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This is the day, the time, now the reality of their true power force has arrived, will it kill or save humanity. It is not the beginning but it is what brought them together. What will happen to their new powers if they cannot master them, Josie and, Lucy's friendship is on the line, and their's a daemon or two close by in more ways than one that want to chew on their souls. will they make it in time or will their chosen path destroy humanity.

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Chapter 1

She had many strange dreams that night. One of them was Carlos, the daemon absorbing her, not just her brand spanking new powers. That, oh boy, did she love!

He was taking her over completely. She pushed it from her mind, and enjoyed the feelings of everything and everybody around her.

Her sister, her new, found sister, Josie, well well! Her dream she was having was enlightening, she was dreaming about Gabriel! Lucy laughed. Josie lay beside her, sound. It was the first time she had seen her so rested in a long time.

That was soon to change. Today was a brand new day! This day, Lucy and Josie would look for more brothers and sisters like them. Apparently, there were three sets of brothers and sisters. First they had to get learn how to use their new activated angel powers. To say they were a tad rusty was an understatement.

Ever since yesterday, their world had changed forever and it was not going very well. They came from meeting angels, to soul ripping daemons.

Jack and Helena had been trying to get them started but it was chaos.

Lucy saw Jack, Helena, and Gabriel standing talking in a kind of huddle. Which looked strange as though a football match was about to start. It disturbed her at the same time.

If you had asked Lucy a few months ago if she knew all about heaven, God, and the angels, She would have laughed. Yet here she sat, trying to prepare herself as an almighty being. Rusty powers with a brand new sister to boot. Oh boy she thought. Here goes nothing.

Josie woke up and sat up brushing her long fair blonde hair out her eyes, and smiled. Lucy smiled back at her; it was in the direction of her new love. She knew though, and Lucy felt it and laughed. Josie turned and blushed.

“Jeez Lucy, aw man, have you been reading my thoughts. You could have waited!” Josie blushed profusely, the redness showed everywhere even her ears went red.

“Why Josie, I have a new sister who has the hots for an angel named Gabriel. She turned and whispered into her ear.

“Today is a brand new day sister, AND, guess what Lucy, go on guess, oooh ooh I’m so excited.” She squealed monkey like and shouted holding onto Lucy by her sleeves jumping up and down, Josie could not contain her excitement.

We’ve got a world full of creeps but hey we get to play around learning our fabulous powers and have fun.” She turned her head up to the sky Josie’s eyes followed. They both turned to look at each other and threw their heads back with laughter.

“Yip, end of the world and we get to party!” Josie and Lucy piped up together; it was strange having each other’s thoughts.

“Now shall we go find our bro’s n ho’s, Lucy?” Josie started shook her hand it looked like she was chopping with her hand, as it shook up and down, she began to sing like a rap artist about to begin his new tune to the beat. Lucy did it back to her.

“Why are we smiling again Josie?” Lucy grinned.

“Honestly? God knows! Shall we go and see?” Josie could not help smiling.

She was free room daemons torturing her and she was ready to rock the world.

“Nah we’re grounded for now, let’s do as we’re told first. Find who we need, then we’ll kick some daemon butt!” Lucy and Josie smiled. It was fun to smile but the serious work was only just beginning.

“Let’s roll SIS!” She shouted they strolled towards the huddling angels. Gabriel turned and smiled to Josie; she laughed and blew a kiss. Yip she thought this is our beginning.

When I find you Carlos, your ass is mine! I will hunt you in hell if I have to.

Her mood slowly changed to anger, Lucy felt it, she was angry too. She wanted to poison that ass Carlos. What had happened to her mum, if that is who she is? Lucy wondered how and why he had destroyed her life, why had he taken her mum. Why had her mum given her life so easy and then stood back while they tried to kill her?

There were too many unanswered questions. Her rage and vengeance filled her heart and head. He would need punished, now they had all the strength they needed to finish off him and his minions. Lucy and Josie began to plan their other revenge while the other angels talked.

