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The Ranch

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The world isn't ours. It belongs to the werewolves. We just don't know it. The Alpha of the world's largest pack, and his two Betas, are in Manhattan. Two women army veterans, turned ranchers, are in Central Texas. Money to be made, a gruesome mystery to solve, and love to find in this unique, humorous story.

Fantasy / Romance
MC Ellerd
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Chapter 1 Manhattan

Asa and Vince stared out over the Manhattan skyline as they contemplated the next step in their plan for land development in Central Texas. The Fort Stewart to Fort Bliss I-14 interstate presented unprecedented building opportunities with unlimited profit potential. They never passed up a chance to make money, especially billions. Like most modern, 21st-century werewolves, their corporation was a working cover for their pack and their lives, and the pack always needed the money.

Asa was the Alpha of the most extensive pack in the world, with Vince as one of his two Betas. Based out of New York City, the Harvest Moon Pack, or Harvest Moon Corporation (HMC), had massive global reach and influence in both the werewolf and human worlds. They had numerous alliances and mutual aid agreements with governments and packs worldwide at different levels.

Asa, Vince, and Second Beta Spann were best friends and battle buddies, closer than any blood brothers. They grew up together in the Adirondack Mountains, rolling around as little wolf cubs, pouncing on each other. Even as adults, they took great delight in sneaking up on each other in wolf form and pouncing. They were rugged and powerful men who never entirely grew up, but only in secret. Outwardly, they were the most dominant men and wolves in the world.

Vince looked at Asa. "Do you think Texas is where we should expand our holdings? Our kind is rare outside the Hill Country Pack, and the rogue vampires are a problem in the Big Thicket. There are rumors that rogue werewolves are joining them. Our sources are saying that the Hill Country Pack is struggling to survive. Other packs were decimated."

Asa contemplated Vince's information. Fun-loving Vince was an excellent counterbalance to a serious Alpha Asa, who had learned that his Beta could see situations differently than Asa or Spann. His unique outlook had saved their lives many times, especially in battle.

After several minutes, Asa responded. "Those are the best reasons we should plant a stake in Texas.

Vince snickered at the unintended vampire pun while Asa rolled his eyes. Inside, both wolves were howling with laughter. Asa shook his head. No matter how hard he tried, seriousness never lasted long when he was alone with his top men.

"BETA! Can't you be serious for more than five minutes?!" Asa slapped Vince on his broad back, with a hit that would have put a human in the hospital, causing Vince and their wolves to laugh even harder.

Asa threw up his hands in mock exasperation, fighting not to smile. "It's time for rounds. Can you please pull it together so we can act like we are in charge?"

The two men left the expansive and expensive office with Vince quietly laughing every few steps. Rounds meant checking on the welfare of the pack on a personal level instead of the continual reliance on the assistants' reports and the mind-link possessed by the werewolf members of their pack. With an organization that operated globally, the pack needed to see Alpha Asa and his Betas on a personal level when they were home. They weren't home often, but when they were, they enjoyed visiting everyone as much as the pack members enjoyed the visits.

While the pack existed in multiple locations under various leadership, usually Gammas, many of its most essential werewolves and humans lived and worked at their main facility and home in Manhattan.

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