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Chapter 3

Liam Westcott….

Five years ago

“Abigail!” I yelled, laughing when I saw her grinning from ear to ear. “You’re going to be the death of me…” I mumbled to myself.

She was chasing after the rain. Abigail had the theory that if she ran fast enough, she could follow the rain as it spread across the woods. I told her plenty of times that it didn’t work that way. Seeing the smile on her lips when she reached the part of the woods that was clear of rain—the smell of rain permeating the area—was worth it.

“You should be celebrating with me, Liam. It has been a good day for us. A triumph for the Rogues, I’d say.”

I walked up to her, picking her up in my arms. She had been running away from me ever since we’d left Blue Bloods Territory, our latest victim. She had done it on purpose. Abigail loved the adrenaline rush she got whenever I was chasing after her, close enough to feel her but not enough to grasp her.

Despite her short height and rather weak physic, she managed to intimidate the rest of the Rogues that followed our group. It helped that she was my mate, and I was their leader. They didn’t want to anger me, so they did as she said. The idea of how closely our group followed the pack style in leading made me cringe.

I was staring at her deeply, trying to memorize every little thing about her. Having a moment where it was only the two of us made me feel good. It was something simple that I rarely got to enjoy.

We’d had a difficult day. Wolves had died and it had been because of me—my calls. There was some guilt, but mostly something deep inside of me was burning with anger. I was struggling with myself. If it hadn’t been for Abigail and how happy she was about what had happened, I would’ve been in another state, mourning the Wolves I had killed.

“You worry too much, love,” Abigail said.

She got a chuckle out of me. Her face was lit up. She was really happy. We were in her comfort zone. Abigail had received her Wolf when she was thirteen, as per Wolf customs. She ran away from home because she didn’t want to follow pack law. She had once belonged to Midnight Moon—a pack I knew very little of.

I usually tried to focus my attention on staying away from everyone. If it weren’t for Abigail, I didn’t think that I would socialize with other Wolves.

While she preferred crowds, I preferred solitude. She couldn’t go an hour without smiling or laughing about something. I’d never met anyone as lively as she was. It wasn’t saying a lot. I had hardly met any people on my own.

If one thing excited Abigail, it was finding danger and killing Wolves. I certainly learned that from her. She wasn’t good at killing them—her Wolf was much too frail and she didn’t have enough training. But she enjoyed watching me kill. I was guaranteed a good fucking after a killing spree, especially of pack Wolves.

I was drifted out of my thoughts when Chris and Robert, two Rogues who I considered more like brothers, approached us.

“We should get going,” Chris said.

“We aren’t far enough from Blue Bloods. If they get smart, they’ll come after us. We should be safe as soon as we reach the border of the state,” Robert added.

“I like it here,” Abigail said, mainly focusing her glare on Chris and Robert. I was usually easier to convince, and she was very persuasive.

I had a group of Rogues waiting for me in the bordering town. When Abigail decided she wanted to chase after the rain, we’d split. It seemed like the Wolves were growing restless.

The attack against New Elite and Blue Bloods has been unplanned. I simply wanted to check in on my parents. Things had taken a turn for the worse when I appeared with Rogues and they assumed we were attacking. A fight had broken out. While Abigail enjoyed the blood that had been spilled, guilt had started to form in the pit of my stomach. It felt like I’d killed family. New Elite had been my pack years back, when I still hadn’t shifted into my Wolf. I had seen dark days in that pack, but that didn’t mean I didn’t care about them. It was simply painful to think about.

“We’re leaving. I don’t want to be near this land,” I said, my voice sounding stern.

It was true, though. I couldn’t bear the thought of my former pack—what they must’ve been thinking about me. We’d accidentally had to take a hostage, and it was making things worse for me. I leaned on Abigail, urging her to understand why I desperately wanted to leave. I wanted to make her happy, but I had other Wolves to think about. My own Wolf was giving me hell for what had just taken place.

Abigail was not happy with my decision. She complained the entire time it took us to join the rest of the Rogues. After the stunt we pulled of attacking New Elite and Blue Bloods—a lot of them were on edge.

While only a few of us ran through the packs, I’d had many of them flanking us just outside pack territory. It was a risky mess, but it hadn’t been my idea. Pleasing Abigail had left us a few Wolves short, and I had Rogues to appease.

The Present….

Savannah Collins

“The boss wants to see you,” one of the men spoke up. He was looking at Liam with a mocking expression and a smirk on his lips.

