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The Myrii

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When two beings from different worlds meet, what will happen to the world?

Fantasy / Adventure
James Kinsella
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Prologue: The Magic Birth

In a small hamlet, a cry is heard, the signal of a new birth. A baby unlike any other, with a will to save and a fire in his heart. His cries radiate through the small hamlet, awakening all that hear it. They are drawn to him like moths to the flame, huddling around the door after the others pushed in. His mother shocked by the amount of people in her house, unable to speak a word. The baby on the other hand manages to speak, a single word, just loud enough for his mother to hear.

“Hero”, the baby whispers, his mother’s face lighting up.

The townspeople have brought gifts for the baby, such as a new crib, filled with a soft bear, and a knitted blanket. An older man picks up the baby and rests him in the crib, as his mother has fallen asleep, after the arduous birth. He coos softly in his crib, looking around at the people as they smile and make their way out of the house.

Hours pass and his mother finally awakens, smiling at her son, she picks him up and cradles him in her arms. He smiles softly at her, as she hums a little tune, filling him with joy. As he suckles at her teat, she continues to hum. Little creatures pick up on the tune and flutter about the house. A small pixie holds a baby in her arms and floats by the window with her husband. This pixie is dressed in a long flowing green gown and her hair is done up. She is taller than most of the female pixies, but dwarfed by her husband.

“Sierin, don’t you think it’s rather interesting that, our daughter was born on the same day as this human child” she asks as her daughter coos softly. “I mean it isn’t so normal for two children to be born on the same day that end up meeting each other. Even though they are only babies, the fact that they have come in contact so quickly has to say something.”

Sierin a stern looking pixie with a long beard and dark gray eyes, watches the young boy. His silver robe flows down his body covering the strong body of a strong leader.He also wonders why these two were born on the same day and wonders if the universe has something in store for them.

“Merald, I think there might be a reason behind these births, and it might behoove us to stay close to these people. This boy might prove to be connected to our daughter and I would hate for the thread of destiny to be broken.”

Merald nods to her husband who snaps his fingers. A brutish being flies in carrying boxes, and bags on its back. This being is a carriage fly, and carries the belongings of these impish pixie like folk, known as Myrii. The Myrii are a fairy folk who live in the forest around this hamlet. They have been living there for centuries watching over things. The Myrii stay in the forest making sure things go on as they should, if they were to leave things might not end out well.

“My dear, I will be back, I am going to fetch that impertinent son of ours” states Sierin as he kisses his wife, and his daughter’s forehead. “I will be back soon, don’t stray too far from Roska. Roska please watch over them alright?”

Merald smiles as her husband flies away, she can’t help but be drawn into the house as the music is pulls her close, and doesn’t seem to want to let her go. As she flies in her daughter coos more, seeming to be happier than before. She rests on a table behind the boy and his mother. The mother sensing something has entered the house looks around and spots the pixie. She senses no ill will and smiles at her, sensing also that she gave birth.

“He..Hello” she says looking at Merald unsure of what to say, seeing as she never saw a winged creature like her before.

Merald is slightly shocked, that this woman saw her, and can’t seem to speak. She flies up and holds out her baby to show this human. The boy’s mother looks down warmly at the little fairy babe. The babe shifts and seems to look up at the woman, still not able to see well, a smile still lights up her face.

“She’s quite lovely, I think it is lovely that both of our children were born on the same day” she remarks. “Would you like something to drink? I can’t offer much but I can get you some Falls Water. Falls water is a special drink I have managed to procure, it did take a wall gathering but I can spare some.”

Merald clears her throat, as she is parched. She had not had anything to drink since she gave birth, as she had no intention of talking. But seeing this woman and her baby changed her mind almost immediately. She cleared her throat as the woman looked at her waiting for her answer.

“Why, that sounds lovely” she replied forgetting that she was so much smaller than her hostess. She flitted up and stood on the woman’s shoulder before repeating herself.

“Well, then I’ll go get you a thimble full” said the woman as she placed the boy in the cradle. “This should quench your thirst quite thoroughly. Feel free to keep my son company.”

Merald fluttered over the crib and landed squarely on the boy’s stomach. The boy looked curiously at the small figure before him. His eyes seemed to say, ‘Come closer, I will not hurt you’.

She shuffled forward slowly as her daughter cooed, to herself. As she stepped closer she felt a warm breeze, unsettling her for a moment. It was as if she was outside on a midsummer day, dancing in the breeze. She shook it off and moved closer to the boy, as his mother watched silently. Suddenly there was a flash Merald was standing outside the crib. This time however, she was the same size as the boy’s mother, and her daughter the same size as the boy.

“Well, I guess this thimble won’t be enough to quench your thirst now” says the boy’s mother with a chuckle. “I’m Celina, it is nice to see you as I see myself” she said patting Merald on the shoulder.

“I’m Merald, it is a pleasure” she replied. “I thank you for your hospitality as I am a stranger, and you really did not need to treat me as nicely as you have. It is quite nice, seeing as you are a human.”

Celina looked at her, and could there was something different about her house guest. She knew she could fly, but that didn’t seem so odd, as she might just be a mage. She shook it off and smiled warmly, pouring her a glass of water.

“Here, you must taste this, it is delicious.”

