Gate Keeper

By Arcin_Enroth All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


Demons and Angels, things of reality to her. She fights them every day, and both want nothing more than her death. She can live with either, so she hides in the shadows with the humans on earth, hiding at the only safe place left for her, and the only place left to go is this university. Her mother brutally murdered in front of her and, her father missing, she was taken in by a hunter, one that taught her how to fight against the angels and demons that want to hurt the human world, and the human that are in it. She fights to stay alive and to protect this world like her master and adoptive father and many hunters. While still keeping the secret from her roommate​ and her fellow classmates of what she does and who she really is. But one question has always stuck with her since this all started... why is she so important, and why did those demons come and destroyed her peaceful life 14 years ago.


I was awoken by my mother bursting into my room. “M-mom? What’s wrong?” I yawned rubbing my eyes.

“We have to get out of here!” Mom exclaimed.

“What? Why?” I questioned as I sat up in bed. Mom then rushed over to me and picked me up from the bed then rushed downstairs with me in her arms.

We got to the main floor of our home but the stairs ended right near the door. Then all of a sudden the door bursted open and my mother put me behind her and I held on closely to her leg as I saw these creatures entered our home.

“Give us the child!” one hissed at my mom.

“That’s never going to happen! I’m not going to hand my child over to a demon or anyone for that matter!” Mom growled as a sword appeared in her hand. The demon’s got riled up hissing at my mom.

Mom pushed my off her leg as she blocked an attack from a demon.

The demons kept going after me, trying to grabbed me but my mom continually stopped them but they eventually got annoyed then ganged up against my mom. I got a scratch on my cheek from a demon trying to grabbed me but its claws slashing my cheek instead. Then as my mother was busy holding three demon’s off a fourth appeared and grabbed me from behind.

“Mom!” I yelled.

“No! Let her go!” she exclaimed and in her moment of weakness they slashed her and she fell to the ground blood was pouring out from her wound.

“Mom!” I exclaimed then with my sharp canine teeth I bit the demon’s hand causing him to let me go. But then I was slashed for my lower right side to the middle of my lower back.

“Agh!” I screamed as I was slashed falling to the ground.

“N-no! I promised Luca... I will not fail you my love. I will not let you take my daughter.” Mom coughed getting up and fighting again this time was fighting really hard for me. I held my wound as I had to watch.

My mom covered in wounds from protecting me from them... she was covered in blood her own as well as the demons that were attacking us blood. Mom was panting she was getting tired from protecting me and fighting them off.

She killed two of them so far leaving only two left. I was grabbed but the arm by a demon. “M-mom!” I yelped she spun around and cut off the arm of the demon that was grabbing me. The hand loosened and fell to the ground limp with a thud, the demon then let out a screech and slashed my mom across her stomach.

“Run... You have to get out.” Mom panted holding her stomach wound.

“I can’t leave you!” I exclaimed.

“You can and you will!” mom exclaimed.

“B-but!” I stammered.

“Go!” she exclaimed.

“Where?!” I asked looking around there was no back door the closest thing at the moment was a closed window.

“Go now! And don’t look back.” she told me as she slashed the one armed demon before cutting off its head and stabbing it. I wiped away my tear then I turn and ran to the end of the hall. I turned around to look at my mother, but I saw her on the ground as the demon last demon was standing above her.

“Run!” she yelled at me but I was frozen there from fear.

“This is your own fault. If you handed over the child, and you would have had a nicer death.” the demon growled.

“I’m taking, and then killing your child!” the demon other exclaimed.

“I won’t let you find her. You will not kill her either!” mom growled chanted something. The demon then stabbed her. Her head turned to me they were wide open as blood began to trickle out from her mouth.

“Run... run!” Mom coughed right before the light in her eyes went out and she went limp.

Tear streaked me face I then turned an ran. I ran at full speed to the window. I didn’t stop I jumped and bursted through the window covering my face. I fell a few feet to the ground below and land. I started to run again, I didn’t stop just letting my feet take me till I collapsed. I ended up at these old runes of a old stone place.

I leaned up against a pillar as I held my side blood seeping from the wound. Then the next thing I knew was feeling the cold stone hard ground on my face.

I opened my eyes sitting up my side killed causing me to winch in pain. “Be careful young one. Your lucky to have survived, if I didn’t find you when I did you would have been dead.” someone told me. I noticed the bandages that were wrapped around me. My necklace was at least still on my neck but I wasn’t warring a shirt.

“What happened to you? How old are you?” they asked.

“I’m 6 years old... me and my mom where attacked-” I muttered. “Where’s your mother?” they asked.

“... T-they killed her... because of me. I’m all alone now.” I muttered tears forming in my eyes as I brought my knees to my chest.

“It’s alright.” they exclaimed I then look to see an old man walk out.

“Who killed your mother?” he asked.

“What not who. Mom called them demon’s... which is not hard to believe. They didn’t look like people that I’ve seen before. They were scary... they looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before actually.” I told him.

“What?!” he asked I nodded me head.

“Alright, come with me kid.” the man sighed.

“W-where are we going?” I asked.

“That doesn’t matter all that matters is you’ll be safe from those demons.” the man told me.

“So you believe me?” I questioned as no sane person would like believe me.

“Yeah of course, I’ve seen a lot of things kid. Demons are not a new concept to me.” the man replied crossing his arms.

“The big question is why do they want you.” he sighed.

I opened my eyes up to see that I was in front of this large building that was to be my new home. With my bag on my shoulder and suit cases beside me I looked at the building in front of me.

Its been so long since then... about 14 years now. It’s hard to believe it has been that long now. I muttered as I grabbed my things and headed towards the large building, ready for anything or at least that’s what I thought.

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