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Shape of Darkness: Darker and Darker (Book 4)

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After the emerge of Monarch, the rise of a new times and the presence of the living personification of chaos and hunger, Cain. The bearers may have to learn of their new enemies behind the scene. May it be darkness or light, the trio will not stop until they can find peace like before.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Cain, The Hunger

The wind blows at the forest so hard today, and darkness filled the bright land into an eternal night over the house. The atmosphere felt different in the air, with mist and plants left ripe and unharvested. Water drips down from the roofs into the ground, filling a mud on the ground. Today, was not a good day for them.

"..." Adam and Erebeth stares at the empty chair on the dining table, which was once a place where Apollo sits on. While Adam seems not eating his food today, Erebeth fully consumed her plate to the end.

"Yum! This steak is tasty! I didn't eat stuff like this in Underworld!" Ares finish his plate early.

"Ares, please don't talk loud in the dining table." Lucy annoyed by his presence.

"Sorry." Ares goes to wash his plate.

"..." The two still stares at the empty seat.

"You guys...still pondering over that seat for 15 minutes. Don't you think it's too much?" Lucy questions their behavior

"Too much? What do you mean too much?" Adam utters at her while keeping his eyes on the chair.


"Is it too much to ask for your uncle to stay here? Even after everything we did to him?"

"I don't think that makes him even happier here."

Bak! Erebeth stabs the table with her fork.

"..." Erebeth continues eating.

"He did this for all of you because he felt responsible to pay for what he did to Ares. He would've left if he can, but he still stays for me and him." Lucy breaks the news for them.

"Then why did he...leave us now??" Adam bent his spoon by his wrath.

"..." Lucy looks at them with pity. Either they are a fool, or they cannot accept rejection.

Rejection is not a choice for them. Even if it means by violence, the two would've done it to keep their loved one with them. In a world where darkness are associated with evil, and a man is blamed for nothing, they would've kept someone or something that adores them for once. Apollo is the first person whom had refuse at their affection and warm-but-cold inside presence.

But why did they felt a change of heart after his action that results with supposedly death of Ares? Was it the punishment? Or was it the mutual feelings they developed for him? Who comes and stays for them before their change of attitude? They could've killed him, had he didn't show his warmth towards them at first.

"Your uncle lives here for 23 years...he could've lived more and happier with you...the world didn't need him...he only need us." Adam stands up, leaving his plate to Erebeth to eat.

"And you're already 22 years old by now. You should've now better about this, dear." Adam scold her.

"Father...I think you didn't know him."

"So? Does it matter? I can reshape him on my vision if I had to know him. Maybe all of us can loved him in our way!"

"*Nom* *Nom*" Erebeth eats all the food on the plate.

"Mother, don't you think it's too much foods on you already?" Lucy stares at her finishing five plates.

"I still feel hungry...and I don't like it." Erebeth comments as she heads outside.

"Where are you going?" Adam brings the plate to kitchen.

"Outside..." She leaves the house.

"Hmm...yeah, maybe a fresh air can clean this terrible day." Adam wash the dishes.

Lucy and Ares goes to check Erebeth from the window, worrying that she will do something terrible to cope. But rather finding her doing malicious intention to bring back Apollo or any ill-seeking intention, they just find her plucking crops out of the dirt and feed herself with it.

"Uh...father?" Lucy and Ares saw Erebeth feasting over their crops, raw and ripe from the ground.

"Father, I think mom is trying to eat the plants outside." Ares watch her from outside.

"Yeah, that's how she heal her loss. Let her fill the void, that will always be endless for her. After all, it really cost nothing to be happy isn't it?" Adam watch from the window, holding Lucy.

"..." The two watched her furiously finishes off the entire lawn in five minutes, and still remain thin.

"I feel like this is going to be worse." Ares comments.

"We're going to starve in winter?"

"No, starvation is only for dad. We can't starve, remember?"

"Oh, right..."

5 days later.

Erebeth continues eating, that she even has not leaving any for her children and husband during that time. Adam felt a sudden starvation and he was ready to kill a boar for himself. Times felt tougher and Erebeth's stomach remains empty despite everything she ate.

"Father." Lucy calls him from the door of their room.

"Hm?" Adam wakes up, seeing Erebeth not beside him.

"What? Where's your mother?"

"She's on kitchen...eating again."

"What? Ugh..." Adam goes to kitchen.

Adam goes to the kitchen and finds Ares looking at Erebeth finishing an entire fridge by herself. He is unsure whether he should be impressed or afraid that his mother beat his own appetite.

"Oh, Father...she's...kind of hungry." Ares reports

"Dear...what are you doing?" Adam calls on her.

