Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 10: Day Five

Heads up…

This is set after humans went extinct, and the Werewolf epidemic took over, if you get confused over the dates set! (:

~Day Five, Friday

“I am so sorry, I slept in.”

Juliette stumbled into the hall, her fingers fumbling with her ponytail.

Alpha Kade turned to glare at Juliette as she hurried in. Jazz hadn’t woken her, but left without her.

Alpha Kade’s eyes blazed a oblivion black as she ran over to sit with the rest of the group. Juliette didn’t sit by Jazz.

“Next time, expect punishment,” he hissed, wringing his hands together. He didn’t seem nice at all, but then again she had broken a rule.

“As I was saying class, I only have you for the morning. The afternoon will be spent with the Alpha King, who will be eliminating the first few students of the week,” Kade said, a smirk playing on his lips.

Whispers and gasps filled the room, but Kade put a stop to it with a low growl.

“So first, a little history lesson about the Royal family,” Kade said. His voice was dark and menacing, so it would be easy enough to listen.

Even if it did scare the shit out of her.

“Your King has ruled for five years, and you all probably know. He was born 2223, January 10th.”

Wait, his birthday is next week. Juliette bit her lip, wondering how this would go down.

“Every year the Alpha selects very important people to attend his birthday celebration.”

Juliette’s heart skipped a beat. Kade silenced the squeals with another growl.

“Your original King died five years ago, forcing the young Alpha you know as your King, into the throne.”

This was interesting, Juliette was intrigued.

“His younger brother, Alpha Drake became an instructor here. His sister died tragically,” Kade said, his expression devastated.

A hand shot up.

“How did she die?” Some girl asked. Kade’s swallowed.

This must have been kept a tight secret from the rogues.

“She committed suicide.”

The group was still, Juliette’s heart clenching. Jaxon had had a hard life.

For the whole morning Juliette sat, transfixed by the Alphas words. The Royal family was surprisingly interesting, and now Juliette felt closer to Jaxon then before.

At lunch, Juliette cornered Jazz.

“Seriously? Why didn’t you wake me?” Juliette demanded, slamming her tray on the table. Jazz jumped.

“I’m sorry okay. I woke up early and went for a walk. I went straight to class, after,” Jazz admitted, pushing her soup away. Juliette sighed, forgiving her.

Suddenly, a very solemn looking Alpha Chris caught Juliette’s eye. He trudged across the cafeteria, his eyes scanning the crowd.

One eye looked bruised, but by the looks of it, it was fading. His green eyes met Juliette’s.

He stalked over, a few people glancing up in interest. Including Jazz.

“Oh gosh, is that Alpha Chris?” She asked, her face bright with excitement. Juliette had no clue what he wanted.

“Where were you last night?” He asked immediately, bending down to look straight at Juliette.

Last night?


“I’m so sorry, the King kept me in. I’m guessing you heard about me scraping gum?”

She had completely forgotten about the tutoring.

“Yes I have, what did you do?” He asked. Juliette twiddled her thumbs nervously under the desk.

“I may have broken a window. Then this morning I found out I broke the window behind that as well,” Juliette told him, which he responded with a chuckle.

“Well then, I guess I will see you tonight,” he said gracefully, brushing a crease from his shirt. Juliette jumped in before he could leave.

“What happened to your face?” She asked. That sounded slightly meaner then she head expected.

“That King decided it was due time to punch me in the face. He didn’t say why, but he was pretty worked up,” Chris grumbled, his dazzling green eyes darkening at the thought.

“Oh gosh, that’s horrible! When did it happen?” Juliette asked. She was genuinely mortified by the fact that the King had hit Chris. Maybe he knew about their tutoring?

“Wednesday night, he walked into my room and punched me square across the face. I couldn’t fight back, but its Friday and the stupid bruise hasn’t healed,” Chris muttered, looking slightly embarrassed.

That damn King!

A hit from a man of that power would take ages to heal, even on an Alpha.

