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Chapter 5

I made it into the back yard just in time to change and put on the gown and slippers my wonderful, clever friend had left for me on the back steps. I crept into the house as quietly as I could and up the stairs into Joanna’s Room, she was fast asleep with her beloved, battered, teddy Cuddles clutched in one arm. She looked so sweet and gentle I knew again in my core being that wolf or not I would never hurt her.

I crept under the blankets on the sleeper couch and was fast asleep in seconds. My last coherent thought was that this new night life of mine was exhausting. I slept until late in the morning and when I finally woke up, Joanna had a cup of coffee for me and a lot of questions.

So, tell me all about it, how was your night?” she plonked herself on the bed next to me and waited, “it was OK I replied. But one thing I need to tell you is that even in wolf form I would never ever be able to hurt you. So you must not worry about that OK?”

“Oh sure, I know you wouldn’t eat me, she chuckled, after all as you said yourself I am too bony and stringy to eat.” she made light of it but in her eyes I could see a tinge of relief and she relaxed ever so slightly. “So tell me what you did all night? Did you see yummy wolf boy again?” her eyes were now full of girly curiosity

“Yes I did and I met the rest of his pack too.”

“Wow, that’s awesome, How many in the pack?”

“There are six plus me and Chase. Oh by the way he is the alpha or pack leader.

Joanna giggled, “trust you to fall for the leader of the pack.”

I threw a pillow at her and said, I have not fallen for him,” I denied, “he’s just helping me adjust.”

Joanna giggled again, “Yeah, yeah, if you say so, but I see how your eyes light up when you say his name.

To distract her from my imaginary love life I told her all about the threat and the warning Chase had given the pack. I also told her how I could read their minds but could not project into theirs. She is easily distracted by puzzles, my geeky friend and my news about the telepathy had her sitting at her computer and researching straight away.

We spent the day researching everything about telepathy and werewolves that we could find but by the end I was more confused than ever. There was so much conflicting lore about werewolves I had no idea what was true and what wasn’t, eventually I decided to go with the flow and see through experience what was true and what wasn’t. One of my major worries was how often I would turn, some lore said only during full moon, other lore said every night and still other lore said I could will the change or not as I chose. Nothing anywhere said anything about telepathy and wolves, it dawned on me that maybe my telepathy was my witch power.

That afternoon I walked home deep in thought and tried to enter my house quietly. I was hoping to avoid my mom and aunt and have to answer a million questions. No such luck, they were sitting in the lounge waiting for me and called out as soon as they heard the front door. I sighed, better to get it over with I thought and headed into the lounge.

“So….how are you doing darling?” was the first thing my mom said and I could hear the worry in her voice.

“Im ok “ I answered, “just tired” and I stretched out on my favorite chair.

My mom and Aunt nodded, my Aunt replied, “Yes I can see it must be exhausting running around all night.”

My mom chipped in, “You still have to go to school you know, and it is a school day tomorrow.” My mom has this obsession that I must get a good education and become some important thing one day. Perhaps because she had never made it past high school. I just wanted to finish school and get a job, any job, I was not ambitious or passionate about anything in particular.

“Yes mom I know. And I have homework to do before tomorrow, and since I don’t know whether I will turn tonight again, I better go do it now.” It was the best excuse I could come up with and it worked.

“Alright dear, we will talk over dinner.” My mom said and I thankfully made my escape upstairs to my room.

I actually did have homework to do and I wearily opened my math textbook and started. Time flew by and before I knew it, it was supper time.

My mom called up the stairs, “Come and eat, Clarissa.” I was starving again and thought I smelled grilled steak, one of my favorites, in human or wolf form. My mouth drooled. I snapped closed my books and rushed down stairs.

My mom had made steak and chips and cooked my steak extra rare. I dived in like a hungry wolf and my mom smiled. She was happiest when people enjoyed her cooking. Once my hunger was assuaged a bit I got around to asking them what they knew about the werewolf situation.

They appeared as ignorant and confused as I was, since werewolves and witches avoided each other usually. But the one thing that did become clear, was that enmity existed between witches and werewolves since time immemorial. This news put me in a tricky situation that I had no clue how to handle. After all I was both, so where did that leave me?

I had a lot to think about and I was tired so after supper I went upstairs finished my homework and went to bed. I set my alarm for midnight as I didn’t want to mess up my bed when and if I turned. Sure enough at midnight i turned, it was getting easier and quicker all the time. I was not in the mood to run and hunt so I just curled up on a comforter I had put down on the floor, curled up, went to sleep and dreamed wolfy dreams of hunting rabbits and playing with Chase.

When dawn came I turned back into me and climbed back into bed. This wolf thing was manageable I told myself as i snuggled into my warm comfy bed for a few more hours sleep, until my alarm went off to get me up and ready for school.

For once I didn’t mind going to school, I was really curious to find out if there were other werewolves like me who went to my school. Also I secretly hoped to see Chase again, in proper human form this time.

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