"..." Erebeth ignores him and continues to feast.

"Are you really wishes for this?"


"This goes nowhere...and you hurt us."

"Your hunger will only feed at nothing. And by nothing, I mean it is a waste of matter to you, love." Adam grasp at her arm.

"I knew that one day...he will learn to face our wrath or be guilty of leaving us. Either way, he'll be back. But not now...and not tomorrow."


"He adored our child...I think that maybe he'll find peace and love to us. But not us. Which is why...*sigh* Which...is....why..."

"He's not going back...and we have to wait for it."

"Beside, we didn't have dinner today because of you."

"So, please...we're keeping that ration for winter." Adam grasp at her shoulder trying to convince her.

"*nom* *nom*" Erebeth doesn't buys it.

"Love, please stop it."

"..." She eats more.

"Stop it."


"Please, Stop it."

"..." She keeps on munching it over and over.

"Stop it!" Adam slaps the plant out of her hands.

"Augh..." Erebeth leans on the counter behind her.

"You're not the only one who was hurt here! If you really wants someone to share you pain, you always have me!" Adam scold one.

"I don't like him leaving too! But who are we to decide that?? Please...don't let this becoming one of our tragedy again..."

"Hrgh..." She wasn't convinced by his words.

"Don't we agree to not uphold past and grieves for future? We have each other...and our kids."

"Ack..." She felt pain in her stomach, as she fell to the floor.

"Mother!" Lucy and Ares comes to aid her

"Dear..." Adam stares at her, feeling her pain of loss.

"I think you're exaggerating this now..."

"Ugh..." She grabs on Lucy and Ares tightly

"Ack...mother! Too tight!"

"Dear! Stop it! You're hurting our children! This grief didn't need to go far!" Adam tries to set them free from Erebeth's grasp.

"Father...I don't think mother is mourning." Ares touch her belly, and he felt something moving, like hands roaming around her belly's wall.

"AAH!" Erebeth scream in pain, shattering the light of the torch into pieces, that pieces becomes Tyth on the ground.

"Woah!" The three trembles by the scream.

"Agh!!!" Erebeth shatters the starry night skies into a total darkness. Everything on earth dims, as sun and light were vanished.

"Love! Wait!"

"Ah!!" Lucy and Ares were freed, but they hide behind Adam's legs while they tried to withstand the disaster she made.

The earth enters a dark age, and everyone was terrified. All entities and being are not capable to understand what has happened to them. They cannot trace the sources, as all is covered in dark and no light can shine, not even a primordial light.

"Ah-" Woosh! Ima dimmed to her lowest light, suffocating in Nowhere when she follows Gabriel at the ship to East.

"Whoa...mom?" Gabriel light stand still, even by her power. The darkness protects his light from fading.


"Ares! Lucy! Hold on to me!!" Adam grasp at the two tightly, keeping them safe from the dark.

"Hold on my back!" Adam commands his children to grasp from his behind so he can help Erebeth.

"Dear! Listen to me! You can do it! Okay? Take a deep breath!" Adam gives his hands to her to grasp.

"Aggh!!!" The scream lowered, thanks to his hand. But now, it kills his hand into the End, where it remains only to be grasp for her pain.

"Is it hurt?" Ares can sees the bone coming out.

"Yep, that hurts...so much." Adam holds the pain while aiding Erebeth.

"Ugh..." Erebeth feel the pain lowers, as their child slowly comes out.

"Lucy, can you help her?"

"What? How?" Lucy confused

"Ease her pain by dream!"

"On it!" Lucy set her mother to sleep.

"Ugh...huh...*pant* *pant*" She felt dizzy, her pain weakens.

"I can't...hold it! The pain...it's too much!" Lucy suffers from her pain. As a child of darkness, the pain ration was 1:125 for her.

"Hold on!" Ares siphons her pain and rage.

"Agh! You're right! Fucking...I mean it's painful!" For Ares, it's like 1:115.

"Come on! You can do it!"


Bloop! The baby comes out of her stomach instantly, absorbing the darkness Erebeth has casted upon the earth and returns the light at once. Ima returns brighter, and flame burns brighter once again.

"Ugh!" Esil awakens in his shrine. The shrine of Dream and Wishes.

"My lord! Are you okay?"

"What was that? Why did I feel no lights on earth? What has consumed it?" Esil and Gabriel ask at the same time.

"What a nightmare...is it Malo's work?" A light bearer guesses.

"No...not this dark. This is a work of the darkness itself. As I am not light, this one is...stronger." Esil comments.

"Who could it be? Who could be the darkest than Malo?"

"The one who reign supreme at nothing." Esil slithers to earth, looking for the source of the darkness.