They walked over to their new family, the wondrous angels, oops, that is right they were angels, but on what level? Right now, they were back at kindergarten Josie and Lucy put their arms around each other, squeezing tight, Josie turned to smile at Lucy, and her mind was lost in other thoughts. Where were they going to find these daemons? Who were their newfound brothers and sisters? It sounded so peculiar, how were these mysterious bros and hoes going to help?

Apparently, they were family! Gabriel had located them using his power. Without speaking to them, he had yet to ask the new bro’s and ho’s if they wanted to be part of this posse. He had merely seen them. Lucy was thinking and Josie laughed. She turned her head curious.

“Oh yeah, she giggled, I keep forgetting your listening and in my head! It’s all a bit weird, isn’t it?” Lucy cuddled Josie close to her.

“Lucy? She had the little inquisitive voice. How DO we know who they are? I mean, this could be a trick could it not? How would we ever know Gabriel is an angel?” Josie was looking at the other angels, her eyes squinting, untrusting. She stopped in her tracks, and made sure she was just out of their hearing range, now she felt all the power of the angels. He power was nowhere near up to scratch like any other angel, but she felt more powerful than she ever had.

“So this is what it’s like to have power!” She laughed to herself.

“Yeah this is all right.” Josie said quietly, Lucy glanced at her, questioning her thought process. She knew she had to explain why they saved her.

“Josie, I believe him, yes I know you question everything and with good reason. Why should we? Think about it do you really believe they would go through all this to save us, and then lie to our face after all they have done for us. They have worked their ass off to save us, so I doubt it, we are going to do as told, and we are going to get our training. Soon as we are ready, and only, when we are ready we will do our job. Then, and only then, will we get our own revenge and straighten out that Carlos little scum dirt of filth.” Josie seethed through her teeth. She hated even the sound of his name. She wanted him sorted, dealt with, gone, dead, more than she wanted anything in the whole world.

“Lucy, I do believe what they are saying, but, and the reason there is but in that sentence, is because Angels are soldiers. They look after God, Heaven, and the frigging universe. They fight all the daemons and every other God forsaken monster! My guess is that is what we are here for; to make sure humanity and all souls are alive and well. Who wants to be possessed, or scared out of their wits end on a daily basis? After all, not every human is evil. If the daemons win us over, that might all change. We might never see Him, we may work alongside him, and hey we all have a boss we never see. The fact remains; he is the main man or woman, who even knows what God looks like. Josie stared over to the mean looking, yet loving angels.

“If Angels are made in his vision, and then he made us, they could act like brats, bitches, and dicks. I mean who has to say they are not like us. I think they want rid of the filth as much as they want to help the humans and the other angels, but they are outnumbered. They need more angels and fighters and if those humans are pure of soul the better. They need Angels, trained to fight against monsters, daemons, and human killers.” Lucy sighed.

“The heaven and hell decision makers, ooh sounds great but we’re serving as the ultimate infinite decision makers. It doesn’t feel good though, it sounds like the hardest job on earth!” Josie was feeling so nervous and all she wanted was to feel good. The past few months had taken its toll on her faith in humanity, God and everything. Was she ready to be an almighty judge?

She stole glances up at the little huddle, wondering what was to happen in their life, with all their family, friends, and humans all who were now in total danger. Helena and Caleb smiled back at him with a loving curious smile. Jack still looked quite worried, but so much happier Lucy was with him, and safe, for now.

“What are we here for? You asked that earlier in the hospital.” Josie asked. She stared at Lucy listening to her worries rattling her mind.

“Well do you think God gets rid of all the pieces of crap of society? What about all the monsters shown to us or when they hide, and what about things we have never seen? I think without a doubt there is evil unknown to us we have yet to discover. No, I think he is too damn busy running the universe. How many universes are there? Who knows? How many God’s are there in other universes? Who knows? I do know he runs this universe because my faith tells me. I don’t question that, I believe in him, he believes in us, and our talent.” Josie frowned, thinking of her singing in the hospital.

“I’m not just talking talent, like singing. A talent is anything, it is a gift, and we are all supposed to use it. It is when we twist it by our thoughts and actions we can hold humans accountable. When we mess it up, then if we turn it into a bad thing, it goes wrong. People get hurt. That’s why I think we were, hmm, hired, I suppose before we were born.” Lucy looked at Josie, they laughed shakily, the conversation was not very comforting, yet it all made sense and they both knew it deep down, it was unnerving.

