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The once respectful Alpha's daughter becomes a slave after her pack was slaughtered. Will the mockery and abuse awaken her bloodline? Will she defeat the enemy and come back as the Alpha Queen? On the day she got her Wolf, she also met her mate, her second chance mate after being rejected by Ethan Reed, the would be Alpha of the Grimfur pack. Ethan thought by rejecting her, he hurt her deeply which was his initial aim before he fell in love with her but little did he know that by rejecting her, he just made getting her revenge on his pack, much more easier and this time around, she wasn't alone because she had her second chance mate by her side, Liam Alvarez who happened to be the Lycaon King of The Bloodmoon Manes Pack, the strongest pack in the United States. EXCERPT: "Mate!" Kayla said in my head and I groaned. Having a mate was not part of my agenda especially after having a mate like Ethan. "Is it possible to have another mate after just rejecting one?" "Mate!" Kayla said again and I sighed. "Fine, let's go find this mate of yours," I trailed the sweet and enticing scent and found myself face to face with the last person I expected to see. "YOU?!" I shrieked with a huge scowl on my face. He côcked his head to the side, a devilish smirk curling up his lips and a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Well, well," He chuckled. "We meet yet again, Witch."

Fantasy / Thriller
Diana Longe
4.7 13 reviews
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Chapter 1

"Mom, Dad." Seven year old Iris called quietly as she watched her parents kneel in front of the Alpha of the Grimfur Canines Pack from afar. A tear dropped from her left eye because she knew the fate that awaited them. The warriors of the Grimfur Canines Pack had already murdered the warriors and Omegas in her pack. Just the Beta, Gamma, a few warriors and her parents were alive.

"What have we done to deserve this?" George, her father and the Alpha, asked. "We did you no harm!"

"You haven't done anything, yet," Alpha Cray, the Alpha of the Grimfur Canines Pack, said. "At the rate by which your pack is growing stronger, one of these days, you'll challenge me for my pack just as I've done to you. I can't, will not wait for that to happen. Killing you is the only way to prevent you from overthrowing me as the strongest and most feared Alpha."

"You'll pay for this Cray, I swear you'll pay for this," Alpha George growled in anger.

"How?" Alpha Cray chuckled darkly. "You're not going to leave here alive. Every one of your pack members will die by my hand. No one will avenge your death or the destruction of your pack. No one at all." Alpha Cray laughed menacingly while Alpha George glared at him. "Or better still," His eyes zeroed in on Irene Winchester, the Luna. "I can keep your wife as a trophy, a reminder of today, I'm pretty sure my wife won't mind," He said while ogling her.

"If you lay a fücking hand on my wife I'll kill you right here and now!" Alpha George growled and lunged at Alpha Cray but six warriors held him down on time before he could get to Alpha Cray.

"Calm down pup, I'm just messing with you like old times," Alpha Cray winked. "By the way," He added, looking around. "I thought you had a child, a daughter to be precise or am I mistaken?"

Iris gasped and quickly hid from view even though from where she was watching from, no one could see her.

Alpha George sighed and looked away. "She's dead. She died a week ago."

"Tsk," Alpha Cray clicked his tongue. "Too bad, she would have been a perfect partner for my son. Well, you're in luck because both you and your beautiful wife here will soon join her." He took a step back and signaled to the warriors. "Hold him down."

The warriors forced Alpha George to his knees and grabbed his head, forcing it back and revealing his neck to Alpha Cray. Iris watched in horror as Alpha Cray transformed into his huge Grey Wolf and bit the head of her father off and then her mother and tossed them aside.....


I woke up with a gasp from the horrid dream which I had. A reminder of what happened eleven years ago when I was orphaned by the Grimfur Canines Pack, when those monsters murdered my family and my pack. I sat up on my makeshift bed and wiped the sweat that had pooled, from my forehead. Eleven years and I still had nightmares. Watching the heads of my parents being ripped off and tossed aside still haunted me. Not a day went by that I didn't relive that day.

I took a deep breath to calm my racing heart and blinked away the tears that were threatening to fall.

"HEY!" I heard a loud banging on the basement door. "Are you going to spend the entire day in there Elise?! Do not make me come in here to drag you out by your ear!!" A familiar voice yelled as he continuously banged on the door.

I rolled my eyes in frustration, And yeah, I forgot to add, the same pack that killed my family was the same pack that decided to take me in and raise me not as one of their own, definitely not but as a freaking slave that cleaned up their shït.