"I feel a strong presence...I feel a dense and absolute power beyond mine." Malo awakens at his shrine. The Shrine of Nightmare and Despair.

"What do you mean, My lord?" A dark bearer helps him

"I feel more than darkness...not just an absence of light..."

"But everything at once."

"I must find it, before it was gone and lost to the light cause." Malo flies above to earth.

"Wait, my lord!"

"Who is it?" The two guardian question upon their travel to Earth.

"Love, are you okay? Tell me you didn't hit yourself to Nowhere." Adam checks her breath and heartbeat.

"Uhm*pant*...I*pant*I'm fine. How's...*pant*the baby?" Erebeth retrieves his hands from Nowhere.

"Father?" Lucy carries their new little brother.

The child was a male, adorned in an obsidian skin that reflects no light and five holes roaming his face, three small on top of his forehead, one medium in the middle and one large on the bottom where his mouth was. He has no eyes or nose, making him appears like human being punctured on the face by multiple pipes at the same time.

His hair burns an ash of supposedly fire, that keeps burning at a lowest heat ever. It remains black, but it was slightly warm than ever. The baby cries with his stomach and lungs becomes active, feeling the air and emptiness for the first time.

"Oh...what a newborn we've had today. What a darkness we shall attain." Adam pats his newborn baby.

"The Goddess has given us another life to aid."

"A dark but faithful child."

"I will rest assure your flesh and bone intact, my son."

"Forgive me for my..."

"Anger, love."

"Really? He looks like one of the man you executed for entering our home." Lucy points out at the crucified man with punctured hole in his face, dead and nailed. That man is a priest from the robe having cross symbol on it.

"But he's an adult, Lucy. So he's not really that adorable like him."

Adam felt another joy for a child, for he has always adored everything that Erebeth create. Lucy hands the child to Adam, helping him to soothe down the baby. But the baby suddenly cries even louder than before.

"*CRYING SOUND*" The baby cries, breathing and feeling hungry.

"Shh! Shh! H-hey, it's okay...it's okay..." Adam pats him carefully, calming down the baby.

"*Crying sound*" The baby cries, asking for a food.

"Uh...I think he wants to eat something..."

"But we don't have anything to feed him?" Ares checks around the wardrobe. All rations are empty under Erebeth's hunger.

"I'm sorry." Erebeth lean on the table counter drawer.

"It's okay! It's okay! We can find him a food to eat." Adam stands up and carried his son to outside.

"Wow, what a mouthful this one." Adam sits on the ground while carrying his newborn on his arms.

"I think I've been going through a lot today."

"First, I lost a child."

"Second, I lost a friend."

"Third, I earn another child."

"I think today was not a good day to hold my tears."

"Father, you're react too much. This little boy should be a reason for you to not cry."

"I'm going to call this little one Limiosis, because he is a hungry god!" Ares pats the baby.

"No, we shouldn't named him with that. Too long, and too boring."

"Boring? What's so boring with that name? Limiosis."

"It sounds like a disease for bone."

"What? How dare you?" Ares body incinerate.

"Ares, Lucy. Don't fight." Adam stops them.

"Sorry, father."

"Your mom will name him. As the darkness that reign from one larger darkness, only she has the right to name her creation."

"Heh, dear. I think I'm not ready to talk again. I'll give the right to you to name him." Erebeth passes out.

"Oh, well...I guess that means I'll name him."

"So, what should we named him?"


"Your uncle is a one living hunger too. He was a light in a better way than anyone else could be."

"And this one is a better darkness like his mother."

"And he also looked disproportionate as a god. I mean, he has a lot of mouth and improper body."



"Hunger? Disorder? That sounds like a worst combination ever."

"But it make sense when it comes to harm against others."

"A destruction to fill the empty. Not by wrath, but by ill of order."

"A freedom! Fulfillment to a

"Chaos and hunger. That sounds much like me!"

"Wow..." Lucy was kind of disappointed with that idea.

"To be free, I slain the chain that feeds my hunger for love."

"With a sigil, my freedom is the one fulfilling the hunger."

"And I know what to name him."

"..." Adam looks at his mark on his chest.


Adam takes out a raw rabbit meat on the salted pot. He fed Cain with the meat, which immediately eaten so fast by him in a moment of seconds. It surprised everyone, as it cries were distracted and noise of chewing and consuming was heard in an echo because Cain eats with open mouth.

"Close your mouth when eating, young one." Adam helps him eat.

"*Crying sound*" Cain still hungers for more.

"Still hungry? Surprising...you two fed well with rabbit meat."

"It looks like it." Erebeth poke Cain's face.

"Then let's feed the hungry."

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