Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 9: Day Four

Day Four, Thursday

Juliette curled up, hugging her knees. She had hoped to sleep off her strange depression. She didn’t know why finding out that Jaxon was about to officially ask another girl to his mate was so…upsetting.

Juliette slid from her bed, seeing Jazz perched on the end of her own bed, looking concerned. Jazz had already showered, and looked primp and clean as usual.

“What’s wrong?” She asked gently. Juliette wasn’t in the mood to pour her sob story out to anyone, especially since it was so ridiculous.

“Nothing, what do we have today?” She asked, veering the subject away from her.

“What do you mean? Don’t you have weapon handling with the King?” Jazz asked. Juliette shook her head. Nobody had told her that.

“Not that I know of,” Juliette retorted, looking around for her uniform. Jazz tilted her head.

“Delani said the King went around and told everyone in his group last night. After dinner I went to Sara’s room, so I wasn’t here,” Jazz said, watching Juliette.


Juliette had been studying with Alpha Chris. Of course she wouldn’t have gotten the message.

“Oh, yeah you’re right, my bad.”

“You know what you remind me of?”

Juliette turned her head, letting a few strands of blonde hair cover half of he face. She definitely didn’t want to deal with Blaise today.

She crossed her legs, and stared blankly out across the gym, listening to the rest of the group mingle quietly.

“A rose,” he said. Juliette decided he was probably trying to flirt, like he had been with the rest of the girls in the group.

“That’s nice,” Juliette mumbled, brushing off his remark. He scooted closer, so his intoxicating, fake Cologne filled her nostrils.

“Its because you are so beautiful, but if I get to close…”

He scooted closer till his hip as against Juliette’s. She lashed out and punched his shoulder.

“I get pricked by your thorns,” he grumbled, rubbing his shoulder. Juliette rolled her eyes.

“You want to know what you remind me of?” Juliette offered sweetly. Blaise nodded, the streak of dyed hair falling over his eyes.

“An 90 year old lady who’s been under the sun to long, and officially looks like a leather handbag,” she spat. Blaise looked mortified.

“Why?” He asked, holding a hand to his chest.

“Because you don’t know your limits, and soon, you’re going to get burned,” Juliette finished with a smirk. Blaise pouted.

Everyone fell silent as the King walked in. He looked perfect as usual, and his fresh and spicy scent filled the room, asking Blaise’s.

But what everyone’s eyes were on, was of course his shirtless torso. Even Juliette couldn’t tear her eyes away.

It was the tattoo, the one only true Alphas obtain from birth. Right above his hip, black and terrifying. Juliette couldn’t see what it was, but she knew it would be intimating.

Whoever he mated, would get a tattoo just like it.

She wanted it.

It was made by the gods, to signify a true Werewolf, one many can only dream of seeing. A tattoo in myths and legends, and it was being shown right in front of the group.

Alphas are naturally conservative about their tattoos. Usually only their mate would see it.

And for some reason, Juliette wanted to conceal it from everyone’s view, she wanted it to be for her eyes only.

But she was strong; she just sat patiently.

He stood squarely in front of everyone, beckoning their eyes to his. Juliette let her eyes wander over his ripped abdominal muscles, and tan skin.

And he was looking at her.

Silver eyes, enchanting as ever. She swallowed an lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Welcome back. I have decided I want to teach you all a skill very important to my family,” Jaxon said, looking over everyone. Juliette couldn’t help but wonder why.

“Weapon handling. Its important to know the skills. The pack has a diverse range of weapons, and some have been donated to the trial,” he explained. Weapon handling did sound like fun.

If Juliette was handling that weapon straight into Blaise’s arrogant face.

“Let us not jump into anything to extreme, not until I can trust all of you,” Jaxon spoke carefully, his eyes darting to Rose. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder.

“So for today, we will be using something pretty harmless. This is just to teach you the right way to handle and use whatever weapon you chose. Guns are not permitted.”

Some people groaned. Juliette had her mind on one weapon. It was simple to use, hopefully.

They ended up having to line up outside of some room like primary students, waiting their turn. Many of the students walked away with their hands clutching some pathetic piece of wood.

When Juliette stepped up, the Alphas silver eyes lightened slightly. She let his enticing scent fill her senses.

“Juliette Kerson,” he murmured, looking down at her. Lucky for her, she was the last in line, so there was no one there that he could embarrass her in front of.

“I see your bruise had healed well,” he observed on a soft voice, as he reached up to brush his soft fingers against her cheek.

She couldn’t help but flinch at the delicious feelings the rolled up her spine at his soft touch. She couldn’t tear her eyes away, not that she wanted to; it felt right to be close to this man, so feel the heat radiating off his naked torso.

“Um, I chose knife,” Juliette muttered, breaking both of their trances. Jaxon swallowed, running his fingers through his silky black strands.

“Right.” He straightened, turning his back to Juliette before disappearing into the dim room. He reappeared holding a small wooden stick. The end was carved like a handle, but the other end didn’t have the sharp knife point.

