Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 11: Saturday


Juliette sat up, glaring at Jazz’s sleeping figure. She lay on her side, her back to Juliette.

Juliette slipped from bed, padding over to where Jazz slept. She looked oh so peaceful.

And Juliette wanted to throw her out the window.

Her mouth hung open, drool pooling out the side. Her sleeping self had decided to rouse Juliette at four in the morning with loud, annoying snoring.

On a goddamn Saturday as well!

Juliette sighed and picked up her thin dressing gown. She was probably breaking a few rules, but another ounce of trouble wouldn’t do no harm.

She slipped from the room, smiling as the cool morning breeze wrapped around her. The sun was starting to come up again, casting a dim glow through the windows.

It didn’t take long for Juliette to make it outside, and into the fresh air. It was even cooler outside then it was inside.

She didn’t stop walking till she was on the field, her bare feet squelching on the soft turf.

This was the calmest she had felt since officially starting the 30 day trail. Till she heard crying.

She looked left, toward the bleachers. Someone sat on the bottom rung, head in their hands.

Juliette’s decided to investigate.

She wandered closer, her eyes locked firmly on the figure. It was definitely a girl; an impeccably dressed girl for four in the morning.

Her brunette hair hung over her head and across the hands that held her face up. The soft curls were illuminated by the rising sun, giving her an enchanting glow.

Juliette silently strolled closer, till she was a few metres away from the girl. She was a tiny little thing, wrapped in a fine white dress.

“Um, hey,” Juliette suggested first, her voice low in the awkward situation. The girl abruptly stopped crying.

Her head flung up, her long hair flying back with it. She looked up at Juliette with dazzling blue eyes, filled to the brim with liquid. Her cheek were stained with tears, her bottom lip trembling.

“Why are you out here?” She snapped rather viciously, which sounded funny with her very sophisticated voice.

Juliet couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips.

“Don’t laugh you imbecile, can you not see I am occupied?” She hissed. She hugged herself as a cold breeze blew over.

“Sorry, I just came to see why you are crying,” Juliette ventured. The girl sized Juliette up silently.

“Do you know who I am?” She questioned. She didn’t say in it a stuck up way, but in a weak, innocent way.

That was more like it.

“All I care about, is that you are a girl alone out in the early morning, crying her head off,” Juliette offered. Okay, so curiosity was attempting to scratch her eyes out.

“So if I told you my name is Maya Green you wouldn’t care?”


Shit shit, this is Maya, this is the Kings soon to be mate!

Maya let a breath of relief. Of course Juliette cared, but this the perfect opportunity.

“Well, can I ask you something?” She asked.


“I beg your pardon?”

“You know…”

“I do not.”

“It means you can talk now I guess, I’ve never had to explain to it anyone.”


Wow, this girl though. She was poised, sophisticated, and impeccably beautiful it was almost intoxicating.

This was the Kings standards, a girl who doesn’t speak crude language, but proper English.

A girl that will not leave her room until she is dressed to see the Queen.

A girl who cries like an angel.

A girl who is nothing like Juliette.

“What is your name?” Maya asked. She was smoothing out her dress at this point, like Juliette’s presence ruffled it.

“Juliette, I am a student here,” Juliette’s explained, taking a seat next to Maya. She smelt like fresh berries.

“Lovely to meet you Juliette.”

Juliette blinked. A girl like her, of such high ranking should be spitting on Juliette right now, demanding she bend before her; not sit with her hip against hers.

“Nice to meet you too. So are you going to tell me why you were crying?” Juliette asked. Maya wiped her tears quickly.

“I was certainly not crying,” she said sternly. She even sat up straighter. A slim smile played on Juliette’s lips.

“You don’t have to lie. I will listen,” Juliette prompted. Maya looked at Juliette, before bursting into tears again.

“I cant be with Jaxon!” Maya wailed, choking on sobs. It was obvious she was so upset that she was presuming Juliette knew who Jaxon was.

“Why not?” Juliette asked. She risked scooting closer, draping her arm around the poor girl. She was so frail and cold, Juliette pondered for a second on the subject of her actually being a Werewolf.

“Because I’m in love with another man,” she wailed, another onslaught of tears following.


“Your poor thing,” Juliette sympathized. Oh the troubles of being a soon to be queen.

“And he’s just a warrior, mother would never approve,” Maya said, her voice low and solemn. She was wiping her tears again.

She and Jaxon had obviously been set up for pack reasons. Juliette’s heart tugged for them.

“What is his name?” Juliette asked. She wondered if she could ask Chance to talk to this warrior. In other words Juliette wanted the King to be single, and not with such a beautiful specimen like Maya.

“You won’t know him,” she sniffed, pulling a tissue from god knows where.

“Well my boyfriend is a warrior, he might be able to talk to this love if yours,” Juliette suggested. Maya was silent for a moment.

“My love, my loves name is Chance. Chance Bennett.”

It took a few moments for the news to absorb. Once it did, Juliette was up in a fighting stance in seconds, much to Maya’s surprise.

Bitch he’s mine.

“He’s my boyfriend!” Juliette yelled like she was hollering a war. Maya stood up in front of Juliette, the hem of her white dress brushing against her calves.

“He’s not yours, he’s mine bitch,” Maya screamed back. Juliette’s mouth fell open, while Maya covered her own with her hands.

“I cannot believe I just said that,” she said softly. Juliette took this as her chance to launch herself at Maya.

Her war cry was cut off as her body hit Maya’s, sending them both plummeting to the ground. Juliette landed on top of Maya.

“I had him first!” Juliette screamed, her fingers wounding in Maya’s hair. Maya copied, tugging hard to Juliette’s blonde strands.

