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What I Want and Need

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A remake of an old story I had called "What I Want (Mimicake x Silence)". NOTE: majority of the characters mentioned in this story are my ocs or are just random people I made up. The real like people in this story are myself, Wade (LordMinion777), Markiplier, JackSepticEye, PatrckStatic (Pat), GarukuBlueMoon (Gar), Muyskerm (Bob), Jpw03 and other youtubers will be mentioned if their alter is in the story and mentions them.

Fantasy / Romance
The Derp Doctor
Age Rating:

Chapter I

II was recording a video with Wade, Jp, and Gar when I felt tired for some reason. I had gotten a full 9 hours of sleep so I don’t know why I am tired. “I feel tired guys, I think I am going to get off.” I said yawning a bit. “Pat? Before you do can me and you talk privately?” Gar asked me. “Yeah, sure.” I said as I ended my recording. “Bye Pat!” Jp and Wade said. I left the call with Wade and Jp and joined Gar in a call. “What is it Gar?” I asked. “You might be feeling tired due to your alter wanting to meet you. My alter made me tired when we first met by accident. I haven’t seen him in months though.” Gar said. “Alter? Like how Mark has his ego Dark?” “Exactly, my alter’s name is Mimicake.” Gar said. “Hm, I wonder why my alter is making me tired.” “Maybe he wanted to talk to you when it was just you. Some alters prefer meeting their human counterpart when they’re alone. I guess it eases the shock.” Gar replied. “Maybe, but I am going to go, I’ll see you later Gar.” I said with a small smile. Gar is a great friend of mine, so happy I met him. “Bye Pat, be safe.” Gar said. “I will, don’t worry.” I said, then I ended the call. I got up from my gamer chair and went to my kitchen to get a drink of water.

I saw Pat walk into the kitchen, looking tired. I didn’t really mean to make him tired, but I am not a big fan of cameras. Mimicake knows that, hence why we don’t have a lot of photos together. “Hi Pat.” I said as I became visible, leaning against his refrigerator. Pat jumped a bit and I heard him choking on some water. “Don’t just sneak up on me dude.” He said as he turned and looked at me. “Who are you?” “Isn’t it obvious? I am your alter, my name is Silence.” I said to him as I looked at him. “Also, sorry about making you tired, I am not a fan of cameras so that’s why I made you tired.” I explained. “Well thank you for explaining that, but next time can you not scare me? Like can you at least give me a notice?” Pat asked. I nodded and laughed a bit. “I’m a demon, Pat, scaring is what I do. Anyway, um, is it okay if I stay the night here? I don’t really have a place to live here on Earth.” I explained. “I don’t mind, I’ll show you to the guest room.” Pat said standing up straighter. I nodded and followed him to the guest room which was on the second floor.

“Silence, why is your skin darker than mine? You’re tanned and your eyes are so different.” “I honestly don’t know, why my eyes are like this, but my skin being darker is common in hell. Not many of us are white there so my skin being tanned makes sense.” I said as we walked to the room. “So how old are you?” Pat asked. “Same age as you, just 300 years older than you.” I replied. “I see, well that does make sense because you’re immortal.” “I am immortal age wise, I can still be killed though.” I said. Once we reached the room, Pat opened the door for me. “Here you go, I am going to head to my room and take a nap. If you need me, do not hesitate to come wake me up. Just know I may hit you.” Pat said. “I know, and it’s understandable if you do hit me.” I said entering the guest room. Pat nodded then left towards his room. I sat down on the bed and stretched. I looked at the phone that I had and sighed softly. I had no one to really talk to because the last time I heard from anyone, was when I was younger. I haven’t seen my best friend in person for years because he’s been busy taking care of his baby brother. I wonder how he is. I looked at my phone and saw I had a text from him.

Hey Bloodmoon, I am so sorry that I haven’t talked to you in a couple of years. I haven’t been able to use my phone because my dad decided to be an asshole and take away my phone.

Ah I see well I am glad to finally talk to you again Mimi. I missed talking to you a lot.

To be honest, I have missed you too. I have realized something, but I’d rather break this to you over some coffee. Would you like to meet up when Gar and Pat go to Pax?

When you say “break” do you mean something bad or something good?

If you consider me figuring out my sexuality bad then you’re weird. Of course it’s something good you fucking adorable wolf.

Aww, no need to curse, but I’m sorry I didn’t know you meant a good thing. But when’s Pax?

Pax is the 20th. I believe Gar is heading there tomorrow and I think Pat might be, but you will have to ask him. I already got tickets for us so I’ll make sure that Pat gives you yours if I can’t.

Aww you’re so sweet Midnight Emerald.

Midnight Emerald? That’s a new nickname. I like it though but only you can call me that.

Will do sir. Hehe.

And now you’re calling me sir? You know you don’t have to be formal with me even if I am a prince of our kingdom.

Don’t care, gonna call you sir if you give me an order or command my prince.

I’ll find you and I will fucking tickle you.

