Royal Alpha Jaxon

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Chapter 12: Part Two Saturday

“I will not go in there,” Juliette said stubbornly, glaring at the mahogany doors. The Alpha King stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders.

“I think you two should forgive each other,” he prompted, giving her a slight push to the door. Juliette growled.

“That bitch doesn’t deserve it,” Juliette said, putting all her effort into the glare she shot at the door, like Maya would be standing in front of it.

“If you apologize, she will too,” Jaxon tempted. Juliette sighed and turned to face the King.

He looked oh so splendid. This morning, the nurse had kicked him out, and he had enough time to freshen up for the ‘meetings’ this morning.

Everyone had come to meet Maya and Jaxon’s mother Maria. Even Jazz had dragged Juliette along.

His hair was more brushed, but he had been profusely running his fingers through the black strands. He had even take the liberty to dress in a flashy grey suit.

She couldn’t help but admit that the professional look he sometimes acquired turned her on.

“Cant you come in and keep me safe, she is a maniac,” Juliette said, pretending to be utterly afraid of the girl in that room

“I have something I need to cover first, go please.” And with that, Jaxon uses his enchantingly powerful Alpha voice on her. She grumbled crude words under her breath, knowing her could hear.

She turned and shoved the door open with an almighty push. Everyone in the room got a fight from her entrance, even if it only way Maya, Jaxon’s mother Maria and a few bodyguards.

Juliette sauntered in, chewing on her bottom lip. Maya and Maria sat behind a large desk, occupied by something, but both looked up with their matching blue eyes.

Maria looked marvelously poised in her velvet dress, with her black hair pulled up and away from her face.

Maya trembled, her pale hands on the desk shaking in Juliette’s view. She still looked beautiful, even considering the slight black eyes she had. It still showed under her pasty makeup she obviously wore to hide her battle wounds.

“Maria, please give a moment,” Maya said politely. Even her voice was shaking. Maria nodded and stood.

She clicked her way around her desk in her heels. She gave a brief smile to Juliette before leaving the room.

Juliette knew she should be intimated by the old Queen, and body guards, but she wasn’t. Even the sight of Maya scared her, and she has done quite a damage on Juliette’s being.

But Juliette did feel under dressed. She simply wore jeans and a random shirt she threw on, while Maya looked magnificent. The front ends of here hair were pulled back and secured with a little pink bow that matched her glittering pink dress.

“Sit,” Maya instructed. Juliette fought to keep a impassive expression as she sat. The two girls stared each other down.

“I want to apologize.”

“What did you want sir?”

Jaxon stared across his own desk. Ready to serve and totally oblivious to Jaxon’s motives, Chance sat opposite him.

How dare he look so sure of himself, like he hadn’t broken the hearts of two girls. The thought of how heartbroken Juliette must be made him clench his fists on the desk.

“Why did you do it?” Jaxon questioned, his voice low and menacing. What had a girl like Juliette ever seen in a pathetic male like Chance Bennett.

“Do what sir?” Chance asked. Jaxon could have launched himself over his desk at that second. Instead he let out a shaky breath and fought to remain relatively calm.

“Why did you cheat on Juliette Kerson?” Jaxon asked, a little more forcefully. Chances eyes flooded with realization.

“Maya was a little bit of fun, our relationship was never going to last. Once she was mated to you, I was going to stay with Juliette,” Chance admitted. He flinched as Jaxon pushed his chair with such a force it flew back across the room.

Chance cowered into his seat as Jaxon walked over slowly, his eyes black with fury.

“You are a dirty, sorry excuse for a warrior,” he hissed with such hostility it was almost painful for Chance to hear.

Jaxon’s hand shot out and grabbed the collar of Chances shirt, forcing him to stand. Jaxon stared down at him, willing him to do or say something costly to his life.

“I’m sorry okay, I didn’t mean to!” Chance defended, winching at the close proximity of Jaxon. He had every right to fear the King.

“You are no longer welcome in my pack, let alone as a warrior for me. Count yourself rogue,” Jaxon hissed lowly, his words laced with anger towards this pathetic man.

“I don’t see why you care about Juliette anyway,” Chance muttered under his breath once Jaxon pushed him away, like the Alpha couldn’t hear.

