

I was also to be honest, a little embarrassed by my wolfiness. But I knew now with certainty that even in my wolf form I would never hurt her. I decided I would tell her this when I got back, but for now the urge to run and feed was upon me strongly, urging me to go! go! go!

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