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Chapter 6

Joanna appeared at my door at her usual time and we walked to school together as always. Our school called Banks Secondary was about six blocks from my house and as we walked the sky was bright blue, the sun was shining and the roads were clear of snow.

The routine of walking to school in the crystal clear air was comforting and familiar, a bit of normalcy in the strangeness that had overcome my life. We talked about this, that and nothing in particular. Neither of us mentioned the werewolf thing. That was one of the things I loved about my friend, she knew when to talk and when not to. She could almost read my mind.

Suddenly a thought struck me and I pushed out a tendril of thought warily into her mind. It worked and it didn’t. I got some blurry images but no actual thoughts.

Out loud I said, “I wonder if I can train or increase my telepathy powers in some way. What do you think?”

She replied, “I have heard of people harnessing crystals to channel and increase power in witches, maybe your aunt would know.” I hesitated, I still hadn’t told them about my telepathy and I wasn’t sure I should.

She felt my hesitation and asked, “What’s wrong Clarissa?”

“I don’t know Joanna, I just don’t feel comfortable telling my mom and aunt about the telepathy thing. So far they think I just turned werewolf. I think for now I would like to keep it that way. I can’t explain why, I just get uneasy at the thought of them knowing.”

By this time we had reached the school entrance it was a big two storey red brick building with log wood roof and wood window frames. The main building was in the shape of a U with the school hall a separate building in the centre of the U and the class rooms and office around. It was the only school in the area and all the local children went there. I had been going there with Joanna since grade one and the halls and classrooms were as familiar to me as my own home. We hustled towards the school hall for assembly. In the babble and confusion of hundreds of children, our conversation came to a standstill and as it happened, we had no classes together on that day’s timetable.

After assembly was over, I headed to my first class of the day. The rest of the day passed normally enough until break time. I searched the crowded halls looking for Chase, he was nowhere to be seen. I was quite disappointed.

After school I had track practice. I am on the track team as a long distance runner. There is nothing I love more than running through the forest on a cross country track. Today we were just building stamina running around the reddish asphalt track that circled the Lacrosse field. It was on my second circuit that I finally saw him. He was in the middle of the pack on the lacrosse team. He was playing the midfielder position and he bobbed and weaved around the defenders with grace and speed. He looked really good in his red and white lacrosse uniform. I stopped running to watch him and drool inwardly.

I couldn’t believe I had never noticed him before. But then again, I have never been a fan of our school’s Lacrosse team, I am not the social type. His speed and grace reminded me strongly that under that wiry body and wavy black hair, mostly hidden now by his lacrosse helmet, was a full grown wolf.

I only started running again when the rest of the track team passed me with a few giggles and teasing comments. I got moaned at by the coach for losing focus on that circuit so for the rest of practice I forced myself to push thoughts of Chase from my mind and focused on my training. We had a big inter school competition coming up and I needed the practice to build my stamina. .

After practice I showered and changed as quickly as I could and made my way to the boys locker room, hoping to get a glimpse of him. I was in luck, as I got there he came out the locker room he was dressed in pale faded blue jeans and a plain grey v necked t shirt, he looked delicious. He looked at me smiled a secret smile and winked, “Hey Clarissa, how you?” he said as he strolled past me.

His deep brown eyes flashed gold for a second and I saw the wolf in him just beneath the surface. My eyes flashed back at him, I could feel it. Unfortunately before we could talk the rest of the team streamed out of the locker room and dragged him off in the crowd.

I walked home slowly in a day dreamy daze and I couldn’t wait to tell Joanna how he had winked at me, that wink had made my heart skip a beat. Unfortunately she was in the school lab until after five so I would have to wait to phone her.

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