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Electronic Eyes

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Drishti, a final year girl majoring in Computer Sciences, suddenly got some supernatural power to look beyond the machines to its functioning. She can't tell no one about this as nobody will believe. How she got this power? Why she? Not only she can see through the devices, she can also alter the functioning. How this power of her will turn the world upside down and will anyone understands her?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Something abnormal

“Burnish Wooo...”

“What...what is this? Like.. wait a min, did I just see through the keyboard? As if my laptop just disappeared for some blink of time.”

“C’mon since you are busy coding for the last 4 or 5 hours, It must be your eyes telling you to PLEASE... STOP... Drishti.”

“Okay Mom, don’t hustle. Fine, I will sleep in a little while.”

“Yes please, it is very uncomfortable for me to sleep with your study lamp on, and God knows what will happen with your eyes. Your eyes are already so weak. Why did you choose Computer Science as your major?”

“Ya ya fine!!”


Drishti is a final-year college student in Computer Science. She is very fond of computers, like how we can solve any task with so much accuracy and effort in no time by just applying some mathematics, data structures, and algorithms. Isn’t it amazing? You can have plenty of software tools for whatever job you want. Drishti has always been interested in observing different software’ structures and designs and creating new ones for newly originated problems.

In her holidays, she has come to her home. She usually prefers to study at night since she gets unlimited free data from 12:00 am to 6:00 am.

Some similar normal, not-so-normal day was today when her laptop seems invisible for 2 seconds. Thinking maybe she has strained her eyes a lot, Drishti went to take some rest with some drops of eyedrop.

“What’s this letter ‘T’, where I am?”

Drishti is standing on a road surrounded by large walls, which seems to be a maze. She runs to the end of the road where she found a divergence. She keeps on running but couldn’t find any way to come out, only large walls all around.

“What is this place and how I came here? There are only these foolish walls and never-ending paths. I have been running for a long but why I can’t find anything else, neither an exit nor something else? This is very frustrating and frightening. What should I do? I am all alone...”

As Drishti sits to take some rest, she observes a hollow space below the giant structures. She bends down to look as if all these are large blocks standing on a spiral structure at the center.


“what’s this sound?”

As she looks behind the large block is coming down and suddenly a huge spark starts coming out of that block from the bottom. Drishti can feel the heat around that wall corner. She runs away from there, and suddenly a huge blast. The sound was so fierce that it can blow someone’s eardrum standing aside the wall. Drishti can see that light stroke flashed around the block.

“What was that?”

Drishti is Panting so hard!!


“What?... Am I inside my keyboard and these blocks are the keys? This seems foolish but all I can assume is this only. Then who is handling this? and How I can come out of this. Someone please help!!!!”

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