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Fantasy / Action


Kanin Abbott lives by three rules: 1. Never go into the woods by herself. 2. Be back inside before ten o'clock, no exceptions. 3. Never, ever go into the basement. Her overprotective father swears by those three rules ever since her mother was murdered. Kanin was only five when she saw it happen, but she never spoke a word to anyone about what she saw. Despite Kanin's tragic past, she lives a very dull life. The only excitement she has is sneaking into the house after curfew and praying she doesn't get caught. That is until a man shows up in her house and demands her blood; . The next thing she knows; she's dragged into a world that isn't supposed to exist outside of books and movies. Kanin starts to uncover secrets about her murdered mother and her father's secretive life. Now, she's faced with the cold betrayal of her protective father, and a deadly man that wants to sink his teeth, quite literally, into her neck. Jax is cruel, ruthless, every bit the monster that crawls under his skin. That's not all he is. The more Kanin settles in, the more she realizes that Jax might be putting up a front. But what darkness lie beneath that mask?


I watched her from afar, all long legs and black hair. It was easy to see what other people saw in her. She lifted her hands in the air, her hips swaying to the pounding bass. There was a man with his hands gliding over her body. A foreign feeling settled into the pit of my stomach watching the pair.

I was leaning back against the bar, a glass of scotch in my hand. I hadn’t touched the stuff, but watching this girl made me want to gulp the whole thing down at once. I glanced at my watch; it was after midnight. She’s broken the second rule.


I watched as the man spun her around and whispered into her ear. I didn’t need heightened hearing to know what he was saying to her. It was what every guy in this club was thinking probably, all of the ones that let their eyes roam over her body. They all thought it would be easy to convince her to come home with them. Oh, how wrong they were. I watched as the girls elated feeling was replaced with white-hot anger. Her lips curled into a sweet smile, still trying to be nice. She shook her head and then I watched her abandon her dancing partner in the middle of the floor.

Maybe she wasn’t as stupid as I first thought.

She made her way towards the bar, almost seeming to glide. She wasn’t wearing heels like most of the girls here. Instead, she wore white converse. She called to the bartender, hoping to easily get his attention. She hit the bar with an open hand when she failed, then groaned in frustration.

My senses awoke inside of me when I saw another guy make his way towards her. The back of my neck prickled: predator. My hand closed tightly around my scotch, a tiny crack snaked its way up the side of my glass.

I watched as the man spoke to the girl, lacing his words in charm. They leaned close to each other, speaking quiet words only meant for them. But I could hear everything. The man easily got the bartenders attention and ordered them each a fresh drink. Anger flared once again inside of me and I hated it. The girl was underage. How she’d even gotten inside this club was beyond me.

The girl turned away from the boy for a moment. In that amount of time, the boy was able to slip something into her drink. He’d probably done this a thousand times to a thousand other girls.

She was definitely stupid.

I put my glass to my lips and downed it. The scotch sent a welcome burning sensation down my throat. I left the empty glass before me on the bar and pushed away from it. I felt just as stupid as her and not to mention angry.

I’d come here only to study her. I wanted to find out what was so fascinating about her. So far I’ve only learned that she didn’t follow rules and lacked a lot of common sense.

I slipped through the crowd of people, making my way towards them. I watched as the girl eyed the drink, but maybe she wasn’t stupid enough to take a drink from it. It only took a moment for me to switch their drinks when their backs were turned.

“Have fun, my friend.” I said under my breath as I watched him take a swig of the drugged drink. You know what they say about karma. A smile cracked across my face just thinking about it.

The girl eyed her drink once more, for a moment I thought she’d pick it up and bring it to her lips. Instead, she politely excused herself.

With that, I pulled my hood over my head, shoved my hands into my pockets, and slipped from the club. I’d never been there. No one had even seen me. I was just another face in the crowd.

A different kind of anger fueled me as I made my way to my motorcycle. I swung my leg over and powered up the engine. I zipped away from the street, leaving the night club behind me forever.

I hadn’t saved that girl because I cared. I hadn’t interfered because I didn’t want anyone hurting her.

The truth was: if anyone was going to hurt her, it was going to be me.

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