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Chapter 7

I arrived home still feeling dreamy and imagining Me and Chase on a date. I strolled past the lounge door and peeked in. The lounge was full of people drinking tea and eating cake. I wondered what these ladies were doing here.

They were sitting around the lounge on our faded squishy green leather lounge suite. There was also one of our tapestry and maple wood dining chairs sitting unoccupied, front and center of the room. The ladies were eating muffins, scones and my mom’s famous strawberry cream cake and drinking tea. My mom had brought out the good china cups, the ones with the gold trim on the edges, and matching tea pot, sugar basin and milk jug,it seemed to be an occasion of some sort, but for what I didn’t know. My tummy rumbled, I love sweet stuff, I was also hungry so I entered the lounge and said politely,

“Hello Everyone, don’t mind me, I just want some cake.” I said and strolled towards the oak tea trolley with its array of treats.

Once my plate was loaded with a huge piece of cake, some scones and two chocolate muffins my aunt said “Clarissa, please come and join us.”

I was puzzled but dutifully sat down on the only available chair, the oak dining chair in the center of the room. I precariously balanced my tea and cake on my lap and looked at my Aunt. I felt like an ant under a microscope. My tummy fluttered with nerves, what’s going on here? I wondered.

My aunt explained and shocked my socks off, “Clarissa this is a tea party in your honour to welcome you into our coven, The actual induction ceremony will take place on the next harvest moon but until then we thought you should meet the other witches in our town.”

My first thought was No way! I mean seriously, - Mrs Patel the Indian lady from the corner shop, the town’s librarian and the young cashier from the local supermarket. - They couldn’t be witches could they? I think my mouth was hanging open in shock. My delicious cakes and tea lay forgotten on my lap.

Aunt Evelyn took charge,and started introducing everyone to me. “Mrs Patel has the power to pop people in and out of existence for a few minutes at a time. Ms. Sarah Cunningham is our researcher,potion maker and spell caster.” That made sense her being the town librarian and all, I guessed.

I interrupted “ Excuse me for asking Aunt Evelyn but what are yours and mom’s powers?”

“Your mother controls plants and nature, I can encase things in ice.” she explained as if I should have known that.Then she pointed at a woman I didn’t know.

She had long blue black straight hair down to her waist and scarlet lips in a pale oval face.Her eyes were such a dark brown they looked black. Of them all she looked most like a witch to me, right down to the black nails, piercings and a black floor length dress.” Selena here controls the weather around her.” Said, Selena inclined her head graciously as if she was royalty or something. I instantly disliked her, I even felt my wolfy senses twitch.

Next came the waitress from the local restaurant, Barrels Steak House. We ate there sometimes as it was just about the only restaurant in the area where locals went. - We all mostly avoided the hotels and lodge restaurant’s which were invaded by tourists that flocked here to see the mountains and visit the Banff National Park. - She was the complete opposite of Selena, a blonde, bubbly, young girl with goldilocks type curly blonde hair and wide innocent looking baby blue eyes. She wore a pink floral dress, white high heeled shoes and her face was made up with make up. It was clear she had dressed up for this tea party.

She smiled at me and didn’t wait for introductions, “Hi, I’m Lira. I can control fire a little, but I’m new at all this, still learning how to control my powers.”

I couldn’t believe my ears or eyes. All this witch power had been in my town for years and I had, had no clue. I felt like a right idiot. Now that introductions were over they all stared at me expectantly. I didn’t know what to say or why they were staring and then I understood on me, they were waiting for me to tell them my power. I took a sip of tea and a bite of cake and decided to lie a little.

“So far all I know is I turn into a wolf every night, nothing else has happened yet.” I answered their unspoken question. They all looked a little disappointed but seemed to accept my answer.

Ms. Cunningham spoke to me, “I could maybe do some research and find out what is likely to happen if you like?”

“Oh yes please, “ I replied. “Also I would love to know more about the werewolf side of things. Do I turn every night for the rest of my life? Is my change affected by the moon as the legends say or can I change at will? I have so many questions.”

She chuckled understandingly “yes I can imagine you do, don’t worry I will look into it and get back to you.”

“I see,” I said, then asked.”So do you all actually use your powers?” Because I had never seen any sign of it in my life.

The librarian Ms. Cunningham answered, “We do dear but in subtle ways. People are not very tolerant of witches in society. Haven’t you ever wondered how your mother’s garden is so beautiful and how she always wins ‘rose of the year’ at the annual flower competition?”

Suddenly my mother’s power made sense, she had a connection with nature and growing things.

“Ok. So tell me about this feud between witches and werewolves then.” I asked.

Ms. Cunningham answered again, in her pale pink twin set, pearls and sturdy brown lace up shoes, she seemed to be the spokesperson for the group. “Meet me in the school library after school tomorrow and I will give you a history lesson. It is a long standing feud with much history behind it, too much to explain now. Also there are some books you need to read that are at the library, in a special section.”

“Ok, Ms Cunningham, I will see you after school then.” Studying is not one of my favorite things but this was stuff I needed to know and it was kinda cool too.

Lira chipped in talking to me “Actually maybe i should come too, I have a lot to learn about all this as well.”

“Ok,” I replied. I was fine with having a study partner and she seemed like a nice girl, only a year or so older than me. I tucked in to finish my cake and tea.

When My aunt saw I was done she said “You can go upstairs now and do your homework if you want.” She got no argument from me, I was tired and needed a bit of peace and quiet to process everything. I picked up my book bag from the bottom of the stairs, where I had dropped it when I got home and headed gratefully upstairs.

My mom chimed in as I was climbing the stairs, “but do tell us if any witch powers suddenly manifest won’t you dear.”

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