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Alpha Kane

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At the age of 31 Alpha Kane Locus Black had given up on looking for his mate, since the age of 18 it was all he wanted, now at 31 he was cold, scary and distant Alpha to his pack. Until he meets Sora. His little human mate. * Book 1 of the Alpha series *

Fantasy / Romance
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A knock on the door makes my head snap up, with a growl “WHAT!”

This better be fucking important.

After the night I’ve just had, getting nowhere with the mess inside my office, I didn’t want anyone to bother me, so I made sure I was left alone until I was done with my pack business before anyone came to me with more problems and more fucking paperwork.

I see my beta step into the room and I growl at his presence, pissing me off instantly knowing it’s probably not that important, and he’s just come to annoy me, like he usually does.

“That’s no way to greet your best friend and Beta, Kane.” He grins widely much to my annoyance as he strolls into my office like he owned it.

I was in no mood for him today, nor anyone, and he had exactly one minute before I personally threw him out of my office.

“This better be fucking important or get out of my sight.” I snarl from my desk as I lean back, trying to calm my wolf who has been on edge more than usual.

Maybe I need a run?

Or I just needed sleep.

My beta laughs. “When was the last time you slept? You look like shit man.”

I pick up the book ‘Tales from The Vale’ from my desk and throw it at his head, which he dodges, making me growl out disappointed that he saw it coming.

I stand up glaring at my beta Lucas. “Did you interrupt me for a reason?” I snarl out, I really don’t want to deal with his worrying shit over me like he’s my fucking mother.

Lucas’s smile turns to a wide smirk. “Amanda gave birth, I have a son.”

I exhale and I stare at my beta and possibly the only person who can stand in my presence without terror written on their faces. Giving a genuine smile, he is a good beta and.. friend, I know he will be a good father.

So that’s why he’s here... now I feel even worse.

“Congratulations.” I walk over and slap him on the back, he is grinning like a guy who has it all. And he does, Amanda and Lucas have a great relationship, one I yearned for myself.

One day, this would be me, I had to believe it or else I’d drive myself crazy.

Lucas beams happily as I looked at him, happy that one of my oldest friends had finally got everything he wanted in life, he deserved it and I know his mate, Amanda was perfect for him in every way.

“I was terrified! Amanda was amazing as usual, she kicked my ass out halfway due to my freaking the fuck out then yelled at me throughout the delivery, I don’t think I have ever been happier being called all the curses names under the moon.” He laughs out loud.

I laugh with him, Amanda is a quiet little thing around me most of the time but since her pregnancy, she has been more vocal to Lucas and of course cursing his dick because of how much she disliked being worried over constantly by Lucas.

“The moon goddess blessed me, truly!” Lucas says happily sitting in one of the armchairs in front of my desk.

I swallow back the lump in my throat.

I was happy for him, I really was... but this feeling, it wouldn’t go away.

This emptiness.


We both remain quiet as I go and sit behind my desk, trying to hold back the irritation of my lack of sleep and the constant headache I’ve had for a month now, I needed to sleep and a run, that’s what usually helped me whenever I felt defeated.

“There’s a party this weekend, Amanda has begged me every day for a week to ask you if her close friend could get a visitor pass for a few days.” He scratched behind his ear, nervous as I stare at him.

Interesting, Lucas is never nervous, I wonder who this friend is?

“What’s the catch?” I ask curiously.

“She’s a human.”

“She doesn’t know about Amanda being a werewolf but they’ve been friends since Amanda moved out here to be with me, Amanda swears that she’s trustworthy and I believe her, she won’t be a problem.”

“We’d take full responsibility while she’s here.” He added.

Having a human in pack lands could cause problems, a problem I want to avoid given how much I didn’t trust humans.

Amanda and Lucas knew my dislike for humans, only a few trusted humans know about the pack, and every single one of them knew what would happen if they put my pack in danger, but a stranger I don’t know?

I wanted to say no, and have that be the end of it, but given how Lucas has never taken responsibility for a human before, he must really want this girl to see his mate.

I’ve hated all the human’s I’ve met, they were greedy, weak and whenever they spoke I wanted to snap their necks with my teeth, I despised leaving pack lands unless it was necessary.

Yet since Lucas and Amanda had never asked for a visitor pass before and Amanda would surely annoy the fuck out of Lucas and me if I said no, I decided just this once is fine.

“Whatever, just keep her away from me.” I huff out and go back to my work.

Lucas’s laugh bounces off the walls as stands up from his seat, shaking his head which adds to my frown and glare, knowing what was most likely going to come out of his mouth next.

“No fucking way! You’re coming to the party, Kane!” He grinned. “You need to meet your godson after all.”

This headache was becoming a full blown migraine.

“Lucas, I swear to fucking-”

“10 minutes! That’s all we ask.” He quickly interrupts me.

He’s not going to give up, and I don’t have time to talk about something so useless when I should be doing this shit done so I can sleep in an actual bed, instead of this fucking chair.

“Fucking fine!” I run my hands through my messy hair.

My wolf was getting more restless than usual and scratching to be let out for a run. “Just leave before I change my mind.”

Lucas grins like a Cheshire cat as I huff out my annoyance at how happy he was at my discomfort, he bows respectfully before me and then he leaves behind the double dark brown oak doors, knowing he just won and I lost this little game of his.

Exhausted and fucking tired of seeing the papers on my desk I let out a sigh and get up from my chair and walk out of my office, leaving the pile of mess behind me for another day.

My office was inside the pack house, it was usually always full with pack members playing around, but that was when my old man ran the pack, yet since I turned 18 and took over, the pack knew better than to slack off around me.

I was nothing like my old man, the last Alpha.

The pack feared me and I liked it that way, it made things simple.

Walking out of the packhouse and towards the forest, I strip off my clothes off, then I feel my bones start to break and click as I begin to shift into my wolf.

I crack my neck once fully transformed, desperate to release the built-up tension we couldn’t seem to escape.

I left my clothes on the forest bed, tired and frustrated from the shit I had to deal with today, I closed my eyes and let my wolf take control, needing a moment alone, if only for just a moment, I embraced the silence.

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