Alpha Chris stalked off rather quickly once their conversation ended, leaving Juliette to deal with a talkative Jazz for the rest of lunch.

“Students, welcome.”

The Alpha spoke loudly over the large hallway everyone was gathered in. His voice was powerful, and had everyone in a trance of him.

He stood on a podium up the front, dressed quite formally in a black suit and white under shirt. He stood alone on stage, looking marvelous as ever.

“I have a few things to announce before we begin the elimination process,” he said, looking across the large group of students he was mentoring. The whole group from the trial had to attend.

Juliette was mainly surprised that everyone was quiet and not whispering about who sexy he looked in that suit.

She surely thought so.

“This Sunday there will be a ceremony being held here. I will be asking Maya Green to be my mate.”


That’s what filled the room at his announcement. Some girls screamed, some girls cried.

Juliette just sat, absorbing the news she already knew about.

“Settle,” he demanded over the loud speaker, his voice calm, but menacing.

Everyone did just that, but a few girls still sobbed at the loss of a single man.

“Maya and my mother have surprised me by showing up today. They have been keen to meet you, and for whoever is willing, can come to hall tomorrow to meet them briefly.”

Jaxon rambled on for a bit longer, stating facts about Sunday.

Juliette felt the tension in the room building. Everyone was anxious to find out if it was they that would be eliminated.

Soon enough though, the Alpha King fell to that topic.

“I will read out the names of the students that will be eliminated. If your name is called, you will leave to your rooms to pack your bags. The bus is waiting for your out side,” Jaxon said solemnly.

Juliette tensed, listening for her name. It was likely, but she hadn’t even scraped the gum from the desk yet.

“Jade Merdock,” Jaxon called the first name. Their was a wail of surprise. A small girl with short blonde hair stood up. She sobbed her way through the crowd.

Jaxon watched her run through the main doors. Juliette let out a shaky breath, keeping her eyes on Jaxon’s vivid ones.

“Xavier McDowell.”

A guy in Juliette’s class stood, a livid expression in his face.

“Fuck you all!” He yelled, pulling the fingers at the crowd before running out.

The Alpha called a few more people, with no major casualties. Neither Juliette or Jazz got called, only people she didn’t know.

“That was tense,” Jazz said as they walked from the hall. Juliette nodded, feeling grateful that her and Jazz still had at least another week in the trial.

Juliette turned to head to Alpha Chris’s room, ready to face the King and his menial punishment.

“Where are you going?” Jazz asked, watching Juliette with a little frown. She didn’t look to good when she frowned.

“Ah, I’ve got to talk to someone, I will be back at our room soon,” Juliette excused, turning to run off before Jazz could question.

At least she hoped she would get out quickly.

“Someone’s eager and early,” Alpha Chris chuckled when Juliette walked into the room.

“Didn’t want to be late for my punishment,” Juliette said honestly. She watched Chris’s eyes darken slightly.

“Right, um well we should just wait for the King,” Chris said, shifting behind his desk.

It took half an hour for the stupid King to show up; half an hour stuck talking blandly to Alpha Chris.

“You’re early,” Jaxon commented as he sauntered in. He looked desirable and sensual as ever in his fitted suit. His black hair had been swooped back messily, his luminous silver eyes on keen display.

Juliette glared at him.

“You’re late,” she retorted, jumping off the desk she was sitting on. Jaxon’s eyebrow creased slightly.

“Not really,” he said, sliding his suit sleeve up to check the time on his very expensive looking watch.

“I’ve been waiting over half an hour for you,” Juliette said, truly exasperated. Jaxon’s eyes darkened at her tone.

“I wanted you here after dinner,” he said slowly, chewing on his lower lip.

Well shit.

It dawned on Juliette at that moment, that she should be at dinner with Jazz, or should have been.

“Whoops,” she said meekly. Jaxon stepped closer in an almost threatening way.

“So you haven’t eaten?”

“I guess not.”

Jaxon walked past Juliette, his addicting sent blew past her. It reminded her of sandalwood.