The only comforting thing about being their slave was that in three days time, I would be turning eighteen which also meant I'd be getting my Wolf. For the first time in eleven years, I'd finally have a companion. Someone to talk to and share my burden with and then I could put my escape plan into motion and get the fücking hell away from here for good. Right then, I didn't know where exactly I would go to after escaping but I'd figure that out along the way.

Luckily for me, the same day I got my Wolf was the ceremony for the current Alpha's son to take over as the new Alpha. I'd use that opportunity to escape, by the time they realized I had escaped, I'd be long gone.

"ELISE!" He yelled again and I sighed.

"Coming," I groaned out and stood up from the really small bed I was given. I walked to the door and opened it to find the head of the Omegas, Mark, standing there and shooting me a deadly glare.

"What the fück were you doing?!" He growled. "I've been knocking for the past five minutes!"

"Sorry," I murmured dryly.

"Sorry?! That's all you have to say?!"

"What else do you want me to say?" I shrugged nonchalantly.

"One of these days, your attitude is going to get you in serious trouble and I won't be there to save your a$$!" He snapped.

"Can't wait," I said in a bored tone and he gritted his teeth in anger. Another word from my mouth and he'd probably snap. "Get your a$$ to the kitchen and help the other Omegas to prepare breakfast."

"Give me five minutes."

"Five minutes?!! You've already wasted enough..... " Before he could finish his statement, I slammed the door in his face. "ELISE!" He yelled but I ignored him and walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

Intentionally, ten minutes later, I walked into the kitchen without a care in the world that I was extra late.

"Where have you been?!" Maria snapped at me.

"None of your business!" I snapped back.

"Wait till the Alpha hears you've been slacking off lately."

"Like I care," I rolled my eyes and went ahead to wash the vegetables.

When we were all done preparing the breakfast for the top pack members, Maria went ahead to serve them. A minute later, she returned and gave me a devilish smirk.

"Alpha Cray wants to see you."


"When do you think bítch?!"

I sighed and shook my head before getting down from counter top.

"I hope he kicks you out of the pack house like the miserable bítch you are," Maria said in an undertone as I passed by her on my way out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

"You called for me, Alpha," I said while looking directly into his eyes without an ounce of fear, when I walked into the dining room. Alpha Cray liked when people showed fear in his presence. I did not fear him and there was nothing that he could do to make me fear him since he was never my Alpha. His Alpha tone never worked on me neither did his consistent beating and insults. At some point, he gave up.

"How dare you look your Alpha in his eyes as you speak to him, who do you think you are?!" Sarah, his wife and Luna of the pack, growled at me.

I shot her a bored look. "How about you mind your business, after all, I was talking to the Alpha and not you."

Sarah gasped and balled her fist. "You fücking tramp, I am your Luna!"

"No, you are not. My Alpha and Luna died eleven years ago when you and your fücking pack raided my home. You guys will never rule over me. I will never bow down to a coward who calls himself an Alpha!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Alpha Cray roared and slammed his fists hard on the table. He used his Alpha tone but as usual, it didn't work on me and I didn't tremble like he expected. "Whether or not I'm your Alpha, you're still in my pack which means, you still have to respect me."

"That will never happen!!"

"Elise." He called lowly. "You know what happens when you disrespect me or any of the high ranking members," He stood up from his seat and stopped a few steps from me. "You have a chance to redeem yourself, Elise. Bow down to me and I'll overlook your attitude and who knows, I might decide to give you a better rank. Might train you and make you one of my warriors."

I shook my head and chuckled darkly. "I rather be a slave than bow down to the likes of you!" Then I spat on his shoe.


His large palm landed on my face in anger.

"You had your chance," He growled. "Ethan! Take her to the dungeon. Maybe after spending the night with the rats, she'll learn her lesson."

"It's still too early father. Lots of work to be done."

"Very well then. Once she's done with her work, throw her into the dungeon," He adjusted his suit jacket. "One of these days Elise, you will learn your lesson, I'll make sure of it."

"All the best," I sneered and walked away without a backward glance.


