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She has always been an outcast at school. The smart, quiet, strong, and brave, ice blue eyed female nicknamed the ice queen. She has little trust left for others aside from her twin sister. When her life turns on its head and everything she believed has been a lie... the only thing she can do to stay a​live when both demons and angels are trying to kill her, is to place her trust in two new students at her school, that are not only one of groups trying to kill her, but the only hope she has.


“You are to capture, then bring this girl to us.”

“Why’s this?”

“She has powers very powerful ones. We want to take it for ourself and destroy our enemy.”

“How am I to do this?”

“You are to get close to her. Gain her trust and then capture her. We’ll then take her power, she will have no way to protect herself.”

“What will happen to her?”

“You don’t need to know that. So will you take the job?”

“Yeah... it’s been some time since I’ve last been to earth.”

“Good don’t fail us. You know what will happen.”



“Madi! Wake up! We’re going to be late for our first day at this rate!” My sister yelled busting into my room jumping onto my bed.

“Liv... let me sleep.”

“We can’t be late for the first day so get up.” Liv huffed pulling off the covers of my bed.I glared at my twin for this action but eventually got up out of bed. Liv was already dressed in her normal casual style. “Don’t make me grabbed the sprayer.” She huffed.

“I get it Liv. I’ll be down in a minute.” I sighed looking in her sapphire blue eyes.

She wore a shirt that showed her left shoulder thankfully she was wearing her strapless bra for you’d see the straps other wise and some boys will snap those to just tease. It was a white shirt that she wore with a grey scarf and black pants.

She left my room closing the door behind her. I took off my normal pjs of a long t-shirt and bottoms. I got changed into a bra and underwear as I went through my closet. I put on a baggy muted pink t-shirt, then a pair of muted black zip off cargo pants. I put on a pair of ankle socks, and grab my normal black zip up hoodie sweater.

I put my phone, wallet and headphones in some of the pockets of the pants as I had my hands in my sweater pockets as I head down stairs. I grabbed my black with gold rose designs shoulder bag that has the things I need for school. I put my sketch book in the bag along with my binder. I get my blue and pink memory foam running shoes on.

“Are you ready to go?” Liv asked.

“Yeah, but are you sure you want to wear those sandals?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She told me.

“Alright, be don’t come crying to me when you regret your choice.” I sighed as I threw my bag over my shoulder. Liv grabbed her bag it was a bag you could wear on both shoulders but you normally wear it only on one shoulder.

“Olivia! Madison! Take something to eat!”

“Alright, mom.” Liv sighed. “Okay, Vera.” I sighed. “Couldn’t you just call me, mom like your sister.” Vera huffed handing us a piece of toast.

“Maybe.” I sighed.“Could you please call me that.” She sighed. I gabbed my sun glasses as I put my hood over my had as Liv had a cute sun hat on with sunglasses as well.

Liv was pulling my arm off to make me run so I eventually began running. I run faster than she does so she lets go.

“Hey wait up!” Liv yelled I turn around to look at her as I continue running only just going backwards now.

“Then hurry up slow poke!” I laughed I turn back around right as I finish my last piece of toast when I run into something.

“Eep!” I yelped. I then felt something catch me before I fall.

“Are you alright?” He asked with a flashing smile.

“Yeah. I’m fine, but I’m sorry for running into you.” I sighed as I back away.

“Hey, way did you stop?” Liv asked slightly panting.

“I ran it to someone.” I huffed.

“Ouch... you could have at least lied and side to wait for me.” Liv huffed I just shrug.

“Oh! Um sorry about her. She-” I cut her off with a glare which causes her to close her mouth. I then hear the schools warning bell.

“Aaah! We have to go!” I yelled grabbing Liv’s hand and we begin to run.

“That guy was kinda cute don’t you think?” She asked.

“I guess... I’m just happy he didn’t let me fall. I would have broken something in my bag if I did.” I sighed.

We found we were in the same class again this year and ran to class. I choose a seat closer to the back. I got out my phone and began to list to some music. I had it low enough so I could listen to class room chatter.

I put my sunglasses in my pocket. The hood was over my head covering my eyes which were quiet normal for me to do.

“Hey, Olivia! What did you do this summer?” Liv’s friend Tammy asked.

“Just this and that but I mainly worked.” She answered.

“Say do you know what you’re doing for your birthday this year?” Tammy asked.

Yeah, that’s right it’s me and Liv’s 18th birthday soon. Of course, people are wondering as Liv’s pretty much a popular kid. I sighed.

“Not really.” She answers having a thoughtful look on her face.

“Your sister’s not going to be there right? She so weird.” Tammy asked. I sighed a little as I put my head down on the desk as so looked out the window.

“Of course she is Tammy. She’s my sister and it’s her birthday as much as it is mine. I also don’t appreciate you talking about my sister like that. So would you please refrain from doing so.” Liv huffed in a very sharp tone.

Though I’m technically the older twin by a minute, she’s always the one looking out for me. She really looks out for me.

The teacher came into telling us class is starting. No one sat near me Liv was sitting with Tammy. And the other people in the class avoided me.

“Hello, class welcome to what some of us your final year of high school. Hopeful you had a good summer. We actually have two new students today. Come in.” The teacher told us.

Two boys came in one tall with black hair and sliver eyes. Isn’t that the guy I ran into earlier? I think it is. I muttered. The other was just as tall with brown hair and bright green eye.

“My names Elijah.” The green eyed guy told us. “I’m Sabastian.” The black haired guy told us. I noticed that they looked at me and Liv a little longer than the rest of the class. They had similes in there face that looked really fake.

“You can sit back there with Miss Drano.” The teacher said point over to me and the empty seats around me the class erupted into whispers because of this. We got our lockers not soon after. I had a feel this was going to be an interesting school year.

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