I couldn’t believe that they were showing their guns in the middle of the store. They were doing it to scare us—I had no doubt of that. But there were people around.

“Not here and not now,” Liam said, placing his arm over my stomach and softly pushing me behind him.

“We can take care of your girlfriend,” one of them said, his eyes skimming down my body.

Wrong—it was so wrong. I should have been worried at the look all those guys were giving Liam and me. I should’ve been scared of their guns. Instead, my heart began beating rapidly because that guy had called me Liam’s girlfriend.

I was pathetic.

“I don’t think so. I was looking for your boss. If he wants to set up a meeting, give me a date and time. Other than that, I have nothing to discuss with—his people,” Liam said, not lowering his guard. If anything, he was looking at the guys with distaste.

“You don’t make the rules, boy,” one said.

“Go pay for the food. Wait for me out front, but don’t leave the store,” Liam said, turning to me and giving them his back. I didn’t think that was a wise decision, but I was happy that they didn’t try anything.

He shoved a few bills in the front pocket of my jeans, and pushed the cart on the opposite direction. I was happy that there were people around—even though no one was interfering with what was happening.

I didn’t want to go. When I was going to speak up about it, Liam beat me to it. “Remember last night?” he asked.

Of course I did. And I nodded at him.

“Trust me,” he said, smiling, before turning back to the guys now looking impatient.

Liam was the first to start talking, and he was mainly telling them that he didn’t talk to minions. It was either a meeting with the boss or he was going to make sure everything disappeared within the week.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but his words pissed of the men with guns. I was confident in him, but still, they had guns!

I walked with the cart towards the front of the store. I wasn’t going to wait for Liam to get hurt. I tried to get the attention of the security guard standing up front, but he was too distracted with a magazine.

I tried explaining that he needed to call the cops, but he just looked at me with a bored expression and started listing guidelines of why that was a bad idea. I didn’t even understand half of the things he was saying because it seemed like he just wanted to get rid of me.

I gave up on him and went to one of the cashiers. I was about to open my mouth when Liam caught up to me.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” I asked, checking him out to make sure that he was fine.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. I took care of them,” he said, confidently.

He didn’t even looked disturbed by what had just happened. I looked around, wondering if the men would pop up again, but they didn’t even cross through the front exit of the store.

“They’re gone?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“What did you tell them? They just left? You didn’t take long.”

He really did seem calm. If anything, he was smiling down at me like if I was crazy for even worrying about it.

“That it was a bad idea to make a scene in front of humans,” he said.

“Uh…” I mumbled at his weird way of phrasing it.

“People—I meant, people,” he said.

“Okay, I guess,” I said, not sure what else to tell him. “What did they want? Why did they have guns? Are you in trouble? Is this about last night?” That was when the mumbling started. I was starting to worry that it was my fault that he had people chasing him.

“This isn’t because of you,” Liam said. “Come on, get in line. We should get out of here in case they come back,” he said.

“Will they?” I asked, looking up at him nervously.

“No, but better safe than sorry,” he said, grinning at me.

It was easy to forget what had just happened when he wrapped his arms around me to hold the cart. He was encaging me between the cart and his hard chest. I felt safe—cocooned within him. He smelled so good, and he was looking down at me still grinning.

I continued to push on the cart, with him helping me, and his hands placed on either side of mine also pushing. We looked like a couple, shopping for groceries. People passing by us were smiling, no doubt imagining young love. If only.

“If this wasn’t about me, what did they want?”

“I told you I’ve lived in Leland for a while,” Liam started to say.

“Yeah, I remember. You said things changed.”

“They have. How long have you been here?”

“I’ve been here a little over a year. Why?” I asked.

As soon as we finished putting the grocery bags in the trunk of his car, he followed me to the passenger side and opened the door for me.

“You haven’t noticed anything different these last few months?”

“I haven’t really been paying attention,” I replied as soon as he got in on his side.

“I have businesses here. I came back because I needed a break. But I also got a few calls from my people telling me that someone was trying to scare them off,” he explained.

I laughed, and that made him turn towards me. “Again, that doesn’t sound cryptic at all,” I told him sarcastically.

He grinned at me, and gave me that playful look of his. “I control this town. I know what goes on and when. If someone is trying to do business on my turf, I’m not gonna sit back and let it happen.”