“Alpha Chris, we will be back tomorrow for her punishment,” Jaxon said to Chris. Juliette frowned, but didn’t have time to question when Jaxon swiftly grabbed her arm and tugged her out the room.

“What the heck. Where are we going?” Juliette asked, ignoring the wonderful feeling of his hand around her wrist, even if it was a vice like grip.

“To get you some food,” he answered. Juliette stumbled over her feet.

“Why? I’m not even that hungry,” Juliette lied, hoping her stomach wouldn’t make any telltale nosies.

“You need to eat, you’re to skinny anyway,” Jaxon said. Juliette looked down at her stomach as they walked.

They were walking through hallways Juliette wasn’t familiar with. Then she realized these were the hallways the students weren’t authorized entry in.

“Where are we going?” Juliette asked, walking beside Jaxon rather then behind him.

“To my room.”

Juliette stared blankly at him. She had stopped, making him stop as well. He looked down at her with glowing silver eyes.

“I have a chef that cooks for me there,” he explained. Juliette scowled at him.

“Cant I just go to the cafeteria?” Juliette suggested. Jaxon shook his head immediately.

“The cook would have clocked off. We shall not bother her,”Jaxon said.

And off they went again.


Juliette glared at her dinner set in front of her. Yes it looked delicious, but she didn’t want to give the King satisfaction.

They sat in his dining room. He was at the far end of the table, writing peoples daily’s. His assistant sat next to him.

They both watched her.

“This is nice of you, but I’m not hungry,” Juliette said.

She was slightly intimated by the size of his so called room.

It was more like a penthouse suite. They had walked into a massive lounge room that blew Juliette’s breath away. Silver walls and cream carpets, it was luxury.

“Eat,” he demanded more fiercely. His Alpha tone made her oblige.

She ate the delicious pasta silently for a few minutes, watching Jaxon write a short note, the pass it to his assistant Olivia.

“Where is Maya?”

The simple question raised Jaxon’s eyes to hers. She swallowed.

“In her own room,” he said softly, running a hand through his hair. Strange, mates are mates.

“Why? Aren’t you two going to be mates?”

“Me and Maya’s relationship is purely platonic until I ask her to be my mate.”


Juliette resumed eating, processing the new information. How intriguing, they are surely not together for love.

When she was finished, Jaxon walked her to the door. She was curious to meet this, Maya.

“I’m happy that you are now fed. Can you make your way back to your room safely?”

Juliette nodded at Jaxon’s words. She just wished he would stop acting like he was her persistent, protective boyfriend, even if it did make her feel special.

He opened the door, looking out to see a man standing in the doorway, his fist up like he was just about to knock.

Wearing a black uniform that brought out his fluffy blonde hair, Juliette gasped as she realized who it was.


“Juliette?” He questioned, his face brought on a quizzical expression. His eyes flew from Juliette to Jaxon, then back again.


“Why are you in the Alpha kings room?”

“Why are you here now? You said you were coming on Sunday.”

“Maya and the Kings mother wanted to come earlier.”

He reached out with his long arms, and pulled her to his chest. It didn’t feel as good to be in his arms anymore.

A low growl emanated behind Juliette. She turned to see Jaxon’s eyes glaring down at Chance.

Juliette stayed securely in Chances arms.

“Warrior Chance, head back to where you are stationed,” Jaxon gritted out. Juliette struggled as Jaxon tried to pull her from Chances arms.

“Sir, I came to tell you that Maya wants to see you,” Chance said, tugging at Juliette’s arm.

“Fine, Juliette, head back to your room,” Jaxon demanded. She had to listen to her Alpha. She slipped from Chances arms.

She hated the King for this.

Juliette Kerson

This female is to stay another week. Her initial punishment is reset for tomorrow evening. Nothing else to report.

Alpha King.

There was heaps Jaxon felt her could write about Juliette.

She sat across his dining table, eating.

He wanted to see her like this often. Even Olivia was starting to get suspicious.


I wrote this all in one morning.

Hoped you liked it!

Exams are over for me, and summer holidays are coming up (:

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