“I have a talent of knowing, sensing about people, places, things people have done or been to. Ghosts hang around me and I get messages from them to give to others. You, my sweet Josie, know about empathy and emotions, and the why people do these things, this will help us both to relate to people.” Lucy squeezed her arm in affection.

“These gifts we’ve always had or were going to have, before we had our place in the universe, that’s what Jack told me, in the forest. It was just before I came to see you in the hospital. My hearing was going when he showed himself as an angel and I was losing consciousness. That part I heard. I remember trying to speak, but my brain had other ideas. I slipped away into this dream.” Lucy laughed. Josie was listening concentrating, trying hard to remember everything that happened. She gave a small smile back.

“Lucy, I need to speak to the angels find out how I knew things too, I am clairvoyant like you too, I think, just not as strong. I sensed you around, and tried to contact you, but I was scared shitless and I would have believed anything that would’ve helped me get the hell out of there.” Josie chuckled, she knew it sounded pathetic, but she had to be sure of what was rattling around in her brain right now was real and not some ridiculous nightmare she couldn’t escape or wake up from.

They reached the angels, Gabriel, Jack, Helena, they stood still chatting together, and Caleb was sitting on a rock, staring out into the distance. He sounded as though he was crying. Josie walked up to Caleb. She felt all his emotions the closer she got to him. The feeling was overwhelming.

It hit her with tremendous force; Josie lost her balance and immediately blown back with the intensity like the blast from a bomb. She landed with a tremendous thud, hitting her bottom on the hard rock. She yelped aloud, all the angels laughed. Lucy stifled her laugh and went over to help her up. Gabriel was quick to beat her. Lucy held back knowing, she’d probably prefer his hand to hold and arms to be wrapped in right now, Josie was now blushing a lovely shade of purple.

Gabriel wrapped his arms and wings around her, he was laughing too, trying to hide the giggles, and not doing a great job, his shoulders shook up and down as he laughed. Lucy had never seen an angel laugh. It came from a place deep wherever angels kept their heart.

She never knew how an angel felt. How did things change from being human to being an angel? She wondered, was their some mechanicals involved? Were the angels brainwashed. It was peculiar, it is not as if they stuck on a pair of wings, chucked you off a cliff, and said

Fly damn it, fly! Then install a mechanical box, with a button to fly, a button to zap, and a button to pop off at the right time when the going got tough or scary. Lucy giggled at Josie.

Josie grinned at the thought of trying to programme a little box to give t. Now her thoughts became serious as she spoke back, mouth tightly closed. Her thoughts transmitting all the speech she needed.

“I don’t know honey I just know right now I’m full of emotions and I can’t concentrate. If our job is with God, then it is serious. I do not know about you Lucy, but I could do without tons of emotions ripping my mind apart right now. Do you think so? Josie stood up carefully rubbing her derriere, Lucy stifled another laugh, Josie darted a look that could turn you to stone!

Lucy pulled her lips into her teeth as far as she could, but the corner of her mouth snuck up. Josie pushed her and she nearly went flying off the cliff! She gasped, not realising her God given strength now.

“Eek, jeez, Sorry Lucy, I didn’t mean that. Honest!” Now she was the one holding her laugh in.

“Wow this is going to be fun eh?” How the heck do we get about without knocking each other out?” Josie shuffled over to Lucy, holding her hand over her bottom laughing heartedly, while holding her other hands out to help Lucy up.

“Josie, you know, by what just happened, and by the noise coming from that lot, laughing their heads off. I believe the next step is learning our new powers. I think we are like superhuman! I think they’ve got a few laughs to come, probably as we bruise or butts to oblivion, Wow, Ooh, I can’t wait.” She said sarcastically, Lucy jumped to her feet with no effort at all. She felt so fit, so did Josie, they were nice and nimble like Jackie Chan.

They walked back toward the Archangels carefully, afraid to touch anything in case it fell over with their strength. It was strange, tingling sensations ran through their fingers, electricity flying through every nerve, sparks ready to fly.