“You sound like a mobster,” I told him, only half joking. It did explain all the money, the fancy car, and all the things he supposedly controlled.

“I work legit,” he said, grinning. “These thugs don’t. I don’t play well with others, so that’s why we have a problem.”

“So you’re a big deal here?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow. I hadn’t been in Leland long enough to know, and Liam had said he’d been gone for a while. I didn’t think he’d be lying, but I was curious to know just how much pull he had.

He nodded, and shrugged. “I like this town.”

“You’re kind of cocky, you know that.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? I have all the control,” he said, casually.

“I thought you were losing control?”

“Not yet. I came just in time.”

“You sound… important.”

Liam just shrugged. I felt safe with him, not that I’d felt like I was unsafe before he came along. There was just something about him that felt reassuring. I definitely liked reassuring.

Just before we reached my apartment, his cell phone rang. We’d been in the middle of a conversation about life, mainly. He was telling me a little about his, but it was too ambiguous to keep up with it. What I did notice was that he must’ve been a few years over twenty, and he spoke like he’d already lived through so much. He laughed and joked, but was also serious when he needed to.

I didn’t mind that he answered his phone. I did, however, mind the tone he used with the person he was speaking to. It was obviously a girl. He was playful, like he was with me. The entire time he was talking, he had a smile on his face. He looked genuinely happy.

He ended the call saying, “I love you too, Charlie.”

The smile that had been on my face had slowly faded throughout the call. But his last words before ending the call froze me in my seat.

I felt warm all over, and I suddenly wanted to cry. I could feel my eyes stinging. I had no right to feel heartbroken, but I did. It was stupid.

The last thing I wanted was for Liam to see me crying. I didn’t wait around for him to excuse himself or lie to me. I unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the door, and jumped out of his car. I didn’t stop walking until I reached my apartment.

I must’ve caught him off guard. At first, Liam didn’t say anything. But I heard him calling my name just before I entered my apartment building. I never stopped, though. I kept on going. By the time I got to the apartment, I was in tears.

People were not supposed to fall for other people that fast. I hardly knew the guy and I was already moping because he had a girlfriend.

Of course he had a girlfriend.

It made sense. He was handsome as sin, he’d been like my hero, he was funny, nice, and a cool guy. He’d made me feel safe.

He hadn’t tried to hit on me, so that should’ve been a clue that he wasn’t being nice because he liked me. That didn’t stop me from feeling like crap for being stupid by thinking he was actually interested in little ole me.

Kat opened the door to the apartment before I had a chance to slip the key in. I hadn’t thought she would be home. She found me in tears, and I could see the worry forming in her eyes when she saw me. She was usually the one who was crying for a boy, and I was the one taking care of her after all of her break-ups.

“What happened, Sav?” Kat asked in a soft voice, pulling me into her arms and getting us into the apartment.

“I’m being stupid,” I told her, between laughing and crying. “I just, I feel disappointed.”

I couldn’t explain how I felt. Heartbroken? Crushed? Dead inside?

But I kept telling myself that I hardly even knew Liam. I didn’t know why it was hitting me so hard. I felt like someone had killed off something inside of me, and I didn’t know how to handle it. It didn’t feel normal.

“You feel disappointed, mhmm, okay,” Kat said, looking at me intently and nodding. She looked like she was trying to see what was wrong with me so that she could find what to give me or how to fix it—kind of like a doctor, except the solution would probably end up being TV and snacks.

“I’m just—I just, I…” I sighed, not knowing what to tell her.

I hadn’t told Kat about Liam the night before. I didn’t think she’d believe me. I also sort of wanted to keep him to myself. I’d always been a little jealous of how easy it was for Kat to talk to guys. I had never been like her. I’d had that problem with Jude, who had been the only one I’d ever been interested in. But even with Jude, I never felt like I was feeling for Liam now. And I’d known Jude for a lot longer.

“Come on, I brought food,” Kat said, interlacing her arm with mine and dragging me into the kitchen.

“Food…” I mumbled, remembering the grocery bags that I’d left in Liam’s car. He’d bought them. It was probably better if he kept them.

“I’m making spaghetti,” Kat said, excitedly. “We’ll chill, watch a movie, and have a fun night,” she said.

“I have to work,” I reminded her.

Kat scrunched up her nose. “Ditch work,” she said, in pleading whiny voice. I was used to it already. “You’re obviously in no state to be dealing with work right now. We’ll stay in and have a girl’s night. Besides, it’s gonna rain. You love rain!”