Jaxon sprung forward, his fist connecting powerfully with Chances jaw. The sound would have been sickening to anyone other than Jaxon; this was music to his ears.

“You want to know why I care boy?” Jaxon asked, almost taunting him. Chance glared up at him before spitting blood onto the floor.

Jaxon stepped closer, till he was towering right over Chance.

“Because she’s mine.”

Jaxon finished the meeting with a hit to Chances temple.

Juliette stared at the Princess across the desk, looking for the sincerity in her eyes. It was there for sure.

“It was inappropriate for me to fight with you, especially over a man who was never mine,” Maya said. He words were laced with sadness and depression. She must be overly depressed, while Juliette only felt numb.

“He was yours first. And now I know what he really did, I no longer want a thing to do with him,” Maya continued. Her eyes were filling with tears.

“Neither do I,” Juliette spoke weakly. The thought of Chance made her want to punch something, someone. She felt no sadness.

“Tomorrow, when the Alpha King asks me to be his mate, I shall refuse,” Maya said. Juliette pushed down the feeling of slight glee.

“Why? You need to be with him,” Juliette said. The words burnt her throat.

“I cannot. I have never been in love till I met Chance, and I cannot live a life without it,” Maya said honestly. Juliette frowned; had she loved Chance?

“But what about the pack?” Juliette forced herself to ask. It felt wrong to try convince Maya to be with someone Juliette didn’t want her to be with.

“The pack will be perfectly fine with the one he has fallen for, the real Luna,” Maya said solemnly, a tear trickling down her cheek.

He has fallen for?

“My family with shun me for this, but that is what is right. I want to be rogue, find a Wolf that I can really love,” Maya said. She leant back, using her handkerchief to wipe her tears.

“Why would you do this?”

“Jaxon deserves happiness, as do you,” Maya said. Juliette blanched.

“Excuse me?”

Maya gave her a deadpan look.

“Don’t act modest with me. Like you cannot see that way Jaxon looks at you. If he didn’t feel slightly attracted to you, he wouldn’t have stayed with you last night. He would have sent you to your room and followed me and his mother,” Maya said. He didn’t seem sad talking about Jaxon.

“That’s not true. Why would he pick some stupid rogue over a beautiful girl like you?” Juliette asked. Maya stared at her sadly.

“Because that’s what love does to you. He doesn’t care about your past, because he wants to be your future. Trust me, I’ve talked to his assistant.”

“What happened to you?”

Alpha Chris stood across the classroom behind his desk, staring at Juliette with wide green eyes.

“Nothing,” Juliette grumbled. Chris raised an eyebrow, brushing at his dark brown hair from his face.

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” he said, weaving his was through the desks to stand right in front of Juliette.

He looked ultimately concerned for her well being. His fingers slowly brushed a stray hair behind her ear.

“Did someone hit you?” He asked, his finger moving up to trace lightly around her black eye. She flinched and swallowed.

“Who was it?” He asked, his eyes moving from her neck, which was covered in vicious scratches, to her eyes. She held back tears.

She hadn’t been emotional in a long time, she had cut that out. No one, not even her mother was ever attentive, and the way Chris seemed so remorseful nearly brought her to tears.

A cough from behind Juliette spun her around. Jaxon stood at the door, still dressed in his grey suit. He looked magical with the sunset glow that illuminated his dark hair coming from the window.

“Punishment time,” he said softly. His eyes were a darker silver then she remembered, as they stared at Alpha Chris with a warning glint in the irises.

Juliette swallowed as he handed her a silver scrapy thing. She knew this would make her feel sick.

Sure enough, half way through she had to sit up and push the disgusting thoughts of gum under desks from her mind.

Jaxon and Chris were sitting. Chris’s gaze was out the window, but Jaxon’s was fixed on Juliette.

They stared at each other for a moment, foreign emotions swirling inside her. She wanted nothing more then to be enveloped in his arms, and consumed by his warmth.

She could only hope that by tomorrow, Maya would be right. That she would turn him down, that he really did feel something for her.

Pushing the unlikely thoughts, Juliette got back to scraping.

Shorter, but much more emotion in this part *wipes tears dramatically*

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