Lucy turned her hands around, staring at them intently. She expected to see white light shooting from them like her favourite super hero was that what a super hero did, did they use their special powers to rescue the annoying, screaming damsel in distress while punching the baddies as everyone wowed at their super, duper abilities. They turned to each other, and felt clueless what to do next.

They wondered what to say. Deciding instead to wait and see. Helena walked towards them putting her hand out to Jack, Caleb, and Gabriel.

“Hold on! I need to have a word with the angels privately before you two numb nuts mess them up and show them how to blow things up.” Helena stood tall, which was not hard considering her vast size. She felt the need to prove her worth to the juniors, that she may be like a giant but her powers and knowledge stretched over hundreds of years.

Jack and Caleb looked at each other curious. Gabriel said nothing. He was afraid to touch Josie, knowing his emotions at the loss of his brothers and sisters were overwhelming. She was not ready to feel this, she needed to learn how to switch off, but that would take time. Lucy would manage it easier, she had been through so many hard times before, and Lucy had adjusted her mind to every situation with such strength. No one quite knew how she battled through each torrent, yet she fought hard and long, refusing to let life beat her down.

Lucy was the stronger of the two just now. Josie had to build up her strength. They needed to match up perfectly before they take on the daemons but as angels with full-blown power and working as a pair of the ultimate partners in crime, so to speak, no one could or would stand against them.

Helena sat down on a large rock and ushered Lucy and Josie to sit down beside her. Josie and Lucy exchanged glances curious as to why she sounded so nervous wondering did Angels ever actually get nervous? They both smiled, wondering why she looked so agitated.

Angels share the same emotions as humans or do they? Maybe they did but had to follow orders anyway, whether it was okay with them or not. If they disobeyed, the angels would face punishment in hell or eternity on earth.

Helena looked at Josie and Lucy; she admired their strength to battle through everything life threw at them.

She put her arms around them both; she felt such a mothering love towards them.

“Your strength and powers will come in time, you have strength and can read each other’s thoughts, but these powers have always been there. The other powers, like changing time, going places in a flick of time, moving things, flying, fighting etc. will come eventually. Firstly, though you two need to connect. You know each other like sisters but there is more to it. Your minds need to act as one.” Helena paused, Lucy and Josie were excited, it was all over their face, yet they were scared too. How were they supposed to know how to connect?

“Good, that was the right question”; she could hear their thoughts between each other too.

“I can’t help you with that part, which is why Jack’s hands were tied; you both need to learn the next steps yourselves. Life’s’ lessons cannot be taught. We knew this, as do the daemon, which is why we had to rescue both of you soon as possible.” Josie looked scared, Lucy was terrified, and the fear of what the daemons could do to them while they were weak was enough to scare them to death. They knew they could no longer hide from it all. They were not ready to let anyone else suffer. Heaven and humans needed saving. Humans put themselves through enough without hell literally being on earth forever. The daemons would soon have control if they did not sort this problem out soon.

As much as angels loved earth, their days off spent on lakes and admiring the whole of earth that Father had created. It was not a bad thing, they just wanted to obey their Father and enjoy Heaven and all its changes. After all, it was home for them. Heaven was different for every angel and every human; it was your favourite places and your favourite things with all your favourite people. There would be no more pain, no more suffering, no dying, no illness, and no wars.

Lucy and Josie imagined that is what Hell was like, but the exact opposite.

So would this be their job? What a fantastic life, to judge who gets into a wonderful heaven for all their eternity, and who is forever exempt, punished eternally in Hell?

Whoever heard of Angels in training? It was as if a cruel joke played on them, and on the Angels sent to look out for them from the beginning of time. Everyone knew God made the angels in his eyes; no human could become one, apparently, they were already Angels minus all the good stuff. All the fighting, hot shot, super powers were missing. These things were absent when they were born, God had to make sure they were good souls and able to overcome many tests.

Everything in life is a test, it is how you overcome them and handle each situation. Lucy and Josie had a lifetime of events and exams thrown at them. They had scored gold points, ten out of ten.

It did not feel like it though. Nothing really made sense just now.