I laughed, and shook my head. “No I don’t. You do,” I told her, smiling. My eyes were still watery, I still felt heartbroken, but being around Kat was making me feel slightly better.

“Yes, I do. So stay in with me.”

She made it sound so tempting. I really didn’t want to leave the apartment. It wasn’t like Liam was going to be waiting outside for me, or I was going to stumble into him again. I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach when I thought about him.

Kat caught on to it pretty quickly. “So, what happened?”

A knock on our door interrupted her, and kept me from answering.

I felt him. I didn’t even know how it was possible. Maybe it was because I wanted for Liam to be the one standing on the other side of the door, but I felt like he was there. Kat was looking between me and the door, like if I was hiding something from her. I was, not that she knew that, yet.

I ran to the door before Kat did. I knew how she could be. If it was Liam, I didn’t want them to start interacting just yet.

Kat followed me to the front door, looking a mixture of annoyed and curious. When I opened it, I found Liam there, holding grocery bags, with some of the stuff resting on the floor. I hadn’t realized how many things he’d actually bought for me.

“You forgot these before running off on me,” Liam said. He was looking at me with an intense look, almost like he was trying to read me.

I felt caught. He was blunt, I’d give him that. What did he expect me to do? Although a part of me knew that I must’ve looked dumb when I ran off from him without saying anything, I didn’t want to stick around and hear all about his girlfriend.

“Yeah, you seemed busy with your girlfriend. I didn’t want to intrude,” I said, not being able to stop how hurt I felt.

“I’ve never really been into incest,” Liam said, pretending to look thoughtful, and putting a hand on his chin.

“Huh?” I stupidly asked.

“Charlie is my sister, not my girlfriend. Just thought you should know,” he clarified, smirking at me. “I didn’t think it would bother you so much. That was a nice surprise,” he continued.

I opened and closed my mouth for a while, looking between him and Kat. Charlie was his sister. She was his freaken sister! By the time that thought registered in my mind, I must’ve been grinning like crazy.

“Your sister,” I repeated out loud, wanting for him to confirm it one last time.

“Yes,” he nodded, chuckling.

“Wow, okay,” I mumbled, not sure what else to say.

Kat was looking at us with a knowing smile. “I’m making spaghetti,” she said to Liam. “I’m Kat, Savannah’s bff and roommate,” she told him, introducing herself because I hadn’t done it.

“Right, Liam, this is Kat. Kat, this is Liam. He’s… he bought us groceries,” I told her, finally stepping up towards him to bring the bags in.

Liam was all smiles. He set the bags on the floor to give Kat a quick handshake, before helping me set everything in the kitchen.

“Your place is nice,” Liam said, his eyes roaming around the apartment, “Very bohemian.”

“Kat is a hippy,” I told him.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m the hippy,” Kat said, before shoving us out of the kitchen and towards the living room.

We could see her from the couches, but she was trying to give us privacy. Before I arrived, she’d had her iPod connected to the speakers. She picked up the volume slightly, and continued doing what she was doing.

“I’ve been busy lately. I hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to Charlie—Charlotte, that’s her name—in a while. She gets worried about me,” Liam said, explaining the episode with his phone.

“I thought… yeah, cool,” I said, and laughed.

Liam grinned at me teasingly. It was sort of strange to see him so lit up. The night before, when he’d said goodbye, I thought I would never see him again. He didn’t look interested in seeing me again. But he had changed his attitude so much. He was acting differently—not as distant.

“You don’t have to stay. I mean, I know Kat offered, but if you have other things to do, that’s fine,” I told him.

“Do you want me to stay?” he asked, with that teasing look in his hazel eyes.

“I do,” I quickly replied. When he grinned at me, I felt my face warming up. I’d sounded way too excited when I’d answered. I chastised myself in my mind, but I just couldn’t help it.

I briefly wondered if that was how Kat felt every time she fell for someone. If it was, then I completely understood why she was always in bad shape when that someone left her. I didn’t want to be her. Hell, Liam and I were just talking as friends and I was already imagining how crappy I would feel if we dated and he dumped me.

“Are you okay?” Liam asked, looking at me with worried eyes.

“I’m fine,” I told him, trying to suppress the feeling of dejection. It wasn’t his fault. Too many failed relationships around me had made me cautious.

