Heavenly Poison

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Chapter 2

Damien Gray

“They are so hot!” I kept hearing from some girls who were staring directly at us. Even though they were outside the store, they kept trying to get our attention.

Keeping up with his plan of returning to school, Sebastian had dragged me to the mall to shop for clothes.

We had enough clothes, so I was sure his reason for wanting to go out- to the mall specifically- had been another.

Even though they were far away, I was able to hear every murmur or whisper about how Sebastian and I were good looking.

Sebastian had a grin on his face, as he searched for some t-shirts.

“Hearing girls talk about you that way, really makes you happy?” I asked, as I leaned on the wall next to the shelves of shirts, with my arms crossed.

“Not really. But it is fun to see how easy it is to attract them without doing anything. Do you want some fun for tonight?” Sebastian asked, nodding toward three girls that had walked into the store.

I cocked an eyebrow, even though I wasn’t amused by his proposition.

“No, I’m going to go fly. You can suit yourself though. As long as you don’t do anything in the apartment, I’m good,” I told him in a low voice.

Sebastian turned to frown at me, putting back the shirt he’d been looking at.

“You know we have to be careful where we fly, right?” He asked.

“Have I ever exposed us?”

At my question, he shook his head, but still looked unsure.

“I’ll be flying with you then,” he stated.

I would’ve argued with him about it, if I knew it would make a difference. Whenever Sebastian made up his mind about something, there was no changing it.

“You know, I won’t expose what we are, just so that we have to leave this crappy town,” I told him, grinning right after.

“I know, but just to be safe,” he said, and I chuckled.

It was entertaining to watch him worry over it. His worrying about me being reckless was the only pay back I got, for having to put up with going to school next week.

“What are you going to order?” Sebastian asked.

After buying nothing at the mall, we left to go eat. Even though Sebastian had insisted that we eat in the food court, I wanted a place with less noise.

I was able to tune out noises, but a mall attracted girls just as much as Sebastian and I did. Sitting at the mall, while I heard girls discuss things that made my stomach twist in disgust- it wasn’t appealing to me.

The waitress walked over, giving Sebastian and me an appreciative look. While I scowled at her for appearing to be too- much, Sebastian was offering her a smirk.

“Are you ready to order?” She asked. I didn’t let my gaze linger on her. It was easy to tell she was a few years older than us. I only had to worry about Sebastian, who always seemed to be attracted to older girls- or how he liked to put it, “when it comes to the opposite sex, I don’t discriminate.”

“I want pancakes and scrambled eggs.”

“To drink?” She asked.

“A Dr. Pepper,” I told her, and put the menu down.“What about you?” She turned to face Seb, with a smile on her face.

“I’ll have the same thing, except I want a coke instead,” Sebastian said, handing her the menu back.

I noticed she lingered in our table, even after taking our orders. I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what she was thinking, but it was still annoying.

“She wasn’t bad looking,” Sebastian commented when the waitress was gone.

“I’ve seen better,” I replied, sounding bored.

“Of course you have. So have I, but she’s still not bad looking,” he said, with a chuckle.

“You say that about every girl,” I told him.

It was true. Even some girls who I’d thought were better than others, he always referred to them as “not bad looking”.

“Well, that’s because I haven’t been impressed as much. I’m just saying that girl looks like a good lay, which is what I need right now.”

I laughed at his words, which only made him grin at me.

“I hope you don’t need it right this second,” I told him.

He raised an eyebrow, his grin turning into something dark.

“Actually, that isn’t a bad idea,” he said.

I frowned at him, knowing where his suggestion was heading.

“Please tell me that you don’t plan to…” I said, letting the sentence hang.

Sebastian’s grin grew wider if possible. His blue eyes got that mischievous look, and I knew we were in trouble.

“Here are your orders,” the waitress said, as she put the plates and drinks on the table.

I was glaring at Sebastian, even though he was ignoring me. I honestly could care less what he did, but I wasn’t interested in getting ditched.

“Did you two need anything else?” The waitress asked, looking between Sebastian and me.

“I was wondering if you could show me where the restrooms are at,” Sebastian said, and he placed his hand over hers.

A normal girl would’ve gotten her hand from his hold, and probably slapped him for touching her. This one, as I had seen happen with so many other girls, simply blushed at his touch.

“Uh… Yeah, it’s over there,” she replied, pointing toward the sign that showed where the restrooms were at.

“I don’t see it,” Sebastian said, giving her a sheepish look. He was trying to play innocent, and it was sad that she was eating it up.

I didn’t know what was worse. How easy he was bullshitting her, or how stupid the girl was, for falling for his words.

“I’ll walk you over,” the girl told him.

“Thank you love,” he told her, which only made her skin turn a darker shade of red.

Of course she’d fallen for that. Her heart was beating faster than it should. She was nervous, that much was obvious. Yet, she seemed desperate for whatever scraps Sebastian was willing to give her.

I’d been sitting alone in the booth for about fifteen minutes, waiting for Sebastian to be back.

Some other waitress had been looking around the place, and I knew she was looking for the waitress that was currently locked in the restroom with my cousin.

I was thankful the booth we had chosen was further away from other customers. Even if I could easily tune them out, I didn’t feel like being near humans.

“Mate,” I heard a girl say. She hadn’t been talking to me, but her voice had gotten my attention.

When I looked up, a girl with long dark hair was staring at me intently. Her light blue eyes were concentrated on me, and her face was showing what appeared to be recognition. I was bored, so I took that moment to check out her shapely body.

I had to admit she was definitely something else. I didn’t throw around the word ‘beautiful’, but it was easy to describe that girl as just that- beautiful.

I was trying to be discreet about checking her out.

She was next to the entrance of the small restaurant, with two girls standing on either side of her.

“What?” The girl next to her asked in a whisper, looking confused.

“He’s my mate,” the girl repeated in a soft voice, her gaze still on me.

In that moment, I realized she was referring to me. Which meant two things, she was a Werewolf and I was her mate.

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