As children, they suffered at the hands of many, Lucy had felt the pain of life more than Josie had, where all other humans had good luck thrown to them left right and centre, they had to work the asses of to get anywhere. Josie had an easier turn of events. Leaving school with a decent education meant she walked straight into a job as a Hotel Chef. Lucy would become jealous of Josie, unintentionally of course but she could afford to buy clothes, go dancing when she felt like it, and even getting her new place. It was all too much for Lucy, she got jobs in anything she could, but an opportunity to run her own child-minding business was too good to pass up.

Thing is, for Lucy it was never enough. She knew she needed more in life. Someone had a plan for her; she waited and waited all her life, almost giving up hope. Surely, God meant for her to be more than a servant to others. She had a gift, yet it scared the crap out of her. Why did God wait until now?

Many questions remained in her head; she guessed they would stay there, unanswered for a long time. She tried to bring the thousands of questions up to the other angels, but as usual, like an annoying little kid, who wanted to know all your business, they gave her the brush-off. The phrase soon to be heard over and over again, rattled around her head, and man it was irritating, In time dear new angels, in time. What was that all about? How were they supposed to know when that was? Damn it, they were angels in training, saving the world, well what were they saving it for, a big lousy ugly sleaze ball daemon to eat them up? Oooh, that sounds yummy.

Josie was growing impatient. She had seen it first-hand, the long nights on those tablets gave her nightmares. She had felt what Carlos would do, he had breathed venomous reek down her throat and taken her body. If he wanted something, he would not waste time getting it. How were they supposed to fight, when they powerless? She wondered what exactly he wanted; it was surely bigger than taking a few souls. What did he want with them all? A sound distracted their thoughts.

Josie and Lucy looked up at the skies together. The blue and red of a great sunrise was looking more purple and black. Almost as though it would, rain very soon and never stop. It was not rain clouds. Josie snapped a quick glance at Lucy. Panic had strewn across her face. She could hear a slow beating, and scratching. It sounded like claws and drums battering the purplish, dark grey sky, but they both knew in an instant. Lucy wanted to throw up. Josie was terrified again. They felt it, it was the beating, and pounding of wings against immortal bodies, and to make matters worse, they were heading their way.

The angels were falling from the skies, blackness had filled the air, nothing else could be seen through the mass of wings, swooping, tangled in their desire to consume Josie and Lucy. Soon they would come after them too, Lucy thrust her hand to Josie, grabbing at her clothes scratching her skin, determined to keep her close to her, safe, away from those angels, and Carlos wanted them dead. They

Lucy wondered why she stupidly let things go so far. Why had she ignored all the signs? The gift, her talent, was there all along she had the visions every night. It never made sense until they sent Josie away. Jack had tried so hard to tell her about Josie. Fear had set in and disbelief, if it were not for Jack finally showing his wings and her falling in love, Lucy would happily bury her head and let the world fall apart.

Carlos must have known all about them both for a long time. She had to find out soon what he had planned. The sounds of the wings were getting closer. She grabbed Josie and turned to the opening of the cave. If those angels were ready for another fight then let them. She was not ready to die just yet. Josie was turning shades of grey and it did not look good. They had powers yet no idea how to use them.

Jack, Caleb Luke, and Helena must have heard the sounds too. They soon appeared beside them, ushering them out of view for what looked like a swarm of large birds swooping down into the valley below.

The cave was in a good position. They had the advantage of higher ground. The surrounding trees hid the cave, there were large trunks, and emerald green leaves to hide them. The seven angels had enough cover for now. They slid inside assuring they were unseen from above in the skies. Helena looked worried. Josie and Lucy held tightly onto each other. Their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders. They were whispering and chanting something.

To Jack, Caleb, Michael and Luke, they sounded like they were chanting a spell aloud. They all stared at each other in awe. The angels knew Josie now needed protection until they were ready for war, until they were ready, trained as soldiers. All angels were soldiers; then they would become ultimate fighters of this universe.

Lucy knew a thing or two about witchcraft. It was her way out; it got her skin out of trouble and saved her. She often questioned, was witchcraft a gift given by God? If it was a cardinal sin, why did she need only to think of things hard enough and they came true? Surely if God made her in his eyes then this was indeed a gift from him.