Unbeknownst to them, Sierin has come back for his wife. He looked around for her with his son, but to no avail. He began to panic, as he had hoped she would stay by Roska their carriage fly. Merald always did this, she never could manage to stand idle and wait for him. Her curiosity burned brighter than the sun. She needed to know everything, and learning made her so happy. He still worried, and now was no exception.

“Slugis, we must find your mother, where do you think she could have gone” he asked his son with worry in his eyes. “I mean we are in the middle of nowhere, and besides if humans are around there is no way they would allow her to come near. We aren’t even usually allowed to be in the presence of humans, so where could she go?”

“I don’t know dad, what am I her babysitter” he replied nastily. Slugis was a nasty young man, born from a night of passion between his father and a noxious Fugelinf, a smog eating winged creature that look strikingly like the Myrii. They prey on the Myrii men by transforming into the one they love the most. They are the darkest type of fairy to exist as the darkness courses through them in tandem with their blood. Of course some were darker than others.

“Slugis. if we weren’t in such a predicament I’d take you down and kill you right here” Sierin said with a cold glare. “I don’t even know why I keep you around, you are never one to help, especially if there is nothing in it for you.”

Slugis just shook off the threat and smirked at his father, not caring what he said, because he had no follow through. He knew that he could act any way he wanted and get away with it. As he looked around he saw the two women in the small house. He knew that if they didn’t find Merald and his little sister, then he would have to be alone with his father who despised the boy. He pretended to look around and then looked back at his father.

“Father, look in that house, you might be surprised by who is in there” he said looking down at his feet. “How stupid can you be, did you not look at all” he thought to himself as his father glared at him

Sierin thought to himself wondering if his son was playing a trick on him. He knew that a boy and his mother lived there, but he didn’t think anyone else lived there. As a Myrii he was in tune with the world and sensed when things were happening. He knew when people were born or died, and it warmed his heart seeing how much a person could change just by having a child in their life.He had been in the area for a while and knew that the boy’s mother had been living alone since she was impregnated.

“Well, aren’t you going to look? I don’t have it in me to be nice again, so just trust me. Oh, and you know faking something like that really isn’t my style, I’d much rather do something far worse.”

Sierin looks at Slugis and shakes his head, oh how he hated that boy. He sighs and looks back at the house. Shocked that two women are standing there each holding a newborn baby. He realizes that his wife is the second woman and he grabs his son by the his collar and ties him to Roska, glaring at him. He flies into the house and watches from a ledge.

“A human woman and a myrii woman, conversing like old friends. How odd, I would have never guessed something like this would be possible.”

After Merald introduced herself, the two women had not said a word, except for the woman offering her a drink. They both were tired and needed sleep. Celina was keeping herself awake because she had a guest who obviously had no where to go. Her guest was quiet because she was shocked that she had grown. Her wings moved things hanging behind her when she flapped them unconsciously. She stopped flapping her wings and stood looking at her.

“Well, this is interesting” said Sierin to himself. “Who would have thought that she would grow to human size? What kind of power must this woman possess? She must be some sort of enchantress to have power so great that she can change things from small to large without effort. Or, could it be that baby in the cradle?”

Sierin flew over to the boy and landed on his stomach. The boy smiled again, as he had already grown to love these creatures despite just being born hours before. He cooed happily at Sierin and his eyes spoke to him as well.

‘You are my friend, come closer’ they said causing Sierin to wonder what would happen.

Merald had sensed someone entered the house, and looked around the room.She could tell something had entered the house and suddenly realized it had to be Sierin. She scanned the room, and realized he had to be in the cradle. Merald looked down at her husband and he looked up at her sensing eyes on him. He looked quizzically at her wondering why she wasn’t her usual size.

Merald’s eyes spoke for her and he walked towards the boy. In a flash he was also human size standing on the opposite size of the crib. He was certainly shocked that he had grown but it was hardly remarkable as his wife was also the same size as he was. Celina said nothing as she could tell this stranger was with her guest. Sierin walked outside and picked up the carriage gingerly. He untied his son and placed him in small pouch. He brought the carriage in and tied it to a post.

“Hello, lady of the house, so sorry for this intrusion” he said breaking the silence of the house. “I do hope we are not keeping you from anything important. If we are we will find somewhere else to spend the night.

“No not at all, I’m glad to have the company of another new mother” Celina said kindly. “No other women in this village can have children anymore so I have been without someone to talk to. They seem to think I am not worth the effort, even though they all went out of their way to give my son gifts. That is the good thing about living in a place without children, they all have so much love to give.”

Sierin nodded and furrowed his brow. He looked down at the babe, cooing softly as he stared at these magical creatures in his house. He definitely could tell that there was something special about this boy. Especially since by getting close to him, he and his family had grown to human size. This boy must be the one foretold in the destiny of the Myrii.

“Well, if you have no place to go, you can stay here” the boy’s mother said with a tired smile. “We might not have much but we can share what we have.”

Sierin said nothing but untied their carriage fly and picked up their miniature possessions, placing them on the boy’s chest they grew to full size and appeared beside the cradle. Now at full size they took up a lot of space.

“We will spend the night, and build a house next to yours in the morning,” Sierin said with a small smile, as he began to adjust their possessions, pushing what they had against the wall. The house was full to the brim but they could get to their bed.

The group bid each other goodnight, and climbed into their beds as their children had fallen asleep in their cribs. When their parents had fallen asleep a glow surrounded the children and they floated up out of their cribs for a moment the glow surrounded them together. These two babies were bonded by fate, and their fate would shake the world, with their love.

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