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Her past is hidden, both from others and herself. Working in an elite manor leads her to strange occurrences that prove more than a coincidence, especially with the sudden interest the Dark Lord has in her which is more than suspicious. She should be scared, but she can't help but be drawn towards him, a mistake she knows she might come to later regret... *** His heart aches whenever he looks at her, and not the normal kind. Something about her calls out to him, and he can't help but be curious. Still, when strange feelings begin to erupt inside him, he knows he has to put and end to them immediately. But he finds it hard to do so, even when it causes him pain...

Fantasy / Romance
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It was damning, the way she rushed under the heavy fall of rain that severely beat her already trudged soul. The clouds showed no sign of relenting, opening up even further with another torrential downpour, as if mocking her already soaked state and daring her to curse the heavens.

'Why does this always happen to me on important days?' she thought, nearing the huge building where she was supposed to be in attendance. The tall structure loomed proudly over her, and she hurried inside, shivering, hoping her attire would dry off before her crucial meeting. Once again, she was attempting to find a job among the elite, hoping they would hire her as a maid or nanny. For some strange reason, her previous options had declined her requests, stating that she didn't look 'fancy' enough. If she were fancy, why on earth would she be seeking a job as a maid or nanny? What kind of fancy people choose such work?

She went by the name Mora, short for Kamora. Sadly, that was the only thing about herself that she could remember. She had been found deep in the forest by some hunters, barely alive. Fortunately, they had taken her away from the forest and helped her recover. According to them, she had been unconscious for over a month. When she woke up, she couldn't remember anything about herself, except her name.

And the strange voice that called it.

She hurried into the building, rubbing her hands up and down her arms in an attempt to warm herself. She tried squeezing the wet part of her dress so that she wouldn't enter the meeting room dripping like a wet dog. Though she wouldn't be surprised if that's what she looked like.

When she felt more presentable, she took a good look around the building. Just a few people were standing at the entrance, and like her, they were soaked.

'Thank the heavens,' she whispered under her breath. At least she wasn't the only one who would come in looking like a soaked dog.

Mora made her way through the building. The halls were dark just from the entrance, and the single torch hung on the wall did nothing to dispel that darkness. She continued down and finally walked into a huge room. She paused, taking in the room with awe. She had never seen something as beautiful as this—or perhaps she had, but she couldn't remember. The room had huge chandeliers made with candles and glass that illuminated the room. Two huge halls extended from either side, and different paintings adorned every area, even on the floors and the ceiling.

Suddenly, someone bumped into her, and she turned around quickly, bowing her head as a form of apology.

'I am sorry,' she said, looking downwards.

'No, I am,' a soft voice answered, causing her to raise her gaze. In front of Mora stood a girl who looked close to her age. Her skin was as dark as copper, and her brown hair fell in soft curls over her shoulder, almost reaching her knees. She smiled kindly at Mora, who smiled in return.

'I guess you are here for the interview.'

'Yes,' Mora answered, nodding.

'Well then, it's nice to see someone who looks my age for once. Most people who apply are far older than me.' Waving her hands, she smiled. 'I am Petal.'

'Kamora,' Mora answered, waving back.

Petal raised her brows, curious. 'Kamora? I haven't heard that sort of name before.'

'I could say the same for you.' Mora countered, chuckling. 'I mean, it's strange to hear the name Petal,' she corrected, thinking her remark might be seen as harsh. 'I have heard of people bearing the names of flowers, but I haven't heard anyone bearing the name of a part of it...'

'It's okay,' Petal said, chuckling awkwardly. 'I also understand. You are not the first person to think the same.' She grinned.

Mora sighed in relief, then looked around. 'Do you know where the meeting will be held? I had planned on asking around.'

'There is no need. I have been here several times. I know the way around.'

'Oh,' Mora exclaimed, looking surprised.

Petal turned around and began to walk towards the passageway on the left side of the huge room, with Mora following closely behind.

'You also have applied for a job several times?'