She had told Josie about it but only briefly, she could often see by the look on her face it scared the shit out of her. It scared the shit out of Lucy too, but it worked. It worked a damn good treat.

She could cast a spell with her mind. She even did a year and day training. That is what witchcraft covens and solitary witches say a person should do. If they truly wanted to follow their chosen path and she did, at least for a while anyway, but for all the good things that happened, bad shit followed her. Lucy was not sure if it was luck, karma, or God telling her to stop fucking about with things she knew nothing about.

Lucy did know all about it. Soon it was easy to spread a bit of crappy bad karma. Especially if someone you loved decided not to be as loving and give you a kicking. That kind of love vanished and she wanted revenge, but with revenge always comes at a price. Those loving feelings for the man that gave her a taste of evil, and then tried to kill her, gave her something instead. Lucy realised she was not as nice a person as she thought. Evil was in her veins just as much as good.

She wanted revenge then, like she wanted it right now. She felt it boil up inside, she would do anything to get the taste of sweet revenge, anything less just would not do.

Carlos and his fucking minions would pay, it might be only a temporary measure, but she had to try something. Lucy was not ready to kill, Josie was weak, and they had so much to learn from each other. They had to learn how to be close, to have trust, love and believe in each other 100%.

Lucy pulled Josie to her side and quickly told her what to say. Josie had a million questions. She told her to shut up, trust her as a friend, as a sister.

“Lucy, for fuck sake, why won’t you just tell me?” Josie was frustrated, everything was new, and Lucy was flinging ideas at her left right and centre. It really got on her wick.

“I can’t, not yet, no time.”

“There is no time, no time for what? What do we need time for Lucy? Oh right okay, I see what you’re thinking.” She realised Lucy knew a spell one that would give an almighty kick in nuts to Carlos. If it saved their skin just now and gave them a chance to escape, she would have to swallow her pride and accept that Lucy knew more just now. She was still in the unknown areas of Angel World, as she liked to call it.

“Fine, let’s do it. However, you owe me understand?” Josie had to question everything but trust would come eventually, she hoped.

“Of course, I know some of this is new to you, I can feel your anger, your tension, in fact I know you’re so hurt at me. If, and when, I can take your pain away I will do it, but right now, this is the only thing I can think of that will save our ass for a short while. We are not safe here, the angels are here to save us, but to be honest Josie, and I am having trouble believing it all. Aren’t you?” Lucy turned to stare into Josie’s eyes. She wanted to hear it out loud, that Josie did not trust anyone, especially these angels. It hurt she could not trust her, she wanted to understand her deep feelings.

Right now, they had to connect all thoughts, but these deep thoughts kept in a filing cabinet somewhere inside their noodle heads.

How Josie felt about Lucy, those feelings are hiding in that place. Lucy knew it would get easier the closer the sisters became, to believe and feel each other’s soul, inside out, and back to front.

This was how things it had to be, for now. It was bloody frustrating, that is what it was, and Lucy needed Josie’s full, trust right now. She sighed, patience she thought. Josie grinned back.

“That’s right honey, patience is a virtue, and you have yet to learn my dearest. Don’t fret; it’ll come when we’re ready.” Josie reached out to hug Lucy, but Lucy stepped away.

“Josie, why don’t you trust me? I am sorry I was not there for you before. You seem okay with not trusting me just yet, why is that? I don’t get it; I’m not okay with it.”

“Well sweetie, you said I should believe in you and trust you, and if it wasn’t for you and Jack, I wouldn’t be here, at all, I’d be Carlos’s minion for sure.” Josie patted her on the shoulder. Pulling Lucy close, she squeezed her tight, Lucy’s hands stuck down by her sides, she gasped for air as Josie’s grip tightened. Her ribs seemed to be crushing into her sides.

“Josie, Lucy gasped, I can’t breathe!” Her voice broke off and she could have sworn little stars tinkled above. Josie turned to Lucy wondering why her voice went quiet. She saw her face turn shades of grey. What had she done? Lucy looked deathly white.

She let go, Lucy stumbled backwards holding onto her sides, wheezing, she stumbled back and forth and dropped to her knees. Air finally reaching her lungs, she stood up. She was stunned at Josie’s strength.