When Kat served our plates, she took hers and ate in her room, claiming she had homework to finish. I assumed that meant she was going to do some more stalking. But I’d know that she had done that to give Liam and me some privacy. Just before going into her room, she winked at me, grinned, and gave me thumbs up.

Liam and I talked casually. We were sitting on separate couches. Once Kat brought our plates, I sat on the floor and placed my plate on the coffee table. I thought it was cool when Liam did the same. He was normal about it. I liked that. I like him, a lot. He was smiling, and talking in that smooth but teasing voice of his.

We never really reached important subjects. It was all about Leland, my school, his business, his age—it was September and he’d turned twenty-three in April. It was all light subjects, and I felt like I could get used to it. I must’ve been smiling throughout our entire conversation. Once in a while, I’d catch him looking at me, just gazing and not saying anything. I’d ask him what was up, and he’d just shake his head and laugh coolly.

I couldn’t hide the disappointment I felt when we finished eating and he had to go. His phone had been vibrating like crazy in his pocket. I’d heard it, but I hadn’t brought it up in hopes that he would ignore it. He did, but it just never stopped. When he finally took it out, he looked down at the number, frowned, and shoved it back in his pocket.

I walked him to the door, which was right there either way. Liam was following beside me quietly, with his hands in his pockets, and looking down at the ground.

“Things are complicated right now,” he said in a low voice. We’d already reached the door.

“What?” I asked, but I’d heard him. I just didn’t know what to make of his words.

“Nothing,” he replied, shaking his head. “I had a good time, Savannah.”

He smiled at me, nicely. I didn’t miss that detachment in his voice that I’d heard the night before, right when he told me that he’d probably not be seeing me around.

“I did too. Thanks for everything,” I told him.

I wanted to see him again. I didn’t have any excuse to make, and I didn’t think I’d see him around on my own unless we stumbled into each other.

“I’ll have your car outside by tomorrow,” he told me.

“Right,” I said, smiling. I had completely forgotten about my car.

“Goodbye,” he said, giving me a curt nod, before turning and walking away.

All these feelings that took over me whenever he was around were overwhelming. I didn’t know what to make of them. All I knew was that I wanted to be around Liam. I wanted him.

The idea hit me right after I shut the door. I could already hear Kat laughing at me if I told her. Instead of worrying about that, I ran straight into Kat’s room and swung open the door without knocking. Just as expected, Kat was doing her stalking of the poor sucker. This time I didn’t make fun of her, though, since I was planning to do the same exact thing.

“I need your keys,” I told her, desperately.

“Right now? You’re going to work?” Kat asked, frowning. She was already looking through her purse.

“No, I’ll be right back. I just have to do something,” I said, thinking it better not share with her just yet what I was gonna do.

“Girls night in, though, right?” Kat asked, dangling the keys in front of my face and waiting for me to answer.

“Yeah, yeah, girls night in,” I repeated, snatching the keys from her hand.

“I’m gonna find movies in Netflix, so you better be back in a few hours!” she yelled.

I ran down the stairs, hoping I’d still catch Liam. I thanked my lucky stars when I realized that he was barely getting into his car. I waited inside the building, not wanting for him to see. I got there in time to see him look up at where my apartment was. He closed his eyes, sighed, and just stood there for a minute.

The emotions I saw cross over his face made me want to reach out to him. It took all I had to stay standing there, just looking at him, before he got into his car.

Following Liam’s car, while trying to be discreet was not easy. Now that I wasn’t in the car with him, I noticed that he didn’t respect the speed limits. He drove fast. But I couldn’t just be directly behind him. It was even harder because there weren’t that many cars out and about. We lived in a small town. It wasn’t like a bustling city where I could just hide behind another car.

I felt like a crazy person for even following him in the first place. About ten times I thought about turning back, going to my apartment, and have that girl’s night in with Kat. I’d already ditched my job.

The thought that I might never see him again if I didn’t find out where he lived or the places he frequented kept me going.

I wasn’t sure where I expected him to go, but parking on the side of the road in the outskirts of town was definitely not it. The weirdest part was that his car was not the only one there. I was too far away to see much. It was hard to keep close to him once we got that far out of town.

His was the only car on the road other than mine. I didn’t think he’d seen me, but I was still trying to be careful. I parked my car about half a mile behind his, and jumped out. He’d already walked into the woods.

