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Chapter 4

So I went. I jumped the fence easily and headed straight for the bird sanctuary. I knew I would find prey there, my jaws drooled in anticipation of a nice juicy rabbit or squirrel. All thoughts of Joanna faded as I neared the sanctuary, the hunger crowded out all other thoughts.

I entered the sanctuary through the same gap I had used before and started to hunt. I was not alone, within a few minutes I spotted other wolves flitting like shadows through the trees. None approached me and I was more interested in hunting right then. I caught two rabbits and a squirrel within about an hour. I feasted on my kills, then went looking for water, to slake my thirst. I followed my nose and soon found a little stream running through a clearing. I drank deeply and lay down to rest a bit. I was soon joined by some of the other wolves whose shadows I had seen flitting through the trees.

They were werewolves like me and Chase was with them. There were seven, plus me. When Chase saw me he howled, flicked his ears in a sort of radar like sweep and waved his tail. The other wolves seemed to understand what this meant and looked me over curiously but not aggressively. As they circled me and examined me I realised that the howls grunts and body language were their form of communication and it was a lot more complex than I would have imagined. Of course being able to read their minds helped me understand their meaning a lot quicker. I lay in a submissive pose as their minds had shown me. After a few sniffs all around me, they seemed satisfied and lay down scattered through the clearing to rest.

It was obvious from their behaviour that Chase was pack leader or Alpha. They all submitted to him and if he “said” I was ok then they were fine with that. I slowly got up and strolled over to Chase. The others were relaxing drinking water and generally just enjoying the night. Two of the younger pups amused me, they were play fighting in the shallow stream, jumping and tackling and splashing each other.

I lay next to Chase and projected into his mind a simple “how are you.” He did not respond but I could clearly ‘hear’ what he was thinking which was “It’s good to see you again wolf lady.”

It was then that I realised to my disappointment that the telepathy thing worked only one way. I could read the other wolves minds and even the minds of other small animals scurrying around in the bushes - their thoughts were simple, food, water, sleep, survive. The wolves were thinking play, drink, rest.

Chase seemed to be the only one thinking actual thoughts. I focused on what he was thinking. He was worried, worried for his pack’s safety, worried for me coping with my transition and very worried about how and where his attackers would strike next. I felt so helpless, I had no way of communicating with him or comforting him. So I decided to distract him instead and nibbled his ear, jumped on him and a pretend wrestling match ensued. He was of course stronger than me but he played along and for awhile my plan worked and he relaxed a bit. Finally when we were tired out, he pinned me down one last time and then let me up to go drink some water.

The night was passing quickly and play-time was over. He howled a special howl and the other wolves immediately paid attention. They settled in a semicircle around him and he ‘told’ them about the attack on him by using grunts, growls and body language. I just read their minds and reaction to what he was saying. It was kind of weird being able to see their thoughts but I also quickly learned some basic gestures and what they meant. For example flicking ears meant how many attackers, growls were different frequencies and tones which gave them different meanings.

The wolves all agreed to be more watchful and careful in future and to pair up at night, that way if they were attacked, two stood a better chance than one against these fearsome black shelled predators. Feeling a little calmer now that the pack were aware of the danger Chase dismissed them as dawn became a faint glow in the sky to the east.

I wondered who the wolves were in real life and if I knew any of them in my human form, but I was too new and too shy to ask and I didn’t have the “words” yet. I gave Chase one last nose rub and sprinted off to my hole in the fence wiggled under it and raced back to Joanna’s house.

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