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How To Love Monsters

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College is a time for self-discovery, growth, and learning. For Nia Jones, it is all those things, in ways that she expected and ways she didn't. Starting with finding out that she isn't entirely human and neither is half her family. With this discovery comes another, in the form of four men. Or rather monsters, whom she feels a connection to that is nearly impossible to fight against.

Fantasy / Romance
Nyasia Cooper
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Chapter 0: Before

Running through the forest with a baby in my arms isn’t easy. What makes it a bit easier is knowing I have Xavier beside me. The man who is my soulmate.

“Just another left till we hit the river then another left till we make it to the cabin, Lenora,” Xavier told me as he looked down to check his phone to make sure we were on the right track.

I checked behind us, scanning the forest for any sign that we were still being followed. When I didn’t see a stitch of the familiar uniforms, I breathed a sigh of relief. I looked down at the beautiful girl in my arms who was looking around at everything. I smiled down at her as she started to wiggle around and make spit bubbles.

“I think they lost us,” I informed Xavier without looking up from our daughter.

“My brave girl. You like being outside don’t you?" I cooed at her as I gently stroked her fat cheek with my index finger.

I nearly stumbled into Xavier and looked up at him with worry. Before I could say a word, I saw him pull out a knife from its holster. I pulled my daughter closer to my chest and took a few steps back.

“Come out, or I’ll embed this knife in your throat,” Xavier growled out threatening words, to who or whatever he sensed near us.

“Oh, how scary! Did you really think we’d let you get away?" The familiar voice sent chills down my spine as I watched him come out from the shadows.

He looked between Xavier and me with a wide grin on his face, “Two of our best money makers. Well, actually it would be three now, counting the little bundle of joy there.”

Xavier tightened his hold on his knife before he turned to face me. I took his hand in mine, squeezing it tightly, giving him my energy. I needed to strengthen him as much as I could, maybe even more so. We had to make it out together as a family.

Xavier kissed my lips sweetly and mumbled, “I love you, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever.”

I felt my eyes water, from his words. What they meant, he was going to fight and I had to run like hell with our daughter in our arms.

I swallowed and returned the sentiment, “I love you more than there are meteors in a shower”

He shook his head lightly, knowing that I meant I would come back for him no matter what.

He kissed our daughter a whispered to her, “Don’t worry My beautiful Nia, you’ll be safe”

Then he turned to face that man who was stretching out his limbs, prepping for a fight. I turned to the left and ran with all my strength. I need to make it out alive.

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