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Not So Happily Ever After: The Circle of Death

By Ethan Turner All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


After the events of the first book King Atlas receives a spell to bring his daughter back to life. Unfortunately all the ingredients are in our world. Includes retellings of The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and the Tales of King Arthur.

Chapter 1: A Shadow on the Moon

“Ha ha ha! Stop it!” A group of girls squealed as they hit each other over the head with pillows.

With a crack and a flash the girls were silenced and a hole appeared in the wall. The girls looked through but all they could see was an empty black hole.

“What is that?” One girl asked.

“We should totally have someone go in.” Another said.

“I think Sally should do it.” Said a blonde girl wearing a lot of makeup.

“What!?” Sally gasped. “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Well you better do it or I’ll make your life miserable.”

Sally slowly approached the hole and looked through. She looked back at the other girls and crawled through. She stood in a dark room.

“I don’t see anything.” Sally said.

“Go further!”

Reluctantly Sally walked forward. There was nothing as she continued to walk. The hole and her only source of light slowly disappeared.

“Why, hello there.” A deep voice said.

“What? Who are you?”

“That is none of your concern. But the point is your parents need your help.”

“Why? What happened?”

“You need to make a choice. Between your life. And your parents’.” A light shone on a desk with an image of her parents tied up. “If you choose to save your parents then I will personally tell them it was you who saved them. And if you save yourself. I will ensure your success. You will never taste of failure again.”

Sally looked at the noose and the image of her parents trying to rationalize the best choice.

“I choose my parents.” Sally grabbed the noose and wrapped it around her neck. She inhaled deeply. “I’m ready.” The rope flew up in the air and hung Sally in her place.

“Igor, bring her to me now.”

A black silhouette brought Sally down and carried her through the black room.



“What is it boy?” Asked the dog’s owner. The dog was barking into a hole against his neighbor’s fence. He looked through the hole but didn’t see anything. He and his dog crawled through. He was now in a snowy plain. The wind lashed at his face and the snow bit his skin. He pulled up his jacket and tried to get out but the hole was missing. His dog fell over.

“No!” The owner began shaking his dog. It only got colder and soon he fell too. The wind stopped the ice and snow melted away. A man came and dragged the owner away from his dog.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” A boy said.

“Bye!” His friend replied.

“Stay safe Brendan.” Said his friend’s mom.

Brendan walked down the dimly lit sidewalk and stared at the moon where he could have sworn he saw some sort of shadow. Without looking where he was going he faced forward and fell into a hole. As he fell a pool of water came into view and he splashed in.

He looked around and saw a door. He swam towards it and tried to open it but it was locked. Brendan began to run out of breath. He swam towards the surface but it was too late. The water had already filled his lungs.

The water in the room drained away and the locked door opened. A man came and dragged Brendan through.

Sirens wailed past a man in a trench coat. He turned around and saw a man watching him. The man in the trench coat began walking away. The other man followed him. The man in the trench coat began to walk faster. When he turned around the man had broken into a sprint. The man ran as fast as he could towards a payphone and quickly dialed.

“9-1-1. What’s your emergency?”

“I’ve just witnessed a murder and the killer is after me.”

“Where are you so I can send help?”

“Oh no, he’s getting closer.” The man in the trench coat ran.

“Sir? Are you there? Hello?”

The man in the trench coat backed up in an alley. There was no escape.

“Well it’s a shame.” The killer said. “You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” The killer pulled out his gun.

With a flash and a bang a hole in the wall behind him opened. Without thinking the man in the trench coat jumped through. He began falling down the slope of a large mountain and when he landed there was a large crack.

A man walked through the forest and pushed the man in the trench coat’s head back and forth. It made a clicking noise whenever he did. The man dragged the man in the trench coat out of the forest.

“And that’s all for today’s broadcas-” Lightning struck and the power went out.

“Dang it.” A man said.

The man grabbed a flashlight and went to his backyard. He looked up at the rainy night and saw the power lines had been cut. Inside his house he heard the tv turn on to static. On the wall facing the tv there was a hole. He looked through but he didn’t find anything. He shone his flashlight in but dropped it. He crawled through the hole and grabbed it.

The flashlight began sparking. The man dropped it and slipped on the floor that had been covered in water. Around him he saw large tesla coils that circled him. They all shot a blast of electricity through his chest.

A man opened the door and dragged the body through.

“Daddy?” asked the voice of a little girl.

“Hello? Who’s there?” The doctor said turning off the lights to the hospital. The doctor searched the hospital and spotted a trail of blood. He followed the trail to a large hole in the wall.

“Little girl? Are you hurt? Do you need help?”

“Daddy? Is that you?”

The doctor walked through the hole into a black room. A light shone around a table with a set chessboard.

“I know you’re dying for a game doctor.”

“Is this one of these Halloween pranks?”

“Of course.”

“Am I to assume we will be playing to specific stakes?”

“If you win I let you out of here. If I win… Heh heh. Let’s just say you’re not going back.

The doctor sat and moved his pawn forward. “I don’t know who you you are nor what you want, but I think I’d rather not know.”

“I’m just a man seeking a harmless game of chess.” The man said moving his pawn forward as well.

“I hardly believe that.”

The game continued until the doctor beat the man and concluded the game.

“A deal’s a deal. But how about a drink first.” The ma pulled out two glasses and filled them with red wine. “To your victory.” They both raised their glasses

and drank. The doctor looked at the man the fell to the floor.

“Igor! Clean this up!”

A man came and dragged the doctor away.

“Come on man! Just one more drink!”

“No, I’m fine.” He said pushing through the crowds for the door.

“Jackson!” His friend bellowed.

Jackson made it to the door and pushed through. He took a deep breath. His friend came out behind him.

“Look man, I said I was sorry.”

“No. You don’t have the right to be sorry! You were the one who told her! None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you!”

“I’m sorry.” He said putting his hand on Jackson’s shoulder. “If there’s anyth-”

“Get your hands off me!” Jackson shouted punching his friend in the jaw. The two of them continued to punch each other until Jackson’s friend shoved him. With a flash a hole appeared and Jackson fell through. When he hit the ground he looked up and saw nothing. The walls started to move. He heard a low growling. His eyes began to focus and he saw a large dragon staring down at him. He began to run but the dragon engulfed him in flames.

The dragon ignored the body and slowly walked away. Then came the loud clanging of the door opening. A man put on his gloves and dragged Jackson’s simmering body away.

“You’ll never get away with this. Once the King finds out you’re after his daughter he’ll kill you.”

“The King, won’t know I’m here. He’ll be busy trying to resurrect his precious daughter.”


“Ah! Look, I don’t have to kill you. I just really want to.” The man pulled out the eyes out of King Atlas’s guard. He reached into his chest and ripped out his heart. “Adal, you’d better pay attention. Because I’m the Boogie Man.” He crushed the heart. “Igor! Prepare him!” Igor came and dragged the king’s guard to the table of dead bodies.

The Boogie Man looked at a circle of tiles. “They’ll pay. They’ll all pay. And everyone will remember The Boogie Man.”

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