“No you didn’t,” Maya hissed. She rolled over, pinning Juliette to the ground. Maya tried to punch her in the face, but Juliette blocked it.

“Pretty Princess should learn how to fight,” Juliette taunted, rolling Maya back over. They rolled and hit and tugged, hoping one would give up.

“I can fight better then you,” Maya responded viciously, her fist landing so hard on Juliette’s nose, her eyes watered and it stared to bleed.

“Wanna bet,” Juliette slurred. She grabbed the hem of Maya’s dress and ripped it, while Maya scratched at Juliette’s neck and arms.

“You cannot even speak proper English,” Maya griped, after Juliette slapped her. Juliette hissed as Maya ripped her dressing gown off.

Both girls were not aware that they were rolling around on muddy ground, or had Juliette’s blood all over them.

Or that two people stood watching them.

Maya grabbed a stick to biff Juliette’s temple with. The hit left Juliette’s head spinning, so afraid Maya would strike again, Juliette got up in search of a suitable weapon.

As soon as she was on her feet, Maya was chasing her across the field, and soon enough she tackled Juliette to the ground.

“Do you think I should step in and help out?” Jaxon asked softly to his mother. She stood beside him, watching the two girls fight like world war three.

She mumbled something incoherent, so Jaxon made the decision himself.


His voice boomed loudly across the field. Both girls scattered from each other almost immediately. Both were breathing hard and completely filthy.

Maya stood elegantly, wiping at her white dress that was stained with mud. Juliette stumbled up, wiping her nose ungraciously.

“What on earth possessed you to do such a thing?” Who Juliette assumed was Jaxon’s mother said. She stalked across two field in her slippers to grab Maya’s arm.

“I’m sorry madam,” murmured weakly. Jaxon’s mother was beautiful, with long black hair and blue eyes. Only her eyes were different from any feature on Jaxon.

Do you know what your mother would say? A future Queen does not quarrel with anyone,” Jaxon’s mother said, leading Maya away from the scene.

Jaxon’s eyes were on Juliette, assessing her body for damages. Juliette subconsciously wiped her nose again, getting it smeared with her own blood.

“Why?” He asked, once Maya had been dragged away by Jaxon’s mother. Juliette sighed and shrugged.

“Did you know she as been cheating on you?” Juliette asked. She could barely se through one swollen eye. Jaxon’s eyes darkened.

“I do now,” he said softly, a frown creasing his brows. He didn’t look too angry.

“And it happened to be with my boyfriend,” Juliette said with flourish. It had crossed her mind that Chance could be cheating, just nor with a Princess.

“I’m sorry,” he said like it was his fault. Juliette shrugged, looking at the distance between her and the King. He looked so far away, yet she could see his every detail in the morning sun.

“I’m in big trouble aren’t I?” Juliette one this was inevitable. Jaxon shook his head .

He looked so disheveled, like he had shrugged on a hurt and any old pants before running out here.

“No. Why are you out here at this time anyway?” He asked. He was stock still, show Juliette’s shifted awkwardly. It was as if she was numb, like all she could fell was the trickle of blood coming from her nose.

“Jazz woke me, I though you asked people if they snored,” Juliette joked. Jaxon didn’t laugh.

“You shouldn’t have been out here,” he said darkly.

Yeah yeah yeah.

“Why are you out here?”

“Someone reported a fight going on on the field. I came to see you and my soon to be mate having a cat fight,” he responded, raising an eyebrow.

They stood in silence for a moment.

Suddenly Jaxon dug in his pocket, searching for something. When he pulled out a phone, Juliette gasped.

“This is for breaking your phone. It has all your lame human music you like on it,” he said meekly, handing the phone to Juliette. Just because humans went extinct, doesn’t mean their music went with them.

Juliette took the phone and cradled it. It was sweet of him to do this, yet completely unexpected.

“Thank you, but I cant except it, its a newer version of my other phone,” Juliette said longingly.

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” he said, giving a little chuckle. Juliette rolled her eyes.

“How about you keep it as a repayment for the windows,” Juliette offered. Jaxon pondered it.

“No, you need to work for that, the punishment is still on for this afternoon Miss Kerson.”


“What the heck!” Jazz shrieked. She sat up in her bed, staring straight at Jaxon, who was roaming around their room.

“This looks bad, I know,” Juliette confessed, holding a soppy tissue to her nose. Jazz looked stricken with shock.

“What the heck is the Alpha King doing in our room at like five in the morning?” Jazz asked, her big green eyes following Jaxon’s every movement.

“It’s four thirty actually.”

Jazz admonished her with a glare.

“I need a towel, I don’t know where you keep them,” Juliette said. Jazz groaned and slid out of bed, her eyes flickering back to the Alpha then to her again.

“What happened to you anyway?”

“I may have gotten into a little fight with Jaxon’s mate-“

“Soon to be mate,” he cut Juliette off.

“Right, that. And yeah, I need to wash off,” Juliette said, watching Jazz fetch a towel.

“What did you do this time?” Jazz asked, handing Juliette a towel.

“Chance cheated on me with her. Which reminds me…”

Juliette turned to Jaxon, who was skimming through one of Jazz’s magazines. His vivid silver eyes met hers.

“Will you still be mating Maya?” Juliette asked. The words hurt to say, and not because Maya had done a fine job in scratching Juliette’s throat.


“Can you not.”

Jaxon leant against the wall, watching the nurse wipe away at Juliette’s marred skin. He was mad, very mad that Maya had done this to Juliette.

But he couldn’t help but feel slightly better at the fact hat Juliette must be breaking up with that warrior Chance.

It was only six in the morning, and so much drama had followed with Juliette’s presence.

What a worry she is.

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