The sky was dark, and there was a misty rain falling over the woods. It had been raining more heavily in town. I felt a chill go down my body. Thankfully, Kat had her stuff spilled all over her car. I grabbed the first sweater I spotted in the backseat and headed into the woods.

I didn’t think I’d find what I was looking for. Now I was just curious about what Liam was doing in the middle of the woods.

I walked and walked and walked. It must’ve been about an hour later when I finally told myself that I was lost. I dug out my cellphone from my pocket and realized for the first time that there was no signal where I was. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I was starting to panic.

I sat on the ground, with my legs propped up and my back against a tall tree, wondering what I was gonna do—what my options were. Kat was surely going to send someone to look for me if I took too long, but there was no way she would know where to start looking. I hadn’t bothered to tell her what I was doing, especially since I didn’t know where I was going.

The woods were extensive—they went on and on. It was easy for someone to get lost. The trails that led to the river were mostly centered in the woods that were nearby the town. Those were the only parts of the woods that people usually frequented. I was too far off. So far, I hadn’t seen any trails at all.

It was getting darker, and the misty rain was falling somewhat harder. I was curled up against the tree, hugging my legs, and with the hoody on, trying to cover myself from the water.

That was when I heard the voices—his voice, to be exact.

Another man spoke, his words harsh. He sounded older, but without seeing him, I couldn’t be sure. I tried to follow the voices, but it was hard. I heard a loud growl that threw me off.

“This is my town. You abide my by rules or I run you off. I doubt you’d like the other option,” I heard Liam.

I was getting close. I could feel him—again, the same way I’d had at the apartment. I followed that feeling that was guiding me where to go.

“You alone? I don’t see anyone else backing you up?” the other man taunted.

I’d only had to walk a few more steps before I found them. They were standing in a clearing. Liam’s clothes were drenched, and his hair was wet. He gave a dark chuckle, before running his hands through his hair. That’s why it was sticking up all over the place.

I couldn’t help but admire him. He was so… stunning.

“Liam…” I whispered.

I didn’t think anyone would hear me. They didn’t hear me. The six guys standing in front of Liam holding guns and looking threatening continued to glare at him.

But he heard me. His hazel eyes turned towards me, and I caught the icy look he shot my way.

“I have to go,” he told them, his eyes not leaving mine. I stayed still where I was standing. I felt like I couldn’t move. He was looking at me with so much hate, and it hurt. “This was a warning. I won’t play nicely if you don’t heed my advice.”

He began walking away from them and towards me. He was in front of me in just seconds, taking my elbow in his strong grip, and dragging me away from the group of dangerous looking guys who were staring after him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in a demanding tone, his grip on my arm tightening.

“I… I, I don’t know,” I nervously whispered in reply. “Is everything okay? What’s going on?”

“What are you doing here, Savannah? I won’t ask again,” he repeated through clenched teeth. The playful, but chivalrous Liam I had seen just hours before was completely gone.

I tried to snatch my arm from his hold, but he wouldn’t let me go.

“This was a mistake. I shouldn’t have been here,” I said, rather stupidly, since I really shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I hadn’t expected to find what I did.

Someone clearing their throat brought Liam and I to a halt. The pressure from his hold was starting to hurt my arm, but I didn’t dare comment about it. He looked enough pissed off as it was.

“You think that you can threaten us and we’re going to let you leave? The boss will not be happy with what you’ve said,” the guy that had been speaking to Liam said.

The boss hasn’t shown his face,” Liam spat back at them. “Until he does, I have no interest in talking to any of you. Leave my town, or I won’t show mercy.”

His threat was met with a laugh. Liam did not appreciate it. The growl I’d heard before, it had come from him. It was loud, and imposing. I couldn’t even explain how he’d done it, or where it was coming from.

His fingers had been digging into my skin before, but now, they were sinking in and cutting me. When I looked down, I noticed that claws had grown out of his fingers.

“Liam…” I shakily said, looking up him.

I could clearly see how his hazel eyes were swirling between brown and green, before turning a metallic black. It was mesmerizing. I was stunned. Something about him was changing—his features were morphing into something else.

I could not, for the life of me, explain what happened in the next few seconds.

One moment I was standing with Liam holding me, and the next, a humongous silvery, gray Wolf was standing next to me, growling loudly and threateningly at the six guys in front of us. Now, it seemed, they were taking Liam seriously.

As for me, I was in between being amazed and in a state of shock. Liam has just turned into a huge, gray Wolf.

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