I laughed at this and smiled widely. I haven’t smiled this wide since the last time I talked to him and he makes my heart flutter. Am I falling for my best friend? I have been in love with him since we were little, but at that time, he identified as straight. All I could do was just support him and try to bury my feelings for him. But he made it so hard for me to do so. His beautiful heterochromia eyes, his left eye is midnight blue, and his right gold, like my eyes are gold. His beautiful emerald green hair with his pale skin, and his beautiful crimson red wings when he shows them. He’s taller than me and it makes me weak at the knees. He’s 6′2" and I am only 6 inches smaller than him, meaning that I am 5′8". His voice is deeper than mine and when he gets drunk or he’s really tired in the night or morning, it’s even deeper than that!

Oh no, what am I going to do if you tickle me.

Oh now you’re gonna get it when I see you, little blood dear.

You love me, but I should probably get some rest. I will have to talk to you later Midnight Emerald.

Alright my little Bloodmoon. I hope you have a good night and I will see you at Pax my darling blood wolf.

You’re not going to text me good morning at least?

Of course I’ll text you in the morning. I meant in person you dork.

I know, I was joking. Anyway, goodnight to you handsome.

I smiled softly and laid down on the bed. I stared at the last picture my best friend and I took together. We weren’t very young then, maybe 190 if I remember correctly. He looked so happy then and it made me happy seeing his smile. He’s been kind to me ever since we met and I’ve always loved how kind he was. Too pure of a soul to be a prince of hell in my opinion. I yawned softly as I started to fall asleep, my blood red wolf tail laying behind me as I laid on my side. My blood red wolf ears gently pointed upwards as I breathed softly. I fell asleep peacefully, thinking about my best friend and what he might be wanting to tell me.

I woke up the next day around the same time Pat did I believe. I got up out of the bed and stretched. I then looked at my phone seeing a good morning text from MC. He was so sweet and he kept his word. He never really goes back on a promise. If he gives you his word, he’ll keep it. I think it’s sweet that he’s like that. ‘He’s husband material and I am so glad that he’s my best friend.’ I thought.

Good morning my blood wolf, how did you sleep?

I slept well my Midnight Emerald, how did you sleep?

I did sleep well, thank you for asking. Now I need to get packing since I and Gar are heading to get on our plane soon.

Alright, I should go tell Pat. Did you get me a flight ticket?

You know I did. I teleported it to Pat last night. It should be on the dining room table.

And you didn’t think to give me a hug? I am here at Pat’s house.

I didn’t know you were there bloodmoon! Well I kinda did sense I smelled your blood scent, but I thought you were sleeping! You know I don’t give people hugs in their sleep in case I wake them up.

And you know I’m a heavy sleeper when I am tired.

When I see you I’ll give you the biggest hug I can.

Yay! Oh I have to get heading to Pat before he goes to leave. I will see you at Pax MC!

I will see you at Pax Bloodmoon. Be safe!

You know I will be safe.

I smiled softly and headed to Pat’s room. I saw him packing a suitcase. “Heading to Pax today?” “Yeah, I am. I am guessing you’re coming along?” Pat asked. “Yeah, I am seeing my best friend there so yes I am coming along.” I said. “Ah I see. Well do you have a plane ticket and a ticket to Pax?” “My friend dropped the plane ticket off here last night. He said that it should be the same plane that you’re on.” I said as I learned on the doorframe of his room. He nodded as he looked at me. “Alright then, well if you like, can you help me finish packing?” He asked me. I nodded. “Sure, especially since I have nothing else to do.” I said as I started to help him. “Why are your ears and tail red if you don’t mind me asking?” “Do not know why, but my nickname is Bloodmoon by my friends. My full name is Silence Moondust.” I said as I helped him pack. “I see, well that is a lovely name. I am sure your family thought hard on your name.” Pat said. I went quiet and just focused on helping him pack for Pax.

I think Pat noticed my silence and he sighed softly. “Sorry if that is a sensitive topic for you. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Pat said. “It’s okay, you didn’t know Pat.” I said as I finished helping him pack. He nodded and he and I went down stairs. I went over to the dining room table and sure enough, there was my ticket right where he said it was. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I already had a passport from Hell which works here on earth too. In Hell, your passports don’t need to be renewed at all. The only time they need to be renewed is if you change your name, change your face, or you don’t feel like your birth gender identity. Pat walked over to me and looked at me. “Ready to go then Silence?” He asked. I nodded. “Yep, got my ticket and my own passport. If you like, I can teleport us to the airport. I just need to know the location of it.” I said. “I don’t mind that, and here’s the location, I have set on my phone.” Pat said showing me the location of the nearest airport. I grabbed his arm gently after I saw him grab his suitcase, passport, ticket for the plane and his ticket for Pax. I teleported us to the airport and he looked at me. “I have never done that before. It felt weird.” Pat said. “It usually does for the first time. Now let’s go, we don’t want to be late.” I said to him softly. He nodded and we headed to check in. Once we got on the plane and went to take off, I relaxed in my seat beside Pat. I had my phone on airplane mode before we got onto the plane. Pat did the same and I saw him relaxing as well.

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