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A world much like your own, but there are a few differences between our worlds. One of which is my family, the other is our most guarded secrets that few ever learn of. Do you wanna find them out? Have you ever gotten in trouble for something you are sure you didn't do but it was you? Have you done something so unlike your character, or blacked out for no reason at all and end up somewhere else? People in this world call them Alter egos​. I say that they are more like demons. But both are true. My family or really my father's family line since 7 generations ago have been protecting the world from an unknown force. We call ourselves the Protector's as we are the only defence. But we hold more secrets than just that. I am from a world much like your own but there are a few differences between our worlds. One of which is me, while the others are my families most guarded and kept secret that few learn of. Do you wanna find out what that is? I'll show you my world. You will see what we do to keep our world safe.

Fantasy / Other
Arcin Enroth
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Other dimensions... the multiverse theory. That’s where I’m from... another dimension, one of which has many parallels to your own. But of course with its differences.

One of which is me. Here let me start for here. You’ve heard of an alter ego correct?

And alter ego for whoever doesn’t now is another aspect of yourself in human terms. Here to humans, it’s the same. But they don’t know the truth.

People in my line of work in my world call these alter ego’s more like demons but you may understand why I say this later just sit back for now. Heaven, Earth, and Hell the three realms of the world that all humans have heard of but there is a fourth realm that no one know’s about but a very select few have heard of, soon you’ll become one of those select few.

There are these similarities and those differences, like advancements in science is one. Um... let’s just get to it all right. I’ll tell you a story it more like a recollection....

“Soul! Wake up it’s time to get to work.” a voice growled. I opened my eyes to be face to face with a black hair, purple-eyed man. “Black! You’re her personal space! So back up!” a female voice huffed. I looked over to the white haired, gold eyed women. “White. We have things to do.” Black snapped back.

I sighed as I got up from of under the tree that I was sleeping under. “B’s right White. Let’s get to work.” I sighed looking off the cliff to the scenery in front of me.

“Finally!” Black yelled. “So what were you dreaming about Soul?” White asked as she came over beside me. “Just the past that’s all.” I replied.

Yes all that is in the past. I sighed shaking my head. These two will call me by my middle name which I’ve gotten used to it doesn’t bother me like it once did. “Let’s go you two.” I sighed grabbing my bag from the ground

I’m a ghost as the world thinks that I’m dead (despite me owning a house). But whatever I have a job to do none the less it doesn’t matter if they think that I’m dead or not I’ll do this job till I die.

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