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Alpha's Mate Doesn't Know

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Letting the big coal-black wolf support her weight, the blonde girl leans back against his chest. The moonlight illuminates the hilltop where the two relaxed, away from all the burden of the world. "You know...", Olivia smiles as she runs her pale long fingers through the beast's coat, "Your fur is so soft...so shiny..." The female giggles as she hears his big tail wagging behind them. Biting her lip, she speaks, "You...remind me of someone... You remind me of this guy I recently met... Kaden..." The wolf's ears perk up and he looks at her intently with his red fiery eyes. "Being around him..", she continues, "..brings butterflies in my stomach." The creature's tail goes still as he listens to her. "Sometimes I feel like...Kaden is my soulmate.", the female reveals. "We ARE your soulmate...", both the wolf and Kaden whine in sync but unfortunately, their voice doesn't reach the female through the mind link. --------------------------------------- Olivia, oblivious to her werewolf origin, found herself attracted to this new boy in college. While her heart screamed to be with him, her morals screamed otherwise. Stuck with a human boyfriend, the future Luna keeps longing for the young Alpha...who wants nothing more than to claim her as his mate. Alas, Alpha's Mate Doesn't Know

Fantasy / Drama
Eli Blake
4.6 3 reviews
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“Mommy, why does brother get to train with daddy and not me?“, a 6-year-old blonde girl pouts while resting her chin on the armrest of the couch on which her mother is sitting. The female smiles at her daughter before brushing her locks down with her pale long fingers.

“Because your brother is older than you and must get strong to protect you.“, Mrs. Vale answers in her sweet soft tone.

“But I can protect myself if I train too!“, the girl huffs before crossing her arms.

The lady chuckles before kissing Olivia’s forehead, “I know you can protect yourself, and one day, I’m sure you will not only keep yourself safe but also all your loved ones. Even the pack.”

The girl looks away to hide the tears in her eyes, “Brother says I’m too weak... How will I protect anyone if I’m weak...”

Mrs. Vale looks at the little girl with a frown before reaching up around her own neck, “Here, I have something for you.“, she says while taking off her locket which is in the shape of a wolf. “When you wear this, know that your mommy and daddy believe in you. You are going to be so strong one day that you’ll make us proud.” She gives her daughter the trinket.

Olivia’s eyes shine in excitement as her tiny fingers run on the wolf’s fur. “So beautiful...like mommy!“, she smiles, making her mother spray kisses on her face. Just then her elder brother, Shawn, walks in. His golden yellow hair is still wet from the shower he has taken.

Mrs. Vale looks at her son in concern before glancing at the clock on the wall, “It’s 9pm. Were you still out training on your own?” The 7 years old little boy runs over to his mother and hugs her.

“I have to be strong! I have to protect my family! Daddy says so.“, he nods in agreement with his own words.

His mother cups his face before brushing back his wet locks, “Don’t tire yourself out though.” She looks at her children before hugging them both, “You two shouldn’t worry so much about protecting yourselves. Your parents are here to protect you...”

The woman then stands up and holds their hands, taking her kids to their shared bedroom. Tucking them into their beds, she says goodnight by kissing their heads.

Olivia wakes up when the cold wind hitting her makes her shiver. She lifts her head only to find herself being carried by her brother on his back. “..Shawn..?“, she calls out when she hears him sniffle.

“Y-yeah...“, he wipes his face with his free arm while with the other, her seven years old brother keeps her on his back. “You’re awake...“, his voice is shaky and shows he has been crying. Olivia looks around her and realizes he is walking on the road in the middle of the night.

“Why are we here..?“, she asks as she clings to his shirt. “It’s really cold..and scary... Brother, I want to go home. I want mommy...“, the girl whimpers.

“We can’t go back, Livia”, Shawn tries to speak in a stronger tone, “We have to go. Mommy and Daddy...“, he shakes his head before continuing, “..they died in a car accident.”

His words shatter the girl’s heart and she clings to him tighter, “What?? Noo! That’s not true! I want to go home!! Take me home!!“, she cries loudly. Suddenly some wolves can be heard in the distance and Shawn gasps before quickly moving Olivia so now she’s hugging his chest instead.

“Shhh! Keep it down!“, he whispers to her as he picks up speed, almost running away from the source of the voice. “I will protect you... I promise I’ll protect you.“, he assures her while tears run down his own cheeks. “I’ll protect you from the bad wolves...“, he says in his head.

In a dimly lit room, a lady is lying on the bed in the center of the space. Her frail hand is held firmly by an 11 years old raven-haired boy. Tears run down his cheeks as he kisses his mother’s knuckles, “I..love you, mom...“, he looks at the woman who has grown too weak to even sit up on her own.

Her eyes are closed and Kaden isn’t even sure if his mother can hear him. He is sitting beside the bed, praying to the Moon Goddess to heal his mother. “Please, don’t leave me... I can’t lose you too...“, the boy cries.

A warm hand rests on his shoulder and he turns his head to look at the pack’s Beta, Daniel. The male runs a hand through the boy’s hair before holding his shoulders and taking him out of the room. Kaden clings to Daniel’s waist, crying in his shirt.

“I’m sorry, young alpha... but there’s nothing we can do for the Luna... Your father’s death has made her wolf slowly die inside... I wish you didn’t have to go through this at such an age...“, the Beta says before sighing, “You will have to train harder now to take your place...or someone else will become the Alpha...”

Kaden goes quiet for a moment before pulling away and wiping away his tears. He looks up at the male straight in the eyes, “I will train hard. I will become the strongest! And I won’t let anyone hurt my loved ones...I swear”

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