“Seriously?” Juliette retorted, taking the fake knife between her hands. She ran her fingers over the end of the ‘Knife’, feeling the blunt end.

“This way you won’t be able to harm anyone around you,” he said, a slim smile playing on his lips. Mmm, he looked good when he smiled.

“Don’t tell me the big bad Alpha King is scared,” Juliette teased, giving Jaxon a wink. It was bold, his surprised expression showed that.

With that, she turned and stalked back off to the gym.

“At this point, you release.”

Juliette concentrated her gaze on her target. Thick target board painted taunting colours, she wanted nothing more then to finally hit it.

After a few feeble attempts, Jaxon had approached Juliette in hopes of helping.

Arms wrapped around her, hands holding her wrists securely, the King was trying to guide her to success. Instead his close proximity was making Juliette anxious.

She just couldn’t hit the target with her stupid fake knife, no matter how hard she, or Jaxon tried.

The way his heat leeched from his body and through Juliette’s uniform was distracting enough. Not to mention his fresh smell, and hard muscles.

He was trying to teach her how to pull back and release the knife. But her mind, her body would all react to his presence.

His head was nestled against her neck, his warm breath fanning against her ear. Every word her spoke sent chills dancing up her spine, her stomach constricting and knotting.

His teaching method was not working.

Letting a shaky breath, Juliette let Jaxon move and manipulate her arms and wrists, showing her what positions were necessary.

In a sudden movement, Jaxon used his own power to allow the Knife to fling from Juliette’s hand, and hit the target. the blunt end hit the target and rebounded to the floor. The clang alerted some of he other practicing students of the position they were in.

But he pulled away quickly, going to retrieve the knife. Juliette ignored the cool absence of his touch, and took the knife back off him.

“Your turn,” he mumbled, his silver eyes glinting with amusement. For a fleeting moment she wanted him to step in front of her target.

She could do this. With a change of attitude and a hopeful heart, Juliette turned and stared at the target.

When she released the knife, at what point she thought was right, she watched the knife soar.

Right above the target, and straight through the window behind it.

It hit with a smack, and smashed with an all mighty crack. Shards of glass rained everywhere, a few people screaming in response.

Well shit.

Juliette risked a glance at Jaxon. His eyes were pitch black and menacing. He was pissed.

“I will not send the fine to your family. The burden is yours to undertake.”

Juliette peered across the Kings desk, taking him in. He looked professional, the way he sat in his chair, his hands folded across the desk.

She was in big trouble.

He had practically dragged Juliette into his office, and was announcing a way for her pay of the debt. Apparently breaking a double glazed window is expensive.

“So you are going to kick me from the trial?” Juliette asked, staring boldly into his silver eyes, letting him know she wasn’t intimidated by him.

“No, you are going to do something for me,” he murmured, raising a black eyebrow. Juliette took in a sharp intake of breath.

His words seemed to have deeper meaning. A dark and delicious meaning that she didn’t want to look into too much.

“What is is?” Juliette asked nervously, her hands suddenly sweating on her lap. A ghost like smile played on his lips.

“To repay you debt, you will work for me,” he spoke, his voice getting lower with every one word.

“Doing what?” Juliette asked. She could only hope it wasn’t physically challenging.

“Anything really. The weapons room may need sorting one day. My bed might need making the other,” he said softly, a wicked flash shooting through his silver eyes. There was obviously something suggestive in that sentence, but Juliette brushed it off.

“When do I start?”

“Tomorrow. I would like you to work Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and maybe Saturdays. By the end if the Trial, if you are still here, your debt will be repaid.”

“And if I don’t stay long?”

“Then there will be a fine issued to you.”

Juliette pondered this for a second. There wasn’t really a way of getting out of this, and maybe if she kept to the Alphas good side, it could guaranty spot for her in the pack.

“Fine, I will do if. What will I be going tomorrow?” Juliette asked, leaning back in the chair. Jaxon sat up, a sly look in his eyes.

“You will scrape all the gum off the bottom of the desks in Alpha Chris’s room,” Jaxon informed, Juliette groaning in response. What a horrible job.

Juliette Kerson

I wish I could say this wolf made an improvement, but all she did was break a window. I have found an appropriate way for her to repay me. If an incident like this happens again, I wont hesitate to eliminate her from the trial.

Alpha King.

Satisfied that tffhis report didn’t look suspicious, Jaxon slid it over to Olivia. She picked it up and examined it.

“What time is Maya arriving?” She asked, referring to Jaxon’s soon to be mate.

“Saturday evening,” he replied.

His mind was somewhere else, that being Juliette. Trouble was simply attracted to the wolf.

He would be supervising Juliette while she scraped at the gum. He was curious to see how Chris and Juliette would act around each other, if there was any tension.

Till tomorrow.

Wham bam another day over!

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Juliette has gotten herself into even more trouble today, with a debt needed to repaid.

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