“Josie? What did you do to me? Lucy’s head was spinning. “Josie, fuck sake, you almost crushed me to death.”

“Lucy, Oh my God that must be what the angels were talking about! They said our powers would connect with our minds when we did, and that little talk we just had, that was you and I connecting, even if it was only for a little bit. Josie dropped her head in shame; she never wanted to hurt her sister. Lucy was holding her sides, the pain stabbing through her. Yet she smiling, it was in her eyes too. Josie noticed the corners of her mouth as she stifled a laugh.

“I’m sorry Lucy, I had no idea my strength would build from just that one connection with you Lucy. Wow! It is kinda exciting though is it not? Imagine how strong we can be when we fully connect, I always figured we are close I do not get it. How close do we need to be? Do you think we are twins, not just sisters? Twins know and feel everything about each other.” Josie pondered this.

Lucy turned to Josie and turned a pale grey.

Lucy felt sick, the vomit rose in her throat, burning, she swallowed it down, and coughed as the taste made her want to chuck up in her mouth even more. She thought back to the nightmare. Her mother had been possessed or was she, maybe she was a daemon, always a daemon, and yet she hid it well for all these years.

Jack had left her there to check out Josie and Mr Harrison, he had needed more evidence that Josie was okay and his hunch Mr Harrison was cahoots with the daemons. Just as he left, her mother, the shit scary daemon attacked her. The shock of it all, hit like a house landing on her head. The thing almost ripped her soul out, and it really hurt, it could have been tearing her in two the pain it caused. Something told her not to let it go, ever. Something inside made her grip onto to it with every breath. The sight of Josie popped into her head, she was calling for help, and she knew she had to get out of there immediately.

Just when she thought she was a goner, a bright light came and filled the room, and a noise that almost made her ears burst and soon she was safe. How, she got out, she was not quite sure. She could have sworn someone helped her, there was no way to see it properly, the light had almost blinded her, but she swore she saw wings. The wingspan, huge, bigger than any bird she had ever seen. Her head spun from the shock of it all and almost ready to faint just as she decided she was definitely dust.

Then darkness quickly filled the room. The Daemons had surrounded her, their blackened disfigured shapes filling every space so that no light touched her. The weight of their black sludge filled body held her down. The pressure pushing her to her knees, they hit the ground with a crunch, as bone hit the ground below. She brought her scared trembling hands to her face. Squashed her eyes shut. She was determined not to allow any of their murky sinister foul powers overwhelm her.

They waited to swallow her down, after they had torn her to shreds to reach her powers and her soul. Before long, the light and the supersized shape with wings threw the daemons into the wall, rubble, bricks and dust covered filled the room. The thing with wings had carefully carried her outside.

She was drifting in and out of consciousness. Then she saw a face lean over her, it was a woman, she recognised her. Helena had been the woman in the cloak she had seen around her before. Her loving but warrior face had frightened Lucy, but at that moment, she trusted her and knew she would be safe.

She was not one for trusting instantly, Jack announced him into her life and she still quizzed him, Helena, however, she trusted fully. She looked like a goddess, beautiful and warrior like. She had gotten rid of the daemons, as if they were paper trash, tossing them aside so easily like their bodies weighed next to nothing. They screamed in agony as she reached in to their body, touching the human heart and pulled the daemons out with ease.

She did not hang around to see if her parents were okay, or her friends, she did not really care. She figured they had given themselves up easily to these daemons, well good riddance to rubbish she thought quietly.

Lucy had sat outside; Helena had placed her there and quickly vanished. No longer surprised it felt normal lately to expect the unexpected.

She rocked back and forth, knowing her world, and the world she dearly loved had changed. Those things in there had taken her friends and family.

Her friend, her sister, was in deep crap, and Lucy was fighting with her mind trying to piece it together.

She always came back to the same answer.

They were after Josie and Lucy in a big way. Why they were on the daemons, most hunted list, she had no idea why, but her gut, that always proved to be right on, told her, it was big.

How was she going to solve it? Well some crazy ass cop and a scary angel were the biggest clues, and that scared her. Lucy and Josie were stuck in the middle of a universal sized bloody problem.

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