I watched as Elise stomped out of the dining room with a narrowed eyes. I had been eighteen for almost two years and I was already aware of Elise being my mate but since she hadn't gotten her Wolf, she didn't feel the pull of the mate toward me like I felt it toward her. I had no idea when her birthday was so I had no idea when she would get her Wolf but when she did get it and walked up to me, I would reject her without hesitation. I could not have the daughter of an Omega as a mate, an Omega of a rival pack for that matter. That would be like a stain to my reputation as the would be Alpha. A whole me, mated to the daughter of an Omega who happened to be a slave in my pack. I scoffed, the moon Goddess must have been playing some kind of silly trick on me because even she should have known that an Alpha like me would never let my children come from the bloodline of a filthy Omega. No way.

"She's never going to learn her lesson, father," I said as I cut the medium cooked steak on my plate. "You've known her to always be feisty since she was, I don't know.... Six? Seven? Ever since you brought her into the pack, she has never, for once, shown any fear toward you or anyone in the pack. You're practically wasting your time with her," I added in a bored manner.

"You of all people should know that anyone who disrespects me will get severely punished and I will stop at nothing to have that trash of a girl bow down to me. She will apologize to both me and your mother."

"And I too, daddy," Selina, my sister added.

"That's right, sweetheart. Elise will learn to respect us all whether she likes it or not."

"Hmm," I hummed and stood up. "I'm full, I'll be heading up to my room now," I pecked my mom on her cheek and ruffled Selina's hair before excusing myself and locking myself in the room.

To be honest, I never really liked the way my father treated Elise and the most annoying thing was that this feeling began when I got my Wolf and realized that she was my mate. I didn't want to feel things like that but I couldn't help it, they just came. Most times, I felt tempted to defend her just like today when she got slapped by my father. It took a lot of efforts to stop myself from lunging at my father. All hell would have broken loose if I did.

What I did to prevent myself from feeling all these things was sleep with various women in the pack. I believed sleeping with them would make it easier to reject Elise when she got her Wolf and I also wanted to hurt her, I wanted her to feel pain beyond comparison and honestly, I had no reason why. I just always enjoyed seeing her in pain which was rarely, before the whole mate thing began.

I picked up my phone and sent a message to the daughter of the Gamma asking her to meet me in my room. Talia and I had been having fun together, pending the moment we both found our mates. Talia had gotten her Wolf but she hadn't found her mate and she also thought I hadn't gotten mine. We both satisfied each other's needs whenever we needed to. Talia always thought I'd make her my Luna but I'd rather not have someone like her a partner of mine.

A minute after I made the call, the door opened and in walked Talia.

"Ready for me?" She asked seductively as she unbuttoned her shirt. I beckoned her over with a finger which made her grin. She catwalked toward me completely nakéd and went down on her knees. I stood up and undid the belt, button and zip of my trousers before pulling it down along with my boxer briefs.


She took hold of my côck and took me in her mouth, whole. That's what I loved about her, she knew just how to make use of her mouth. I grabbed her blonde hair in my fist as I bent my head backward, enjoying the way her wet tongue glided over my côck.

When I felt I was close to having an orgâsm, I pulled out of her mouth and pulled her up, throwing her on the bed. She bit her lower lip as she shot me a seductive look. I grabbed a condóm from the drawer and put it on then I flipped Talia so that she was laying on her tummy with her bútt up in the air, my palm pressing hard on her lower back.

I used my knees to separate her legs and settled myself between them. Without warning, I slid my côck into her and she let out a gasp which ended up turning into a moan when I began to thrûst. With each thrûst, I slammed hard into her, my bâlls slapping against her a$$. The room was filled with our groans, grunts and moans.

I couldn't help but imagine Elise was the one beneath me, the one I was slamming my côck hard into her tight vàgina. I've always wanted her but I could and would never have her because I would never stoop so slow as to be with an Omega. Talia was the daughter of a Gamma, the third in command, third strongest and the third highest title a Wolf could have, making her worthy enough to be my Luna which by the way would never happen. Talia was only great for séx but not for the Luna duties that'd be required of her if I were to mate with her.

To be honest, my Wolf, Cain, hated it when I had séx with other women that wasn't our mate. He claimed that every time I had séx, it hurt him but I never believed him, I just felt that he was being overly dramatic and ended up pushing him to the back of my mind just as I did when I was fücking Talia.

Safe to read.

After a few more thrûsts, I finally had an orgâsm. Without a second of delay, I pulled out and tossed the condóm into the trash can.

"That felt great," Talia said breathlessly but I ignored her and headed to the bathroom. "By the time I return, you should have been out of my room," I murmured before slamming the door.

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