Spirit Blood: Genesis of War

By Michael Reis All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


A book that has had a small run in self-publishing that in a small community sold over 100+ copies with only a small amount of self-marketing. An exciting adventure that takes people to a realm that was created over many years of role playing and different ideas that finally came together. It's a fun ride that starts in the beginning and will hit you all in the right areas.


Makaylen’s personal journal log entry:

We all thought it to be legend- the stories of the Xythanians. I’d heard these stories myself long ago as a child in the Fighter’s Guild. I never thought them to be true, at least, not until by chance I found a rare text while on my pilgrimage. The last words written of the great destruction of Xythan found in this remaining item are what I must contribute to my life’s ‘reason’ or purpose. It is for this purpose that I must share with you now, by memory, the devastating events written so long ago regarding the beginning of our land, Krysala.

Everyone knows the legends regarding the existence of the illustrious race of protectors of the world named the Xythanians. Their race was one of peace and prosperity. They’d been given a divine power, and the burden of being the protectors of Krysala, by God Shiloh, the Almighty God of this world. But, very few know that the Xythanians really did exist. They’d made their homes atop the highest peak of the Sun Spire Mountains where they could look down upon, protecting, the remaining inhabitants, life of all types, living in the lush forests and cities of Krysala. The Xythanians worshiped Shiloh from their Temple of Seriphon, home of the Inner Council, which consisted of seven elders and their protectors, the Guardian Warrior Officers.

Perhaps life for the Xythanians would have continued for an eternity, had it not been for Rygore, the Sun Ray. He alone saw his role as protector of Krysala below him. He was angered by the generosity shown to the weak and flawed creatures living below the mountains. His anger led him to doubt the true power of Shiloh and turn, instead, to another god, one most evil and vile. No longer being able to confine his hatred towards the peoples below, Rygore slaughtered hundreds of defenseless creatures in a sudden rage of fury. The elders, being led by God Shiloh, had no other choice but to banish their one-time brother from Xythan, stripping him of all his power and forcing him to live within the underground chasms of the mountain.

It took years of living in the rat-infested tunnels of the mountain, but finally the near genius mind of Rygore deteriorated into that of an animal. The only mark of humanity he still possessed was his incredible hatred for Shiloh and his own people of Xythan. As he neared certain death, Rygore made a final vow, in the tongue of the ancients, of ultimate revenge towards all Shiloh called His children.

His vow did not go unheard.

Great Chaos, the vilest of all gods, had waited in the shadows for this day. He too hated Shiloh for having once cast him aside as had been done to Rygore. While his power was great, he was very weak in comparison to Shiloh and could only defeat Him by controlling the minds of His creation. Chaos devised a plan that would grant his new disciple, Rygore, the power of darkness, evil, anger and destruction, and the use of his very own minions, to help Rygore destroy the city of Seriphon and all the people inhabiting the world. Chaos hoped that if Rygore could take the power that existed in the Temple of Seriphon for his own it would bring immeasurable unbalance to Shiloh’s power. Only by unbalancing this power could Chaos stand a chance of ever defeating Shiloh.

Chaos spoke few words,

“I have come to save you, Rygore, from the horrible state this god of your people has left you in to die. Follow me and you’ll never go without again. You will be able to take back what was stolen from you and make right was has been wronged. Do you accept my salvation or…should I just leave you to your rats?”

Rygore again vowed his revenge. With a sound of rushing wind, Rygore’s body was lifted from his place on the ground only to be thrown back down again, convulsing in pain, as the great powers of evil filled him. His body twisted and deformed with the evils that ran through his bones as he cried out in agonizing pain. His mind was filled with immeasurable hatred and all the plans of Chaos became his only desire in life. Finally, the ordeal was over. With only a warning from Chaos not to fail him, Rygore took over the winged minions of the evil god and made his way to the top of the mountains setting down in the city of Seriphon.

It was in Seriphon that a great seer elder, Jona, awoke from his meditation after having a vision of destruction in the great city. He’d tried to warn the other elders, but their pride had grown too considerable to ever believe Shiloh would allow them to fall. Jona searched out Isaac the Defender, the lead guardian to warn him when, suddenly, the defense alarm sounded off.

Immediately they ran to the inner chamber, which contained the other elders. No one could believe what was happening. Each elder fell into a deep meditation while the guardians prepared for battle. The chamber doors burst open to uncover their attacker, Rygore known now only as Mayhem, son of Chaos. With Mayhem was his army of minions filing into the cramped room. Mayhem spoke,

“Your army outside is out-numbered, as are you! You are without your God, while I have mine flowing through my very blood.”

No words were needed to respond, for the great elders and guardians knew well that Shiloh would never leave them and if they were allowed to die this day then their enemy would be thwarted by Shiloh someday by someone else. A battle consumed the room with both the guardians and the minions losing many lives. Suddenly a deafening sound entered the room awaking the elders from their meditation. In awe, each stopped what they were doing and ventured outside to see a light brighter than the sun breaking though the clouds. A golden image, resembling a man, gradually appeared as if floating down from the heavens.

“I am the savior of the world. Shiloh has sent me to cease this pointless battle. You have each forgotten Him and have shamed yourselves in your self-exaltation. His most beloved children of Xythan, you have raised yourselves up as more precious than Him on account of your gifts; gifts made possible to you only through Him. For your thoughtlessness, you will be utterly destroyed and your spirits will be released into the world. But know this, the spirit of the Xythanians will one day return. God Shiloh will be with all those who claim Him as the one Almighty God. I, your savior, will return one day to bring salvation to man forever, but I will return in the form of a man with a burning spirit. This I proclaim to you as the messenger of Shiloh!”

The awesome brilliance of the image forced each in the entire city of Xythan to their hands and knees in submission. Merely looking upon their prostrate bodies, the eyes of the image burned with fire incinerating them into ash. Their bodies were gone. Only their spirits remained alive, but dormant. The image vanished into the clouds leaving only darkness and the prophecy that would one day have to come to pass.

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