Petal glanced at her, grinning. 'You have no idea. So many families fire me after months of working with them.'

'Why is that?'

'The wives fear that I may seduce their husbands,' she whispered. Mora took a good look at Petal's form. Apart from the beautiful face she was blessed with, the heavens also decided to bless her with curves that were capable of causing a huge war between men. She could understand the wives' fear. If she were a man, she wasn't sure she would be strong enough to avoid the temptation of being seduced by Petal.

'You’re lucky,' Mora answered, sighing. 'At least you got a job. I have been looking around for months, and none of them agree to hire me because they claim I am not fancy enough.'

Petal glanced at her, looking at what she had worn. 'Was this what you wore when you went to meet the families?'

Mora looked down at her outfit. It was a brown-looking sleeveless gown worn atop a white frilly shirt on the inside. The gown was tied tightly behind her to enhance the shape of her waist, and it flowed down, almost reaching the floor.

'Yes,' she replied, looking back up at Petal. 'I thought it was nice. Is something wrong with it?'

Petal chuckled. 'Dear, this is what you wear when you want to see someone you are familiar with, not your boss. As so many of the rich families here are obnoxious snobs, one look at your outfit, and they would instantly surmise that you lack the experience and are up to something bad.'

'Wow,' Mora exclaimed, contemplating. 'No one told me about this.'

'Well, now you know.' Petals said, grinning. 'Is this your first job?'

Mora shook her head. 'As a nanny, yes. I used to work in a bakery. I decided to work as a maid because I heard it pays well.'

‘You are not wrong. Just be ready to deal with a lot of obnoxious masters and their children. I do not know who is worse between both.'

Mora chuckled as she and Petal made a right turn into a corner, walking down a path that led them straight to a meeting room. The room was already filled with different people, all hoping to gain a job as a maid in a prominent noble family. Mora found a seat and quickly occupied it, Petal taking the one next to her.

As they got comfortable, a hush passed through the room as three women walked in. Mora couldn't see them clearly from her position, but she could hear one of them speaking loudly and confidently.

'We do not have much time to interview all of you, so a general evaluation will be given,' the woman announced. Mora noticed that she handed over sheets of paper to different people in the front row, instructing them to share the papers with those at the back. We will judge you based on the answers you pick, and you will be sent to the family that perfectly fits your choice. If you are not satisfied with whatever you get, you can always apply for the next interview.'

Mora took the paper given to her by the person in front, studying the questions written on it. They were all simple, asking about one's name, family background, and education.

'This is a first,' Petal said, and Mora turned to look at her.

'What do you mean?'

'In all the interviews I attended, we never did any evaluation like this. It's far too easy.'

'Perhaps there is a special family in need of a special maid, hence the strange questions,' Mora replied. Petal shrugged and began answering their questions.

A few minutes later, they were done. They both stood up and walked to the front of the room to submit their papers, trying hard to ignore the strange stares boring holes into their backs.

'You both are fast,' the woman who had spoken earlier remarked. Mora took a good look at her, noticing her hardened face and sharp attire. She wore a black straight dress, flats, and no jewelry. Her hair was packed in a tight bun, and her lips were pursed in a thin line. Everything about her seemed to have a cutting edge.

'Since you both finished on time, we will mark your answers immediately. Wait outside.'

Mora and Petal nodded, handing their papers over to the woman before walking out. They released a long sigh at the same time, standing together just outside the door.

'I hope I get a household filled with beauties this time around,' Petal said, and Mora chuckled. 'I do not want to be thrown out because of insecure wives.' She glanced at Mora. 'How about you?'

'I'd be very content with any household, really,' Mora shrugged. 'As long as they pay well.'

They didn't have to wait long because the sharp-looking woman came out and handed back their papers.

'Congratulations,' she said simply, before returning to the meeting room without another word.

Mora looked at her paper and saw the name 'MAROKE MANOR' written boldly on it.

'I got the Maroke Manor,' Petal said excitedly. 'I hit big this time.'

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