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Return of the Lycans

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I’m the daughter of the most feared Alpha. He desired a son, however, he was unable to produce any offspring other than daughters. My mother was banned from his pack and accepted back into her old pack where she grew up. But she didn't feel like living back in a pack, and I grew up in the human world. That was until now!   It's almost my eighteenth birthday. That is the day I will receive my wolf, but also the day I will find my fated mate. My mom and I are returning to her previous pack, where I am immediately embraced by the other teen werewolves.   Will I find my mate? Will there be danger, and who are the Lycans that come back?

Fantasy / Romance
T.S. Cobbe
4.6 17 reviews
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Unknown territory.

Unknown territory.

Oh, my goddess, just in the middle of my senior year of high school, my mom decided to move back to a wolf pack. I don’t feel like doing this because I really like being in the human world. Why are we moving back to a pack? Why does my mother suddenly need this now?

My mother used to be the Luna of one of the biggest packs there was: the “Silver-back werewolves”. And just like in every pack, there was an alpha. In ours, that was Alpha Jan. Who I unfortunately had to call “father”. To make matters worse, he was the most feared Alpha among all the packs in the East. How could you recognize my father? As a werewolf, he was three times the size of other werewolves, and his fur was pitch black with a silver stripe down his back. But what his opponents feared most were his blood-red eyes. All the others in the pack had nearly the same features. The difference is that they had a dark grey colour in their fur with the same silver stripe. Luckily, they didn’t have those red eyes. As a man, he looked fearful as well. He had long, blond hair that was always in a greasy ponytail and deep blue eyes. His body was fully covered in tattoos. He towered over all of us and was wearing next to nothing except his jeans and leather jacket, so you could definitely see all his muscles. His aura was always angry. No one contradicted him, and my mother, his Luna, was the most unhappy woman in the pack. No, rather from “the whole world”.

My mother, with her brown hair, grey eyes, heart-shaped face, and small hourglass figure, had an aura of sadness about her. She came from another pack from the west, but she never talked much about it. You could only see the pain in her eyes every time I asked. I saw her wolf. The animal has beautiful blue eyes. It is a black wolf, but its left front leg and right hind leg are both white. My mother sometimes talks to her wolf named Raven. Especially about how much she misses life in a pack but needed time for the two of us. As a werewolf, you need a pack. A lone werewolf goes mad. My mother has me, but that’s not enough, and you’ve seen that more and more lately. I think she was very scared too, because my eighteenth birthday was approaching. The age where you get your wolf and the age to find your true soulmate, or more accurately, your mate.

You may be wondering why my mother wasn’t Luna anymore and why we lived in the human world. The reason is painful for her and me. My mom was rejected by my dad on my sixth birthday. She has locked herself up in the small apartment in our village for a month. Maya (my mother’s best friend at the time) then took care of me until my mother decided to move to the human world. Away from all the misery, away from all the werewolves. We sometimes came across other cast-out werewolves. They have a stinking smell, which I can smell even though I haven’t gotten my wolf yet. We call them “Rouge’s”. Luckily, my mom doesn’t have this scent, as her old pack’s Alpha (who used to be her best friend) has accepted her back into his pack and me too. He spoke to my mother just after my father kicked us out of the pack. My mother accepted the proposal but wanted to get away from this life for a while. Even though we were back with a pack, you could see that she was self-effacing. Because what is a Luna without her Alpha and her people? A broken person with no purpose, I think. But she’s staying strong because I’m still here. An Alpha’s outcast daughter. A young girl who, just like her mother, has brown hair that has a copper discoloration under the rays of the sun. I have a heart-shaped face with mahogany brown eyes, and, unlike my mother, I am a skinny girl of 1.79 m. Some alpha-blooded werewolves have been able to see auras since childhood. I belong to those lucky ones. Other werewolves and humans are feeling the effects of the auras. I can see them emanating from the person who uses them. Everyone has their own unique colour. The stronger the werewolf, the stronger the aura and colour.

But as we head into unfamiliar territory for me, I think back to Christmas Eve.

The day my world was turned upside down by the news of my mother.

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