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Sage SUB-ROSA* Temptress Secrets

By Robin Carretti All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Grecian Goddess went warrior ruling the world with magic water secret pray so hard in the cage.Italian Riviera cappuccino foaming at the mouth words make you think a thought? What’s really ringing, on the surface, of Sex coffee Joes those whiney teenagers. Sesame seed’s 4 the bird’s, beer nuts needed a kick Sage spice. We got legs she know’s how to use them.He got balls roast of teenagers going to pot turkey Sage stuffing over the media being watched with unwanted Love Escort. Impression’s 4 you webcam mermaids too many tails to slam. Girls gave in so many times.They thought they would see them again.Sakurai Sword college Campus gun found book got donated Killer sex page sinner what secrets month, listen do you want me to tell you my book? Hold that bookmark, the fresh handful, let’s trade or swap some erotic tools.My bow and arrow sexy creams and lotions, she’s the woman, sparrow smells of exotic... Her fragrance, orange spicy down, to his spicy greens, sweet strawberries. She has it all in her, patch sachet smells, of sexual pleasure spices up words. Out of his books, she touched every, Native sexual drive and ruined hearts her name, Rosemary.Are we full house of Warriors surf



Let’s seize the hour sometime’s in a Wolfen world, we don’t have time to change too quick the hour?We take a bloody cold South of Fargo shower. But we all have plenty of secrets.Let’s not worry we all get a chance to take our last sip of your lovers drink see her face turn into a wolf, but you have nice eyes the better to tell your secrets with. I felt like little big lies of riding hood cold secret’s you stay brave-heart anxiously, what awaits, the conversation of their Italian aristocracy among whom she spends her hard working ice Queen hands. Is all this legal like Resse Secret spoon.What’s up with him saying so we meet again.

He watched her through erotic howling painting this land is my land this land is your land but I have your secrets they go as far as my private parts could stand what a Nappa Valley Naples Italy.Walking through the cobblestone narrow street’s your friend’s & family how we all manage but her tongue promptly tied itself in knot’s and her voice deserted her. It was time to see her friend’s to go 2 the museum’s/Gelato/sexy statue Micheal Angelo Sage spice vineyards like Romeo and Juliette and her passions and secrets deepened. He was the made Italian man black leather how his pants spread to the tip of her frozen tongue book, she kept tight-lipped on you.She felt dragged how you were tied into her heart to heart ankle.Italian made leash Sage saw all the sign’s it was no secret money sign’s quite a thorough reaction but not to love by the right person lies and secrets being exposed and he was saying I must have an heir, that rich love-hunt.How you fit into his erotically Howling land of wolves, how they growled passions wild and rampant. Could wolf anyone’s millionaire sex plans.Wolf nine Wizards became butler’s on the deep-end seeing wolfs.

Wet and blue as the face secrets hail live the Queen blue-blooded hearts. So deliciously drinking apple martini waiting for I apply message waiting so long you felt like chilled ice. You got caught too many sticky hands I rather hold something like a hot potato couldn’t move quick enough.How they turned rotten. GQ Guilty quarter was he going to improve all her secret’s Sage was in danger what a backache a wave of tiredness, she tried to subdue her situation.Would she pay for her sin’s later?Surfing the computer got Sage emailed so many secrets like a presidential affair or getting on the right subject Howl she was the Sub Rosa she didn’t have to tell anyone what she knew. But he said one word only one word and all hell broke a link of chain letters blackmailed in compromising positions. They needed to hear the right one word this wasn’t a jigsaw puzzle danger but she didn’t see his word like gold.The sex sometimes incomparably better sexual terms she had it coming, to her sipping her coffee he was inside like a dark rich silhouetted my tongue red-hot fire he reached my hotspot surface.

Hot-blooded Italian sending all Imported love kisses those so-called spoiled teens of tomatoes got crushed enjoying herself among the glittering throng of today. What about tomorrow let’s not focus too much on yesterday. All our trouble do they really seem so far away but the perception was acute swimming around 4 those sensual mermaid’s Grecian Goddess went warrior ruling the world with magic water sword’s banging so hard in the cage.Italian Riviera cappuccino foaming at the mouth words make you think a thought? What’s really ringing, on the surface, of Sex coffee Joes angst teenagers.

Brooklyn-born the best bagel’s sesame seed’s 4 the love of the bird’s international different beer’s what’s to boot about? When you have so many words you keep silent but a world of nuts they needed a kick Sage could handle any spice. We got legs she know’s how to use them.He was Googling in all the meals for the holiday roast of teenagers going to pot turkey Sage stuffing over the media being watched with unwanted Ice Queen Escorts. Whar debutantes Impression’s for you mermaids lobster Maine tails opened up all her emails.

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